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    [Episode 0] - The Epilogue


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    [Episode 0] - The Epilogue Empty [Episode 0] - The Epilogue

    Post by Marmelo on Mon Sep 17, 2018 7:08 pm

    Chapter 0: The epilogue

    [Human World]
    Unknown1 (thinking): “how pointless..”
    *rocks and mountains being smash*
    Unknown1 (thinking): “Such a waste of time..”
    *more smash sounds*
    Unknown2: “Hey, are you even paying attention to the fight?”
    Unknown1: “Oh you’re still in?
    Sorry, I kinda got bored of this”
    Unknown2: “You think this is funny?
    You’re so ugly that makes me want to kill myself instead!”
    *Unknown1 smirks*
    Unknown2: “I’ll teach you not to smirk in front of Darias, The Archgod of Beauty!”
    *Darias swings his hammer trying to get unknown1*
    *Unknown1 dodges the swing*
    Unknown1: “If at least you were as handsome as your title” *smirks*
    Darias: “Shut Up! Juno!
    *Tries to hit Juno again with his hammer*
    *Juno blocks it*
    Juno: “It’s over.”
    *Juno kicks Darias on the head sending him against the ground generating a huge cratera*
    *Juno go to the ground*
    Juno: “Hmpf, so much for the God of Beauty.
    Ah well..”
    *Juno starts walking away*
    *A sudden huge explosion starts behind Juno*
    *An immense energy is in the air*
    Juno: “Ah almost forgot..when an ArchGod dies..his true form comes to play.”
    *Juno turns back to the explosion, smirking”
    *Darias show’s up, bigger in size, ugly like a monster*
    Juno: “Oh the irony..the God of Beauty finally show’s his true face.”
    *Juno prepares a punch with his right hand*
    *Juno throws the punch*
    *Juno’s punch impact on Darias completely removes his skin (Darias), instantly killing him.*
    *Juno walks away*

    (The desert)
    Juno: “Aight, let’s see if I get a session with the princess.”
    Unknown voices: “Stop right there!”
    Juno: “hum?”
    Unknown voices: “Move any muscle and we will end you right on the spot!”
    Juno: “Oh come on, I haven’t even started to fight the princess and you’re already here..”
    Unknown Lady Voice: “Well I anticipated your arrival, Juno.”
    Juno: “Oh, longtime no see, Takira.”
    Takira: “Well this sure will be the last.”
    “Take him out guards.”
    Juno: “Guards? Are you that lonely to the point of making imaginary friends?”
    *Takira looks surprised*
    Takira: “What have you done?”
    Juno: “Nothing, you’re always alone.
    It isn’t my fault that you thought you had an army.” *smirks*
    Takira (furious): “You will pay for this!”
    *Takira starts charging attacks using the sand around her*
    *Juno easily dodges every attack*
    Juno: “stroke a nerve hum?”
    Takira: “Enough of your games! I’ll end this right now!”
    Takira: “Godo-modo.”
    *Takira enters Godo-modo*
    *Takira morphs with the sands*
    Juno: “You think hiding will to the thing? Come on if you’re just going to hide and throw sand to me the whole day than you may as well just stay in the ground forever.”
    Juno: “Fine, I’ll teach you something about energy then.”
    *Juno approaches the ground*
    Juno: “You see..everything has some energy, even non animated stuff like the sand.
    And just like everything in creation, they try to get balance.
    Don’t you wonder what would happen if the small energy gets overwhelmed by a stronger energy? *Smirks*
    *Juno starts emitting strong energy*
    Takira (thinking): “Fuck, the pressure it’s too high even for my vast quantity of sand to hold it, if I don’t leave I’ll..”
    *Takira shows up, coming from the sands*
    *Takira struggles to breath because of the immense energy difference.
    Juno: “Exactly.” *continuing smirking*
    Takira: “Damn you..”
    “Wait where are you?”
    Juno: “Poor thing..
    To think that just because you control something that makes you a princess.
    Allow me to show you, how insignificant someone like you are to my eyes.
    *Takira looks shocked, she realized she was on Juno’s palms*
    Juno: “To me, you’re not more than a gran of sand, in this very desert.”
    *Juno smashes Takira with his hand*
    Juno: “Booring, it’s already midday and I haven’t done anything productive.
    “Damn it.”
    *Juno flys away*

    (Asgard, the 9 realms)
    Unknown: “Finally the time of your defeat comes Thor!
    Me and my brothers shall end this once and for all!”
    *Juno arrives to Asgard*
    *Juno smashed something with his feets*
    Juno: “Hum? What’s this?”
    *Juno goes back*
    Unknown: “That hurt. Who the heck you think you are? are..Juno?!”
    Juno: “Oh a Ice Troll, didn’t even see you there.”
    Ice Troll: “I see, so finally the God-Killer is joining us on our fight against the Aesir!”
    Juno: “Nah, I’m a solo player.”
    “Also, my mission here is already done.”
    Ice Troll: “Mission?”
    *Many thunder sounds*
    Someone Screaming Furiously: “JUNOOOOOOOOO!!!!”
    Ice Troll: “Oh finally, come and fight me Thor!
    “Let’s finally se-..”
    *Thor arrives at full speed, smashing the Ice Troll into pieces*
    *Thor hits Juno with Mjölnir, breaking is jaw.”
    **Cut Painel**
    Odin: “It seams like Ragnarock is about to start..
    Only 5 minutes remaining.”
    Unkown: “Indeed, actually to be more precise, 4min and 55 secs, 54, 53..” *Smirks*
    Odin: “And who are you?”
    Unknown: “Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Juno.”
    Odin: “I’ve never meet you before, is this a vision?”
    Juno: “Perhaps. Or perhaps I just joined your dream.”
    Odin: “How..doens’t matter.
    What do you want?”
    Juno: “From you? Nothing. In fact, I’m just worried about you. should be awake in 3 min, but what if you..I don’t know, never awake?”
    *Odin throws a thunderbolt at Juno*
    *Juno dodges*
    *Odin makes his Gauntlt appear*
    *Odin rushes to Juno*
    *Odin tries to punch Juno*
    *Juno blocks it, holding his fist*
    Juno: “Well, using the fact that you’re in a dream to make anything become real is a very smart move by you Odin, as expected.” seams like we’re running out of time.”
    Odin: “I’ll wake up and find you, than I’ll kill you.”
    *Juno smirks*
    Juno: “Really? I would love to watch that happen.”
    *Juno punshes Odin*
    *Odin opens his right eye, activating his power*
    *Odin freezes time inside the dream*
    Odin: “That will do.”
    Juno: “Stalling? I mean, it’s only in the dream, so it kinda works, smart!”
    Juno: “’re late.”
    Odin: “What? I still have a whole minute left!”
    Juno: “Is it?”
    *Juno starts moving his right arm slowly*
    Odin: “That’s a lot of power you have in there, but not enough to break my eye’s power!”
    *Juno’s blade appears on his right hand*
    Juno: “He-getsu.”
    *Juno releases a shockwave of immense damage from his blade swing*
    Odin: “What’s that immense power?”
    *Odin takes the He-getsu*
    *10 sec remaining*
    *Everything is covered in white*
    Odin: “I *grasp* give you my props, kiddo.
    But I have a reality to govern.”
    Juno: “Oh think that you actually almost got out!
    I’m sorry, I really am.
    But you should’ve awake 5 secs ago.
    Too bad.
    Odin: “What? Impossible!”
    “I still have 5 se-..”
    *Cracking sounds*
    *The dream is starting to crack*
    Juno: “As I said, I really am sorry.”
    Juno: “Heseitay.”
    *The dreams shattered into pieces.*

    **Back to the present**
    *Juno is send into the air by Thor’s Mjölnir attack*
    *Juno fixes his broken jaw*
    Juno: “Damn so that’s the power of the Great Giant Slayer Weapon
    It sure hurts a lot”
    *Thor flys into Juno, preparing his second attack with Mjölnir*
    Thor: “You will pay for it Mortal!”
    *Juno stops Thor’s attack by holding the Mjölnir with just a finger*
    *Juno shatters Mjölnir with his finger and slashes Thor with his blade severely damaging him*
    *Thor’s starts slowly falling*
    Juno: “Sorry, but I have no interest in you.
    Besides, I have no interest in Asgaard either.
    After all.. Odin was Asgaard.
    This whole place, shall than cease to exist.”
    *Juno joins his hands*
    *Juno claps his hands*
    *Asgaard starts vanishing*
    *Asgaard vanished.*
    Juno: “There, an empty space with just ice, as it should be.”
    *Someone arrived*
    Unknown: “Hey Juno, what the heck are you doing here? Don’t you know what day is today?”
    Juno: “Oh? Of course I know, today is Creation day, heck how could I ever forget?
    Stop annoying me with that bullshit Toffee.”
    Toffee: “I mean, you still on your quest slaying Gods, why don’t you just end it already with a slap of your fingers and just go to the party? You’re the main attraction after all!”
    Juno: “Eh, what’s the fun of that? That would just be lame.”
    Toffee: “As you wish, I just would like to see you doing something else for once.”
    Juno: “You think? I haven’t done shit today. My job ain’t gonna be done alone.”
    Toffee: “Fine, why do I even bother?”
    *Toffee goes away*
    Juno: “Hmpf, a party for myself? What a waste.”
    *Juno goes away*

    [Soul World]
    *Party sounds*
    *Crowd talking sounds*
    Unknown1: “So what’s this all about anyway?”
    Unknown2: “Whaaaaat don’t you know the story of Juno? Our great creator? How come?”
    Unknown3: “Hey give him a break, he just recently died, of course he doesn’t know!”
    Unknown2: “I thought the gods were also known by the Humans anyway..”
    Unknown2: “So excuse me Kaisen, I haven’t gone to the Human World for a very long time,”
    Kaisen: “It’s all good Karin.”
    Unknown3: “They tell the story every single year to the kids right here, perhaps you could listen to it too.”
    Unknown4: “Wait right there, those are just kid stories, the real one is way better than that!
    Unknown3: “Oh Lumia? I didn’t see you there.
    How come those are kids stories? That’s the story I know!”
    Lumia: “Of course those are, you were a child last time they told you! You’re such an idiot Magawa!”
    Kaisen: “So where can I know the real story?”
    Lumia: “Boy, just take a sit, because you’re about to hear the story of a god!”

    End of chapter 0.

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