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    [Episode 1] - The Afterlife


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    [Episode 1] - The Afterlife  Empty [Episode 1] - The Afterlife

    Post by Marmelo on Mon Sep 17, 2018 7:56 pm

    Book 1: The Pillar of Creation

    Ep 1: The afterlife

    Location: Human world

    Juno (thinking/narrating): "Death... Such an interesting thing.
    No one knows what happens after we die, yet, those who try to avoid it the most are the ones who end up meeting it first."
    Unknown: "… seems like *cough* *cough* it seems like my time has.."*silence*
    Juno: Yes Grandpa, I know.
    *Juno stares at the Oldman’s dead body*
    Juno: "I wonder what comes next..." *sudden sad face*
    *Door opens*
    Unknown: "Juno, another one!"
    Juno: "Coming."
    Juno (thinking): I wonder what's after dead.
    Do we.... simply die? Nothing else?
    To think we spend a whole lifetime, to just, die."
    *As Juno and the Unknown man are walking through the next room, a tear comes from Juno's face*
    Unknown: "It's alright if you don't want to keep on, kid."
    You've seen much more death than I ever did.
    You should just move on, get a hobby.
    It's not healthy for a kid of your age to be surrounded by so much dead."
    *Juno looks to the dead body lying on bed*
    Juno: "Isen, what do you think is the next step of life?"
    Isen: "Next step? There is none."
    *Isen becomes white and serious*
    Isen: "What kind of question is that anyway? You're still too young to be worried about that.
    Go out and play with the other kids."
    Juno: "Ah, I'll go."
    *Juno leaves the wood-made building*
    *The sound of kids playing outside*
    *Juno stares at those kids playing*
    Juno (thinking): "Too young... that's a nice way to avoid dead."

    *Next that day*
    Juno: "I'm home."
    Juno's Father: "Where have you been? It's been night for a good while."
    Juno's Mother: "You were in the graveyard center weren't you?" *sigh*
    Juno: "Ah, you know I have to."
    *Juno's Father drops a tear*
    Juno's Father: "Is..Grandpa really dead?"
    Juno: "Yes."
    Juno's Mother: "It's too late now, let's go to bed."
    *They go to bed*

    *Later that night*
    Juno (thinking): "Yep, he is dead.
    There is just no coming back, his journey is over.
    Not afterlife, just memories, that fade away with time..
    Time kills things, not dead.
    Many people die, in just a small of time.
    Those life are gone, forever.
    Will I... just die too?"
    *Juno starts crying*
    Juno (thinking): "To cease to exist.."

    *The next day, morning*
    *Juno's Father enter Juno's room*
    Juno's Father: "Hey kid, about your grandpa...
    *Juno's Mother: "What's wrong?"
    Juno's Father: "He… he went there again."

    *Later on the Graveyard center*
    *Isen arrives to the center*
    Isen: "Oh? Juno? You're already here?"
    Juno: "Ah, 3 more deaths during the night, I just couldn't let it go without a watch."
    *Isen has a serious face/
    Isen: "Juno.. ."
    Juno: "Are you afraid of dead too?"
    Isen (thinking): "Too..."
    Isen: "There is no shame on being afraid of dead, Juno…
    It's only natural."
    Juno: "I am not afraid of dead.
    I just don't want to cease to exist.
    That's it."
    *Isen is surprised*
    Isen: "No one knows how's like to be dead.
    Perhaps it is only the beginning."
    *Juno sighs*
    Juno: "Perhaps."
    Juno (thinking): "But what if it isn't?"
    Juno: "Excuse me, I got to go now"
    *Isen looks confused*
    Isen: "See you later Juno, take some rest."
    Juno: "Bye."
    *Juno leaves the center*
    *Juno walks*
    Juno (thinking): "Dead doesn't scare me… nothing does.
    I just... can't get over the fact that we know nothing about what's next."
    *starts raining*
    Juno (thinking): "A sudden rain? I better get home asap before I get a cold."
    *Juno walks home*
    Juno: "I'm home."
    *no answer*
    Juno (thinking): "Hm? Well it seams like I'm finally alone."
    *Juno goes to his bed*
    Juno (thinking): "Isen is right… I should rest.
    But then... that's exactly how you call dead."
    *Juno tries to imagine how is it to be dead*
    Juno: "Nothing."
    *Juno starts crying*
    Juno (thinking): "There is nothing… not even black.
    Not a though, not a voice, just nothing."
    *Juno closes his eyes*
    Juno (thinking): "It is… just… terrifying."

    *Sometime after*
    *Juno opens his eyes*
    Juno (thinking): "Still none home.."
    *Juno gets up and goes to the center*
    Juno (thinking): "Aaaaand another dead.
    The usual."
    *Isen walks there*
    Isen: "No, no, no, no
    This is bad, we're losing it, FAST!"
    Juno: "Eh calm down, this is normal, it's not like someone else is going to show up and help you anyway.
    *no answer form Isen*
    *Isen keeps doing is job*
    Juno: "Fine I got it, I should rest, bláblabla...
    I'll go out."
    *Juno leaves the center*

    *somewhere later in Juno's village*

    *and old man approaches Juno*
    Old Man: "Oh boy, can you tell me where can an Old Man like me get some ladies?"
    *Juno notices the old man, confused*
    Juno (thinking): "Is that… Old Man Kaizo?"
    Juno: "Euh.."
    Old Man Kaizo: "Ahah I'm just messing with you kiddo!"
    Aren't you the center kid anyway?
    What are you doing here?"
    Juno: "Yeah, I've decided to give it a break for today."
    Old Man Kaizo: "Break hum? Ah yes, the break, we all need one from time to time."
    Juno: "Old Man Kaizo..if I may… how are you..?"
    Juno (thinking): "He just died yesterday…how is he… ?"
    Old Man Kaizo: "Alive? Well I don’t know."
    I just remember that you were there, at the center, helping me with Isen.
    Than I just stood up, thanked you, and came to the village."
    Juno: "What?" *looking confused*
    Old Man Kaizo: "And then I started meeting with all those of the village who were dead many years ago!
    We had a lot of talk to put on hehe…
    Oh yeah and all that pain and broken bones just got cure by a miracle, isn't that great?
    Look I'm as new as you ahah!"
    *Juno is shocked*
    Juno: "Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh
    I get it now!
    I'm dreaming.
    I felt asleep in my bed last night and now I'm dreaming, ahah!" *Laughs*
    Old Man Kaizo: "I too thought about that kiddo, but it turns out it is way better than just a dream!
    It's a miracle!
    Life after dead! Kinda."
    *Old Man Kaizo laughs hard*
    Juno: "Wait… you mean... this is real?!"
    *Shouting from behind*
    Unknown: "Oh hey Old Man Kaizo, I've been looking for you!
    Oh it's Juno, good to see you back again!"
    *Juno recognizes the voice*
    *Juno's shocked*
    Old Man Kaizo: "Oh if it isn't Masako-chan!
    Come say hello to our new guest here! *laughs*
    Juno (thinking): "I died?"
    Masako: "Juno! Damn and I thought death had a preference for old ones, eh eh..
    I think we were both unlucky with life hem?" *laughs*
    Juno (thinking): "Fuck."
    *later that day*

    *on another village*
    Juno: "So this is what happens to everyone who dies?"
    Masako: "Yep, we all get a second chance!
    Well… it's not like you get revived or anything, we cannot interact with the livings"
    Juno (thinking): "So that's what happen with Isin at the center..
    I was already dead.
    *Juno starts running*
    Masako: "Juno?!"

    *Juno arrives to the center*
    *Juno goes to the room where he last saw Isen*
    Juno: "It can't be.."
    *Juno stares at the dead body on the ground*
    Juno: "It's me."
    Juno (thinking): "That's it, I'm dead."
    *Juno walks away*

    *Juno arrives again to the village*
    Juno (thinking): "All this years obsessed with dead
    for it to be just this?
    What's the meaning of this?!
    Masako-Chan… he died when I was just 5!
    I'm 16 now..
    That means he has been here for 11 years.."
    *Juno looks around*
    Juno (thinking): "There are just… so many people here..
    perhaps even more than among the living ones..
    and judging by their aspect and clothes… they must've died far longer
    than Masako-Chan, or even Old Man Kaizo!"
    *People start running, euphoric*
    Juno: "Euh… what's happening?
    Why are they running?"
    *A kid runs into Juno*
    Kid: "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't see you there"
    Juno: "No problem. So… what's happening?"
    Kid: "What do you mean what's happening? Where have you been?"
    *Juno looks confused*
    *Kid points out to a big men far away of the village*
    Kid: "There, you must go there and pray for him"
    *Juno looks surprised*
    Juno: "What-a..
    Who's that big men? And how is he so big?!"
    Kid: "Just come!"
    *Juno starts running with the kid in the direction of the big men*
    Some random people: "Faster! We have to give him our favors asap!"
    Juno: "Favors?"
    Kid: "Faster!"
    A giant echo voice: "Come forth my fellow dead beings!
    Yeah yeah yeah! Come and give me more gifts!
    I promise to take care of your love ones who still alive!"
    Juno: "What the heck did he mean with that?"
    Kid: "I have to give that big guy my clothes so he can take care of my mother in the world of livings!"
    Juno: "What?"
    *Masako caches up with them*
    Masako: "That's right Juno, that big men you see over there..
    that's a God!"
    Juno: "A..god?!"
    Masako: "Yep, and guess what, he is the one who looks for our family while we're dead!
    He promises us things as long as we gift him and love him!
    He only shows up every 7 suns, and just stays for a couple times, so we better get there asap otherwise he will just leave us!"
    Juno (thinking): "A god.."
    Juno: "Do you think that God would stay a little bit more if someone had any questions for him?"
    *Masako laughs*
    Masako: "Like you like many, everyone tries to make him stay, but to be honest I've never seen or hear him talking to anyone else besides himself ahah."
    Juno: "So there is no use..*sigh*"
    Masako: "Let's go faster, he might get impatient of waiting!"
    All around: "Aight!"
    *An sudden earthquake begins*
    All: "ooooaaahh!!!"
    Juno: "What's that? What's happening?"
    Masako: "Yes this is wonderful! Another God is coming Juno! Double favors here we go!" *Laughs*
    *Everyone gets lost from each others because of the earthquake*
    *None gets hurt, earthquake stops*
    *They are separated from Juno by many rocks*
    Masako: "Oh shit, we're kind of stuck here, there are stones everywhere and the village is destroyed Jez.."
    Juno: "'s alright let's just go around it.."
    Kid: "We don't have time for this we need to run!"
    Masako: *sigh* "Well I'm sorry Juno but we'll have to continue without you, don't worry I'll pray for your family too!"
    Juno: "Ah, thanks, I'll go the other way still, I'll see if I can at least catch that other God"
    Masako: "Alright see you later"
    *They run in opposite ways*
    *Juno runs into a forest*

    *On the forest*
    Juno: "Well… would it be more reasonable to look for where the damage is bigger, or smaller?
    What am I even talking about, I dunno what the heck I should be looking for..
    Damn I just want answers.."
    *Juno just found something big on the other side of the forest*
    Juno: "A god! It has to be!"
    *Juno runs in that direction*
    Big echoed voice: "Come my children, for I am Gulian, the ArchGod of Hope
    I shall give you the power to stay dead and not be enter isolation!"
    Juno (thinking): "So this one is a God of Hope? Well it kinda goes well, I hope he gives me some answers..!
    And ArchGod..”
    *Juno runs even faster*
    *Suddenly Juno has no longer foot on the ground*
    *Juno's confused*
    *Juno looks to the ground*
    Juno: "Fuck."
    *There is a huge hole under Juno*
    *Juno fells into that huge hole on the ground*
    Juno: "shit shit shit shit shit.."
    *The hole starts closing*
    Gulian, the ArchGod of Hope: "Hun? Why is my portal closiiiiiiinggg?"
    *Gulian looks surprised*

    *In that portal hole*
    *Juno is still falling*
    Juno (thinking): "So that's it..
    this is my end.
    instead of being dead-alive praising a God like Masako and that kid..
    I'm here, trapped on a bottomless hole.
    [2 hours later]
    Did I really deserve this?
    [3 hours later]
    What killed me anyway?
    [30 minutes later]
    [24 hours later]
    How much..time..has passed?
    am I even..still..existing?
    Or is this, dead itself?
    The afterlife..
    This is driving me insane.
    I don't even know for how long I've been on this damn hole..
    [much time after]
    What if I never leave this hole? Is not like it would matter anyway..
    I don't feel hunger, pain, dead.
    Just a small struggle.
    And the necessity to..leave this god-damn hole!!"
    *a flash of light shows up*
    Juno: "Light? Can it be?.."
    Juno: "Wait..those are..
    I'm on the middle of clouds?"
    *Juno looks up*
    Juno: "That's..the sky?!
    It's blue!
    I've been falling from the sky this whole time?!"
    *Juno looks arround him*
    Juno: "Are those..castles on the ground?!
    And bridges..
    no, it's way way bigger!"
    *Juno starts falling faster and faster*
    Juno: "Shit I'm falling at full speed now!"
    *Juno falls into a lake*
    *glu glu glu*
    *Juno immerges from the lake*
    Juno: "uuf, besides his green color this is just a lake after all"
    *Juno gets out of the lake*
    *Juno looks around*
    *Juno is amazed and scared*
    Juno: "What's this place anyway?
    And how the heck did I survive?!
    Oh yeah..I'm dead." *Laughs*
    For real doe..what's this place?
    It's definitely not my home.."
    *Sounds coming from the water*
    *Something comes from the water*
    Something: "See, I told ya there was a human falling from the sky!
    I was right! As always! *laughs*
    *Juno's surprised*
    Juno: "Are you a talking animal?"
    Something: "Talking animal? So you're species have finally evolved to recognize the animals language? *laughs*
    I'm not an animal, my names I Arbihime, and you are?"
    Juno: "Juno.
    Arbihime: "Pleased to meet ya Human Juno.
    I guess I'm what you people call, a God."
    Juno: "A God?!" *surprised*
    Arbihime: "Hmmmmm what's the deal? What's wrong with me being a God hum?"
    *Laughs coming from the top of a tree next to Juno*
    Something: "Ain't that obvious? He is surprised cuz you're not as big as the ones he knows" kkkk *laughs*
    *Something comes out of the tree*
    Something: "Hi human, my names is Clarietta, please to meet ya.
    And yes, I'm also a God."
    Juno: "Pleased to meet ya.."
    Arbihime: "Pff, if he thinks everyone here is like those stupid Gods from his dimension than he might as well just get the fuck out of here asap! We don't like strangers around here anyway!"
    Clarietta: "Arbihime come on, he is probably going to be the only Human you will ever see, can't you at least be a little bit more kind?"
    Arbihime: "Pf.."
    *Juno interrupts*
    Juno: "I'm sorry but I'm just curious..the other Gods they all had something to give in change for you even something too?"
    Clarietta: "Something to give.."
    Arbihime: "He means powers you idiot!
    Already asking for stuff.
    As I said we're nothing like your little Human Gods!"
    Clarietta: "Anyway, we don't do that kind of things, to be fair..
    we don't even go to your dimension at all!"
    Juno: "My dimension?
    Are the others?
    Is this one another too?"
    Clarietta: "I.."
    *The sound of a portal opening*
    Arbihime: "Wait
    not here.
    That's HIS portal."
    Clarietta: "You're right, We must go.
    Come with us Juno.
    Juno (thinking): "Here I go running again.."

    *sometime after*
    Juno: "So..where are we heading to anyway?"
    Arbihime: "Jez can't you just shut up for a second human?"
    Clarietta: "We know you have a lot of questions, but we don't have time to tell you everything you want.
    We will although, have to keep you here for some more time before you can go back to your dimension."
    Juno: "Right.."
    Clarietta: "We're here."
    Juno: "Hun? What's this?"
    Arbihime: "Oh great, this Human has never seen a temple, greaaaaaaaat."
    Clarietta: "Let's go in."
    *They enter the temple*

    *A Big Men is sitting on an altar on the middle of the temple*
    Big Men: "Arbihime, Clarietta, What can I do for you?"
    *Big Men looks surprised by seeing Juno*
    Clarietta: "You see..
    his name is Juno.
    And he fell from a Portal.."
    Big Men: "I see..and?"
    Clarietta: "and.."
    Arbihime: "And he is a Human!
    A Human from the Human Dimension who fell from one of the Portals!"
    Clarietta: "Uh...yes."
    Big Men: "A Human..from one of the Portals?
    That's impossible.
    Our portals cannot be seen by any Human."
    Juno: "You see...I kinda am dead.. *awkward laughs*
    Big Men: "I can see that."
    *Juno looks surprised*
    Big Men: "I am Gowan, the ArchGod of Serenity.
    Which kinda suites you in this situation.
    If you were found by any other gods and brought to any other ArchGod..
    perhaps you would even exist anymore."
    *Juno looks confused*
    Gowan, the ArchGod of Serenity: "Why didn't you sent him back to the Human dimension anyway?"
    Clarietta: "Because Garaam had just come from a portal too.."
    Gowan, the ArchGod of Serenity: "I see, good move there.
    He wouldn't hesitate on doing is duty."
    Arbihime: "So what now Master?"
    Clarietta: "Arbihime!"
    Arbihime: "What? We're in a big danger by keeping this Human here! Even our Master Gowan is!"
    Gowan, the ArchGod of Serenity: "It's alright, you've done enough.
    You shall leave now."
    Clarietta: "Right Master."
    Arbihime: "You heard him Human, let's go home!"
    Gowan, the ArchGod of Serenity: "He stays."
    *Clarietta and Arbihime look surprised*
    Arbihime: "What?!"
    *Clarietta picks Arbihime by the arm and goes away with him*
    Juno: "So..thank you for saving me..?"
    Gowan, the ArchGod of Serenity: "You need to rest."
    Juno (thinking): Great..that again."
    Gowan, the ArchGod of Serenity: "And be cautious, I can hear your thoughts. "
    *Juno is surprised*
    Gowan, the ArchGod of Serenity: "And I know you have a lot of questions..
    I'll answer them all as you wish, but tomorrow.
    Now, we rest, Juno."
    Juno: "...

    End of episode 1: The Afterlife.

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