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    [Episode 4] - The Next Step


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    [Episode 4] - The Next Step Empty [Episode 4] - The Next Step

    Post by Marmelo on Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:44 pm

    Chapter 4: The Next Step

    Harkiles’ house is quite small, no rooms, a big bed, a table and fire pit in the middle.
    Harkiles drinks from his tea.
    Juno: “So..yeah that’s it
    Can you do it?!”
    Harkiles laughs.
    Harkiles: “You know kid, I am a God I can do anything! Ahah!”
    Harkiles stands up and walks next to the fire pit.
    Harkiles: “I don’t blame you.
    Those kind of things aren’t for a Human to believe anyway.”
    Juno is confused.
    Juno: “How..I..”
    Harkiles laughs.
    Harkiles: “You see this flame?
    Even though it isn’t a living thing
    It still emits energy.
    Everything that exists, has some sort of energy, some have more than others.
    It’s hard to feel it, but you too have it.
    That’s how I know you’re a Human, Juno.”
    Or: “Disguise blown uh?”
    Juno: “Well..”
    Harkiles laughs.
    Harkiles: “Do not worry kid, if Gowan didn’t send you back to the Human dimension than this mission of yours might be something very important for him.”
    The flame starts going wild.
    Juno: “I though I wasn’t welcomed in this Dimension for being a Human..”
    Harkiles: “Well that’s true.
    But that’s just how things are.
    You have your own Dimension, and we have our.
    You being here, is something that none would ever thought about, and completely destroys the purpose of having 2 worlds separated.
    You see, I am a blacksmith.
    If I build something and it isn’t balanced, than it will be useless.
    It’s nothing against you kid, it’s just how reality works.”
    Harkiles puts his hands on the flame controlling it, shaping it.
    Harkiles: “I’m certain, that you shall return to your Dimension once you give this to Gowan, as he asked you to do.”
    The flames have disappeared.
    Harkiles holds on his hand a black and grey belt.
    Harkiles: “There you go.
    Just as you said.”
    Juno and Or are confused.
    Juno: “Uh..”
    Or: “Master Gowan said that you would build him a great device, I don’t think he was referring to a belt..”
    Harkiles laughs.
    Harkiles: “Of course he did!
    I know exactly what he wants! Ahah!”
    Juno (confused): “Are you sure he wasn’t referring to anything else?..”
    Harkiles: “now now..who’s the blacksmith here?
    Just go ahead and take it, you have a mission to finish.”
    Harkiles hands over the belt to Juno.
    Juno: “Feels heavy..”
    Juno puts the belt on.
    Or: “ that concludes our mission..I guess..”
    Or (thinking): “Master Gowan will kill us..”
    Harkiles laughs.
    Harkiles: “Do not worry about the size, it adapts to your waist!”
    Juno: “Well if this is what Gowan meant by a device then..we shall go..”
    Harkiles: “It was a pleasure to meet you both.
    And Juno, try to avoid talking to strangers until you get back to Gowan’s temple.”
    Juno (confused): “Yes.”
    Juno jumps to Or and both go out, their mission was over, it was time for them to return to Gowan and give him what he asked for.

    [Far away, somewhere else in the ArchGod dimension]
    In the middle of the ArchGod dimension, there is a really big mountain.
    At the top of that mountain resides the temple of Azael, the ArchGod of Winds.
    The whole temple is always floating at the top of it.
    It is composed of 6 small houses forming a square and a big one in the middle.
    However, it seams like 4 of those houses don’t even exist anymore, the other 2 are half destroyed, and the big house’s door is broken too.
    Inside the Big house there are 2 people.
    2 males.
    One of them is sitting on the floor, with only one arm left, spitting blood, while the other is standing night next to him.
    […]: “So, is that all the ArchGod of Winds can do?”
    Azael: “Why..why are you doing this?!”
    […]: “I’m sorry, but things have change.
    You should’ve gone to the meeting, Azael.”
    Azael can barely breath. His injuries are painful and the constant blood loss makes it harder for him to stay conscious.
    Azael (heavy breath): “You disgrace Yanel.”
    […]: “Yanel is the one who sent me to begin with.”
    Azael is shocked.
    How could the ArchGod of Gravity, betray one of his kind?
    […]: “To be more exact, he is acting under Garaam’s orders, so are we.”
    Azael: “We?!”
    […]: “Other ArchGods of course, and their Gods.
    Like I said, things have change.”
    Someone arrives.
    […]: “You’re still here?!
    Let him and move on.
    We must stick to plan.”
    […]: “I know I know, I just want to have one last chat with this old man.
    I’ll go right next to you, Bardiac.”
    Bardiac: “Master Garaam wants us to move as pairs, so hurry.”
    […] sighs.
    Azael: “Tardo..Bardiac..does this mean that the ArchGod of Clouds have also joined him?!”
    Bardiac looks sad.
    Tardo (laughing): “You bet it.
    You’re in the minority after all, Azael.”
    Tardo stands up and walks away.
    Tardo: “Let’s go then, Bardiac.”
    Tardo and Bardiac leave the destroyed temple of Azael, the ArchGod of Winds.

    [somewhere else]
    The lair of Kon, the ArchGod of Hunger, is a big castle, in the middle of a big kingdom, double the size of the Human Dimension, with plenty of houses and other Gods.
    It’s a well known place, Kon has a great reputation of making the best food of all reality.
    ArchGods and Gods from all the ArchGod dimension come there often to fulfill they’re desires.
    But no longer.
    This place, just like Azael The ArchGod of Winds’ temple, got destroyed.
    Every single house is destroyed, many Gods are lying on the floor, all dead.
    Kon the ArchGod of Hunger, however, wasn’t there at the time.
    He was at the reunion with the other ArchGods.
    Alpha (devastated): “How..why are you doing this?!”
    In the middle of the table, where the ArchGods were having their meeting, there was a special portal.
    One that instead of allowing one to travel, allows them to see what’s going on anywhere they desire.
    Alpha is using it to see what’s happening in the ArchGod Dimension.
    Every ArchGod is in shocked, except those who joined Garaam’s cause.
    Kon (screaming in shock): “My kingdom!! My food! My people!”
    Kado: “I’m sorry fella, but that’s the only way.”
    Alpha (aggressively): “How is this a way?!
    You’re destroying our lairs, you’re killing our creations and tearing everything a part!
    […]: “For a better world, of course!”
    Says Urango, the ArchGodess of Precognition.
    Urango: “I assure you that this is how it is supposed to happen.
    You might think we’re fools, but while you keep here doing your job as usual, we are the ones who seek higher, the ones who are disposed to actually make a difference and change creation.”
    Alpha: “Change..creation?!”
    Kado: “With time, Alpha.
    Your questions will be revealed as soon as possible.
    For now, just enjoy the view.”
    Alpha: “You’re insane..all of you! How could you even consider Garaam’s words!”
    […]: “Master Alpha.. it seams like other ArchGods that aren’t here have also accorded to Garaam’s plan!”
    Alpha (Shocked): “What?!”
    Baramelo changes the portal view.
    Baramelo: “It seams like Gods from the others ArchGods have attacked other lairs too!”
    Alpha: “That’s not possible!”
    Kado: “Oh you thought we were the only ones who opened our eyes?
    I’m sorry Alpha, but you’re no longer in command.
    Besides us 24 here, 7 of us agree with Garaam, the other 17 don’t.
    But that’s just here.
    Counting those who didn’t come..11 don’t agree, and 8 agree.
    That makes 28 that are against Garaam, and 15 that agree with Garaam in total.”
    Alpha: “That’s insane..”
    Kado: “And the ArchGod of Winds has fallen, so we’re 15 against 27..”
    Kado: “But let’s discuss another thing shall we?”
    Alpha: “Another..?”
    Kado: “Why is there a Human in our Dimension?!”
    Everyone is shocked.
    Alpha: “A..Human?!
    How is that even possible?!”
    Kado: “According to one of my Gods, he encountered a Human traveling with a Energy Being, they were going to meet with Harkiles in his lair.
    Does anyone know anything about it?”
    Alpha (shocked): “That’s..”
    Kado: “Oh well, it doesn’t matter.
    My Worigama will take care of it, won’t you?”
    Worigama: “Yes, Master Kado.”
    Kado: “Oh and Worigama, Harkiles is also on our target list.”
    Worigama: “Yes.”
    And so, one after another, the number of ArchGods who are against Garaam has fallen from 27 to 20.
    Each victory meant more Gods, and a bigger army working for Garaam.
    Some other ArchGods even changed and swear loyalty to Garaam, thus helping him with his cause.
    However, not every ArchGod is disposed to bow to Garaam and his army.
    Fula, the ArchGodess of Guilt, is one of those who refuse to let Garaam win.
    Her lair is an underground complex.
    A whole empire underground, and she is the ruler.
    30 Gods so far have invaded her lair.
    Fula uses a big spear has her weapon.
    While some of them are fighting against Fula’s army, Fula herself gets to fight some.
    Fula: “You really don’t give up do you?!”
    […]: “The same goes for you, Fula!”
    Fula: “Humpf.”
    Fula dodges every single attack from that God, without any effort, and quickly pierces him with her spear.
    Fula: “Another down.”
    Fula had already killed 21 Gods, but they just keep coming.
    4 other Gods appear.
    Fula (smiling): “Let’s go!”
    Fula strikes into fight, she fights those 4 Gods at the same time, alone.
    They cannot compete with Fula’s great speed and experience with her spear.
    She quickly kills those 4 Gods without breaking a sweat.
    But before she can look around her, another enemy has appeared.
    Fula strikes him, but misses.
    Fula tries to strike him again, but he holds her spear.
    Bardiac: “So this is the great Fula, ArchGodess of Guilt.”
    Fula: “I don’t need to know your name.”
    Fula breaks her spear and quickly summons another spear.
    Bardiac: “Another?!”
    Fula: “You’re dead.”
    Fula strikes Bardiac in his chest.
    But before she can finish piercing him..
    Fula gets kicked in the face.
    Tardo: “Hmpf, this is a violent one hum?”
    Bardiac takes off the spear on his chest, breaking it.
    Bardiac: “Yeah this one sure holds the title of an ArchGod.”
    Fula comes back to the fight.
    Fula: “So you seams to have been training, contrarily of the others who have come.”
    Bardiac: “You can say.”
    Fula (smiling): “Good.”
    Fula quickly dashes and strikes Bardiac however before she handles a blow on him, she changes her target to Tardo.
    Tardo quickly summons his weapon, a two bladed sword and quickly counters her spear.
    An immense amount of energy is released from their weapon clash.
    Bardiac also summons his weapon, a quarterstaff.
    The fight begins.

    Meanwhile where Garaam’s temple used to be, a Women arrives there.
    Toffee: “Well shit, this place is all destroyed.
    I wonder what happened here.”
    Toffee looks around, but sees nothing but a fallen castle.
    Toffee: “Well that was a waist.
    But it seams like there was a big battle in here., ice.
    And thunder?
    That’s nothing to do with Garaam’ Gods abilities..”
    Someone arrives, running.
    Bala: “Hey Master Garaam I’m finally back!
    Sorry for making you wait but that traitor teleported me so far away!”
    Bala stops, shocked.
    Bala: “Wha..what are you..?!”
    Toffee smiles.
    Toffee: “So..Master Garaam is that it?
    And what traitor exactly?
    Bala: “You see..uh..we..”
    Toffee: “come one now, I’m all listening.”
    Meanwhile in Harkiles lair.
    While Harkiles is visiting some Gods on his village, someone falls from the sky, severely damaged.
    Harkiles: “Quil? What happened?”
    Quil (barely speaking): “”
    Quil fainted while pointing to the sky.
    Harkiles looks up.
    The sky was cloudy and stormy, someone comes from above.
    Harkiles: “You’re the one responsible for this? How dare you!”
    Worigama: “You must be Harkiles, the ArchGod of Ember.”
    Harkiles (anger): “You bet I am!”
    Worigama: “I don’t see the Human around here.
    Is he hiding on one of those villages perhaps?”
    Harkiles: “What?!”
    Worigama rises his sword, a huge amount of thunderbolts start coming form the clouds and strike his blade.
    With just a swing, Worigama releases a big amount of energy from his blade, destroying everything around him.
    Every single village was destroyed with that one swing.
    The Gods living on it however, are all fine.
    Harkiles (in shock): “What the hell you think you’re doing?!”
    Worigama looks around.
    Worigama: “I don’t sense him still.
    Can it be he has such a weak energy?”
    Harkiles gets right next to Worigama.
    Before Worigama even has time to open his mouth, Harkiles grabs his two hammers from his belt.
    A big wave of heat and fire come from his cloak as he slowly takes out his hammers.
    Harkiles (in raged): “From the ashes you shall return.”
    Harkiles eyes are full of anger and fire, this thunder God had just destroyed his precious lair.
    Worigama breaths heavily.
    Worigama: “Be it.”
    But before Worigama can even say anything else, Harkiles intense heat starts burning his clothes.
    Worigama starts running away.
    He takes his burning shirt off while maintaining a great distance between him and the in raged ArchGod.
    Worigama (thinking): “Against this kind of enemy..I really have no other choice other than using my true strength.
    Like that rat did..
    *flashback from Arbihime and Worigama’s fight*
    Worigama (thinking): “I should’ve been more careful.
    But I wasn’t excepting that rat to break our rules.
    There are two things a God should never do, no matter the circumstance.
    Number one, fighting and ArchGod..
    And number two..using Godo-Modo in their presence.
    That rat broke those rules.
    And for that..I almost died.
    Hadn’t it be Master Rayko, the ArchGod of Thunders to give me his blessing, I would have died against that brat.”
    Worigama stares at his blade.
    He rises her against Harkiles.
    Worigama concentrates an immense energy.
    “That’s different now.”
    Worigama starts glowing yellow, his blade starts changing shape.
    Around him, there is a big wild storm covering the whole area.
    “From now on, everything will change.”
    Worigama looks at Harkiles with a serious face and serious eyes.

    Meanwhile, Juno and Or have finally arrived to Gowan’s temple.
    Juno: “Gowan? Where is he?”
    Or: “Hmm…seams like he hasn’t been here for a while..”
    Juno: “So maybe he will be back in a moment.
    Don’t you think?”
    Or: “Perhaps..”
    Juno looks at the sky.
    Juno: “Things..have things changed?”
    Or: “What do you mean?”
    Juno: “The’s no longer green.”
    Or: “Yeah..I realized that too.”
    Juno: “It’s strange.
    I feel like that’s why Gowan is not here.”
    Or: “He shouldn’t take too long, ArchGods don’t really talk with each other that much.
    Perhaps he went to eat at Kon’s lair.
    He is the ArchGod of Hungry after all.”
    Juno: “Oh man, I could eat something right now!”
    Or: “I’ll see what we got.”
    Juno: “Great! Oh and..about this..”
    Juno points at his belt.
    “Do you think it has some kind of power on it?”
    Or: “Dunno. Why should it?”
    Juno: “I mean this is the reason why Gowan sent us on a mission to begin with..
    I don’t know.”
    Or: “Well you’re the one wearing it, do you feel anything?”
    Juno: “Am I suppose to feel anything?”
    Or: “I don’t know.”
    Juno: “hmm..”
    Juno looks attentively to the belt.

    Nokawa, the ArchGod of Inspiration, lives alone on his lair.
    A world within a waterfall.
    To arrive there, one must enter the waterfall itself. Sorta like a portal.
    The waterfall is placed on a beautiful spot, the most magnificent and unique place in the whole ArchGod Dimension.
    There you can see, a bit of every ArchGod territory part, surrounding the area.
    The waterfall however, is infinite.
    The water falls into nothing.
    Like the void.
    A whole world is inside it.
    Or used to be.
    The whole place is destroyed.
    You can’t even recognize it anymore.
    The waterfall however, is still intact.
    [Inside of that big world]
    “So, you ready to handle me your power, Nokawa?” – says Garaam
    Nokawa: “Garaam..I find what you’re doing really inspired.
    However, giving you my power, is something I cannot do.
    If I did..everyone would..”
    Garaam (smiling): “That’s exactly the point.
    If you do it, everyone will follow you.
    The power of Inspiration.”
    Nokawa (crying): “I’m..I’m sorry.”
    Garaam: “Well well..there is no need for that now.
    I’ll fix everything once you’re done with it.
    That’s a promise, from an ArchGod to another.” *smirks*
    Nokawa: “My tears are not for you, neither those who are dying.
    We’re ArchGods, we can remake everything from nothing.”
    Garaam (confused): “Uh?”
    Nokawa starts shinning gold.
    Nokawa: “I am really sorry, Garaam.
    I didn’t want to come to this.”
    Garaam: “What now..”
    Nokawa: “<Godo-Modo>”
    An immense amount of energy comes from Nokawa’s body.
    The wold within the waterfall starts collapsing, it can’t hold that much energy all at once.
    Garaam comes out of the waterfall.
    A big flash strikes from it.
    Garaam (blinded): “What are you even doing?!”
    When his vision got back, Nokawa was there.
    Nokawa has changed.
    His true form appeared.
    A tall man with a manly beard, long black hair, and two huge white wings on his back.
    An intense light was coming from his body.
    Nokawa (with a Godly voice): “I’ll rather die than let reality get controlled by you.”
    Garaam (smiling): “Well now..this will be fun.”
    Garaam summons his staff.
    Garaam: “However, I’m afraid I don’t have much time to waste with the likes of you.”
    Nokawa: “<inspiratione aspectu> (=Inspiration glance)
    Nokawa shines even more, blinding the whole area around them.
    The sky itself starts shinning golden.
    [Back to Gowan’s temple]
    Juno: “Oh the sky changed again?”
    Or: “Hmm..that’s weird.
    There is an immense energy spreading all around the ArchGod Dimension..”
    [Back to the pocket dimension]
    Alpha: “This’s Nokawa’s Godo-Modo!”
    Urango: “Yeah..Garaam is about to convince him to bow to him.”
    Alpha (surprised): “What?! That..
    That would make him win this! He can’t!”
    Kado laughs.
    Kado: “I think we can say..that our chances to win are getting pretty high yes.”
    [Back to Nokawa and Garaam]
    Garaam: “So what you’re increasing your Energy? You’re just making it easier honestly.”
    Garaam prepares to use his staff however..
    An immense light starts covering Garaam, consuming him.
    Garaam: “What?!”
    Nokawa: “Feel the power of defeat, Garaam!”
    Garaam starts loosing control over himself, he can no longer see, neither feel his legs, than his arms, finally he starts loosing the ability to think.
    Garaam (thinking): “Damn you..”
    Garaam uses the last bit of thinking he has and grabs his staff.
    Finally Nokawa’s power totally consumed Garaam.
    Nokawa: “I’m sorry..I didn’t want to have to do this, but you gave me no choice.
    For me, for this Dimension.
    It is a must.”
    Nokawa’s light us pure and bright, however, a small bit of it gets cut, like a balloon plenty of air.
    From that cut, the light starts banishing.
    Nokawa (surprised and confused): “What?! My power!
    And so, all at once, that pure light that covered the sky of the whole dimension, banished.
    Once the light had fully banished, Garaam’ staff was there, floating, stand still in the air next to Nokawa.
    “You really are a pain in the ass for someone who’s supposed to give out inspiration you know?” says a familiar voice.
    Nokawa is surprised.
    In front of him, something starts gaining shape, appearing bit by bit, it’s Garaam the one who stands right in front of him.
    He had regain all his abilities back.
    Nokawa (surprised): “How..”
    Garaam (smirking): “Well’s is quite easy to explain.
    After all, I am the ArchGod of Void.
    You can’t control an empty dimension, can you, Nokawa?”
    Garaam’s staff starts glowing gold.
    Garaam (smirking): “However, you are right, this is how it is supposed to be.
    Fool me for thinking otherwise.”
    Garaam: <”exilium”> (=banish)
    Bit by bit, Nokawa starts banishing.
    First his power.
    Next, his limbs.
    And finally, his whole.
    Garaam: “Not the same as getting you as an ally..but that will have to do.
    I’ll just force it in that case.”
    He senses the presence of someone else there.
    Garaam turns back.
    Garaam smirks.
    Garaam: “The ArchGod of Serenity..
    Gowan was standing there, he had just arrived to the battlefield.

    End of chapter 4.

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    [Episode 4] - The Next Step Empty Re: [Episode 4] - The Next Step

    Post by Marmelo on Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:58 pm

    Sypnosis Chapter 5: This war of mine part 1

    More tragedy, more destruction, Garaam's army is clearly winning the war!

    Worigama reunites with Garaam along with Jinzo, Micaela and Bardiac.

    Meanwhile Juno and Or get tired of waiting for Gowan and decide to go look for him.

    Something happens in the pocket dimension.

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