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    [Episode 5] - This War of Mine - Part1


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    [Episode 5] - This War of Mine - Part1 Empty [Episode 5] - This War of Mine - Part1

    Post by Marmelo on Wed Oct 03, 2018 7:24 pm

    Chapter 5: This War of Mine – Part 1

    *FlashBack to last chapter*
    “In a perfect world where every single being gets along
    War and peace are subjects known by none.
    This..greed of yours..
    Only shows that this perfect world does not exist.” – says Gowan
    Garaam looks up to the sky.
    Garaam: “I’ll make this a perfect world.
    No matter the cost.”
    Gowan sighs.
    Gowan: “I..
    It’s already too far.”
    Gowan rises his hands while looking around him.
    Gowan: “This..destruction..
    This chaos, this distortion...
    Is this really how you want to achieve such goal?!”
    Garaam: “Does it really matter how it happens?
    In the end, those like you are only retarding things.”
    Gowan looks down, shameful.
    Gowan: “You really disappoint me…
    old friend.”
    Garaam: “So you came here just to say how ashamed you are of me…
    Or is there any other reason?”
    Gowan: “I’m here to put some sense to you.”
    Garaam: “Well then..”
    Garaam holds his staff strongly.
    Garaam: “I know you’re not the fighting style
    So I’ll make it quick.”
    Gowan appears right behind Garaam, surprising.
    Garaam: “What?!”
    Gowan touches Garaam’s back with his two hands.
    Gowan: “<Sigillum Diaboli vetitum>” (=forbidden seal)
    Gowan’s hands start shinning blue.
    A blue aura covers Garaam’s body.
    Garaam: “A seal? Are you for real now?!”
    Gowan continues.
    Gowan: “<Vetiti hastam de angustia.>” (=Forbidden spear of restriction)
    Five big Spears fall from the sky, hitting Garaam on his limbs and his head, restraining him.
    Garaam is surprised.
    Gowan: “<ultima poena>” (=Final punishment)
    The ground around them starts breaking, forming a square that starts flying to the sky along with them.
    Gowan tries to break Gowan’ seals but fails.
    Garaam: “Damn you.
    You think that’s enough to contain me?!”
    Gowan: “No.
    But at least will give me sometime to think about a plan.”
    Garaam (in raged): “Gowan!”
    Gowan jumps off the square.
    The square starts changing form into a big jail made of blue light.
    The jail becomes smaller and smaller, until completely banishes.
    Gowan (thinking): “That will buy us some time..
    I must find others.”
    [Gowan’s temple]
    Juno yawning.
    He is tired of waiting, and so is Or.
    Juno: “Come one how much longer will Gowan take to come back?!
    I’m bored!”
    Or sighs.
    Or: “It shouldn’t take much longer.”
    Juno: “That’s what you said 5 minutes ago..and ago..and ago..”
    Or feels an energy approaching.
    Or: “Oh? I guess he is back.”
    Juno: “What? really?!”
    Juno and Or run to the temple’ stairs.
    Juno: “’s you.”
    Arbihime (anger): “What do you mean oh it’s you?!
    It’s Arbihime you stupid human!”
    Juno: “We thought it was Gowan, just that..”
    Arbihime (surprised): “Uh? Master Gowan isn’t there?”
    Or: “Seams like you know nothing too.
    Too bad.”
    Juno: “Uh..where is Clarietta?”
    Arbihime looks down, ashamed.
    Arbihime: “I..I should’ve been more careful.”
    Juno: “What do you mean?”
    Arbihime: “She got caught.”
    Juno (confuse): “What? Caught? By what?!”
    Or: “Not what, a who.
    It was Garaam, wasn’t it?”
    Arbihime sighs.
    Arbihime makes a sign of agreement with his head.
    Or: “Well that’s a mess..
    And how come you’re here?!”
    Arbihime: “I fought my way out.
    But what I should’ve done was to fight her way out.”
    Juno: “Can you at least tell me what’s happening here?!
    I’m kinda lost..”
    Or: “Gowan taught you about greed didn’t he?
    Well..there is no one who understands it better than Garaam, the ArchGod of Void.”
    Juno: “Wait you’re telling me that she got caught by an ArchGod?!
    But I thought you were all friends..”
    Or: “Hell you thought!
    Garaam is friend with none!
    He catches Gods and enslaves them, makes them fight for survival, uses them as much as he can.
    He respects nothing and he wants power!”
    Juno: “Power?”
    Or: “Yes.
    That’s what greed makes you do kid.”
    Arbihime interrupts.
    Arbihime: “Garaam wants to take control of this whole Dimension.”
    Juno (surprised): “What?!
    But aren’t you all ArchGods and Gods?!
    Don’t you all have a duty?!”
    Arbihime (in raged): “Shut up!”
    Arbihime continues.
    Arbihime: “This isn’t about a status!
    It’s about one single entity who thinks he has the right to change things.
    He doesn’t care about it, looks around you, the sky has turned grey, nature has died and the animals fled.
    There is nothing but despair and chaos in this world now!
    That’s Garaam finally stepping up.”
    Juno is shocked.
    Arbihime: “I saw it with my very own eyes.
    He is a monster and knows nothing but pain.
    You either bow to him or you die along with the world.”
    Or: “Do you think Master Gowan..”
    Arbihime: “No ArchGod have died yet.
    Otherwise you would’ve felt it.”
    Or: “You’re right..”
    Arbihime: “However, on my way to here, I sensed a lot of different kinds of energies.
    Some ArchGods have just gone missing.”
    Or (shocked): “So it really has started..”
    Juno walks past Arbihime.
    Juno: “Let’s go then.”
    Or and Arbihime (both confused): “What?”
    Juno: “Dunno about you.
    But I used to help a friend taking care of the injured and near dead people in my dimension.
    This is no exception.”
    Or: “Juno..”
    Arbihime: “Holy you’re an idiot.
    This isn’t your dimension human.
    You can’t get into the affairs of the ArchGods.”
    Juno: “I don’t plan to do it.
    I’m only going to assist the Gods.”
    Arbihime: “…
    Or: “What?! How can you even..”
    Arbihime: “You can stay here Or, in case Master Gowan ever comes back.
    If I let this Human go alone, he will just die.
    Besides, knowing that a Human is around, would just cause even more chaos than it already is.”
    Or: “Heck I’ll stay.
    I’ll go with you two.”
    And so they all agree to leave Gowan’s temple and go somewhere else.
    Arbihime: “We ain’t walking.
    That’s too human for us.”
    Juno: “Uh? What now..”
    Arbihime smashes the ground with immense strength.
    He picks up a big piece of it.
    Arbihime: “Jump in at 5.”
    Juno is confused.
    Arbihime throws the big piece.
    Arbihime: “5.”
    Everyone jumps into the big piece, except Juno.
    Juno (surprised): “What?!”
    Or quickly grabs Juno with his tail and pulls him up.
    Arbihime: “Holy you’re slow.”
    Juno (anger): “What do you mean?! Who the heck says 5 before the others?! What kind of counting is that?!”
    Thanks to Arbihime’s idea, the three of them are moving at high speed using the big piece of ground that he had thrown.
    Juno: “Where are we going?”
    Arbihime: “To the nearest ArchGod around.
    Korra, the ArchGodess of Equiblibrium.”
    [Fula’s lair]
    Fula is exhausted, however, Tardo and Bardiac seam to be quite good on stamina.
    Fula smiles while looking at the hole in the top ground of her lair.
    Fula: “So it seams like there are no more Gods coming anymore?
    Are you two the last?”
    Bardiac: “yes.
    We’re all that’s left for you.”
    Fula: “What a pain.”
    Fula swings her spear around her.
    Fula makes a copy of her self.
    Bardiac (surprised): “What?!”
    Fula: “Even though this isn’t my style..,
    I’m pretty sure there are many Gods out there still wanting to fight my spear.”
    Fula attacks both Bardiac and Tardo at the same time.
    Bardiac seams to be able to dodge every attack.
    Tardo on the other hand, struggles to do it, but keeps up with his two bladed sword.
    Tardo hits a fatal blow on Fula’s clone, making it disappear.
    Tardo: “hmpf, it’s just as good as the original.”
    Fula: “Oh really..”
    Fula swings again.
    This time, making 2 other clones.
    The 2 clones strike against Tardo.
    Bardiac: “Well.. you asked for it Tardo.”
    Tardo (struggling): “hmpf, now that’s something.”
    Tardo smiles, while starting to attack even faster, completely countering Fula’s clones attacks, making good use of his two bladed sword to attack each of them with each side of it all at once.
    Fula: “Hey, the fight is here. can just die.”
    Fula surprises Bardiac, who wasn’t paying much attention to his fight.
    Bardiac’s quarterstaff starts glowing braun.
    Fula falls into the ground, staying only on her knees, unable to move.
    Her body feels heavy, far too much for her to handle.
    She has no longer control over it.
    Fula (struggling): “This..”
    Bardiac gets to the ground, face to face to Fula.
    Bardiac: “I’m sorry, but we have a mission to complete.”
    Bardiac prepares to attack Fula with a fatal blow.
    Fula: “Hmpf, you really think a God stays a chance against an ArchGod?!”
    Fula slowly starts getting up, moving her limbs again, she starts gaining a bit of control over her body.
    She counters Bardiac’s blow with her spear.
    Bardiac is susprised.
    Bardiac: “You broke my power?!”
    Fula smiles.
    Fula strikes Bardiac with her spear, this time, piercing his heart.
    Fula feels victorious, however, Bardiac grabs her spear, and tosses it away.
    Bardiac: “I’m sorry, but I have nothing there.”
    Fula is surprised, Bardiac had no heart, she had just pierced her spear through a hole.
    Fula: “how..?!”
    Bardiac sighs.
    Bardiac points his quarterstaff to Fula.
    Bardiac: “<Gravis rapinas intermittite>” (=Heavy oppression)
    Fula gets completely into the floor.
    The floor itself starts shattering.
    Bardiac’s quarterstaff allows him to manipulate the gravity of anything he desires.
    This time, Fula can’t overcome the amount of pressure Bardiac’s power have on her.
    Meanwhile, Tardo defeats Fula’s clone easily and goes next to them.
    Tardo (mocking): “Eh so much for that ArchGod speech!”
    Bardiac: “Time to end this, Tardo.”
    Tardo: “Yeah.”
    Tardo points his blade to Fula.
    Tardo: “<ingens concursus> (=great collision)
    A huge explosion comes out from Tardo’s blow.
    Fula’s empire was completely destroyed.
    All her Gods, her army, are dead.
    Nothing was left but ruins of her empire.
    Tardo: “Job’s done.”
    Bardiac: “Let’s held back the waterfall.”
    As Tardo and Bardiac start flying in the direction of the hole on the up ground of Fula’s destroyed empire..
    “omae wa mou shindeiru”
    A ghost hand grabs Tardo’s shoulders.
    Tardo (surprised): “What the-?!”
    “You think you can go away with it?
    Oh poor God..” – says a mysterious female voice
    Tardo tries to free himself but it’s pointless, he can’t touch the ghost hand be can’t stop getting dragged back to the ruins.
    Bardiac (surprised): “What’s this?!”
    Tardo (screaming): “Hell I know?!
    Help me!”
    “Poor Gods, don’t you get it?
    This is the power of Guilt.” – says the voice.
    The ghost hand grows bigger and starts covering Tardo’s body.
    Tardo is desperate, he can’t do nothing about the hand who’s dragging him back to the ground.
    Once arriving in the ground, ghosts start wondering around him, walking past him, walking through him.
    Tardo (horrified): “What is this?! What’s happening?!”
    “Those are the ghosts of the Gods you just killed, every single one of them.
    They all came to pay you a visit.” – says the voice while laughing at the same time
    Tardo does desperate moves but nothing can be done, once the hand of Guilt gets you, the only way to get rid of it is to accept it.
    Tardo slowly gets out of breath.
    He stopped moving, his mouth opens and a ghost comes out of it, along with his last breath.
    Tardo died by the hands of the ArchGodess of Guilt.
    Bardiac closes his eyes, wanting to forget that deadly event.
    However, the hand of Guilt does not have a word for Bardiac.
    In fact, her only target was Tardo, the man who committed the genocide of her beloved empire.
    Bardiac finally gets out of that underground place.
    [Back to Harkiles’ lair]
    The whole area around the storm is burning heavily.
    No creature be it animal or God could ever live around all that heat.
    Yet, in the middle of the storm, Harkiles the ArchGod of Ember fights Worigama, the God of Thunder.
    Harkiles using his two burning hammers and Worigama using his thunder blade.
    Their clashes strike the ground around the area, thunders spread in every direction along with fire.
    Harkiles increases his heat.
    Harkiles heat seams uncontrollable at the first glance, but no other being was more able of controlling the heart of the Ember as much as Harkiles.
    Wild fire is spreading inside the storm.
    Worigama takes some distance from Harkiles, the source of that fire, however, his distance is limited by his very own storm.
    Eventually, the fire starts getting to Worigama.
    His left arm starts burning.
    Worigama tries to get rid of the flames, but Harkiles approaches even more of him, making it completely useless to even try.
    Worigama feels rushed and decides to attack Harkiles.
    Worigama (thinking): “Might as well just do it!”
    Worigama’s body gets involved into flames as he approaches the ArchGod with great speed.
    By the time Worigama gets next to him, the ArchGod punches him with his big hammer in the face, throwing him against the storm, severely damaging him.
    Worigama grabs the storm with his left hand and starts absorbing his energy, healing himself, the flames however, still on his body.
    Harkiles quickly spits some ember against Worigama, who cannot dodge in time.
    That ember does not burn.
    It actually becomes solid, just like earth.
    Worigama: “What?!”
    Harkiles: “That will restrain you from moving your arms.”
    The ember works as glue, Worigama’s upper body is completely restrained.
    Harkiles charges even more energy, increasing even more the heat around them.
    Eventually, the storm itself starts breaking.
    The heat produced by Harkiles goes wild once it breaks and starts spreading to the other lairs, who are now empty.
    A big region of the ArchGod Dimension gets involved by Harkiles flames.
    Where once was life, now is dead.
    Nothing can survive such amount of heat.
    The heat of Anger.
    At that exact moment, it starts raining.
    Those ashes made by Harkiles flames made the sky cry.
    Worigama: "Hmpf, I didn't ask you anything."
    Harkiles: "What are you talking about?"
    The rain slowly gets rid of the flames covering Worigama's body.
    Worigama has severe burns, he is all wraped up.
    Worigama looks at Harkiles, with a serious look.
    Worigama: "That's a blessing from my ArchGod."
    Zapp, the ArchGod of Thunder is the one responsible for that rain.
    Along with it, follows multiple storms coming form the sky.
    Worigama rises his bleeding hands up to the sky.
    Thunders strike him with great strenght.
    However, Worigama isn't taking any damage from it, he is instead, healing from it.
    In just a mere second, Worigama has regain all his might.
    Harkiles gives a mean look to Worigama, he had just gotten even angrier than before.
    Harkiles: "So the ArchGod of Thunder will too pay for it."
    Worigama looks at Harkiles.
    Worigama: "He isn't the only one against you."
    Harkiles: "I know."
    They both clash into each other.
    Even though the rain is limiting the damage caused by Harkles flames, Harkles still as strong as the battle first started.
    Worigama knows he can't have a face to face fight with him, which is of course both their fighting style.
    Worigama gets a bit of space and concentrates his energy on a single blow.
    He swings his sword, on an attempt of cutting of Harkiles, similar to how he did with Jojo.
    Worigama: “<Vox vulnus >” (= Thunder Slash)
    At that exact moment, Harkiles grabs Worigama’s sword, intercepting the attack somewhere else.
    Worigama’ sword immediately turns to ashes.
    Harkiles: “I ain’t playing with you anymore.”
    Before Worigama can call upon his sword again..
    Harkiles: “<spiritus prostrati>” (= melting breath)
    From his mouth, Harkiles breaths out ember, capable of melting anything by touching it.
    Worigama acts quickly.
    Worigama: “<Vox, Deo donante>”  (= Thunder God’s blessing)
    Worigama’s body changes immediately.
    He turned himself into a thunder-made dragon, he no longer has a physical body.
    He quickly avoids Harkiles melting breath and strikes him with a <Godo-Dama>.
    It seams like this thunder form it’s Worigama’s true form.
    Harkiles tanks the <Godo-Dama> with his bare hands.
    However, <Godo-Dama> being the strongest of any techniques a God and even an ArchGod can ever produce, he gets overwhelm by all that power, plus, Worigama had also implemented part of his thunder energy along with it, causing severe damages to Harkiles at the same time and stopping him from concentrating on the attack’s energy.
    His clothes start ripping off, the energy is far too much, even more an ArchGod to be able to hold it.
    As a last resort, the ArchGod finally takes off his two hammers again, while still holding Worigama’ strongest technique with his chest.
    Harkiles: “Godo-Mo-“
    One of Harkiles hammers shatters.
    Harkiles is speechless.
    Finally, Worigama’s <Godo-Dama> fully connects against him.
    An enormous explosion occurs.
    A vast amount of thunderbolts spread all over the battlefield, every single one of them coming from the <Godo-Dama> impact on Harkiles.
    Once the flash goes out, the rain had stopped.
    The flames no longer consume the whole area, just the borders of the battlefield were still burning.
    Worigama looks down, laying on the ground is Harkiles, unconscious, the ArchGod of Ember has been defeated by the Thunder God.
    Worigama returns to his physical form.
    Worigama sighs, looks up, and flees away.
    [in the pocket Dimension, the reunion]
    Every ArchGod is shock, even some who have agreed to follow Garaam had no clue what was going to happen.
    Alpha gets on his knees.
    Alpha: “This…this is madness!”
    “The ArchGod of Ember was defeated?!” – said an old lady named Nanao
    Kon is in panic and starts crying loudly.
    Kon (scream): “You don’t get it do you?
    Once he is done destroying everything he will come for us too!”
    Urango: “now now..
    It seams like Kon’s words made the ArchGods panic a little, those who follow Garaam are starting do doubt their decision. “What if he is right? I didn’t want this to happen..”
    Kado: “Of course if everyone would just agree with Garaam than this wouldn’t happen in the first place.”
    Kon stops crying and everyone stop chatting.
    “So you’re the ones to blame here.” – says Kado with a cruel expression on his face
    “Both the ArchGodess of Guilt and the ArchGod of Ember have fallen.
    So did the ArchGod of Despair and the ArchGodess of Melancholy.
    Along with them, the ArchGod of Inspiration has just sacrificed himself on an attempt to take out Garaam.
    I guess I don’t have to explain you how well that went.”
    Baramelo interrupts: “But..those are among the strongest of us!
    How can it be they were all defeated..!”
    Kado (smiling): “Our Gods of course!”
    Baramelo is mouth opened, he and the others cannot believe what they just heard.
    Kado: “What? Do you really think we would act without a plan?”
    Urango continues: “Training our Gods for an eventual confront against an ArchGod.
    That was the very first step of our plan.
    But this is just the scratch still.” *smirks*
    Kado: “Exactly.
    We’ve thought our Gods the ability to use <Godo-Modo>.”
    Baramelo: “Go..Godo-Modo?!
    But that technique needs various centuries to be able to even achieve it!
    How could you do it in such a short time and to rival an ArchGod..!”
    Kado: “Now now..don’t be fool, ArchGod of Seasons.
    We didn’t say they were prepared to take on other “<Godo-Modo>”.
    An in fact, you’re right, it took us a long long time to make them tap into that power.
    But what’s some centuries compared to an eternity?”
    Alpha: “So you’ve been with Garaam for much longer..”
    Kado: “Indeed.”
    Alpha quickly gets up, walks up the table at a high speed and attacks Kado, however, gets immediately stopped before he gets to touch him.
    For ArchGods intervened, smashing Alpha’s body against the table.
    Kado smirks.
    Kado: “So is that all you got, Alpha?”
    Urango: “Hmm..”
    Kado: “What?”
    Urango: “You might want to avoid this next attack.”
    Kado: “Uh?”
    Kado is grabbed from behind by Rack.
    Kado: “What are you..?!”
    Rack: “Alright you better let Alpha free or I’ll be forced to breaks his bones.”
    The for ArchGods stare at Rack, but they do not move a muscle.
    Rack (screaming): “Hey, didn’t you hear m-..”
    Kado easily sets his arms free.
    Rack is surprised with how strong Kado is.
    Before he has time to react, Kado punches Rack on the jaw.
    Kado’s punch is so strong that he sends Rack against the roof, breaking it, proceeding to throw him even further into the white void of the pocket dimension.
    Kado: “Hmpf, poor kid.
    Don’t get too cocky.”
    In fact, even though Kado is the ArchGod of Knowledge, which means his Title powers don’t give him any battle advantage, every ArchGod is blessed with great strength, great speed, and great energy.
    Kado: “I didn’t pass the last 41 centuries training with other ArchGods just to get grabbed by someone like you.”
    The other ArchGods are outrageous.
    Not only they had been planning this revolution for a long time, but they’ve also been training to overthrow everything!
    What’s worst, is that even those who don’t have offensive powers seam to be evolved in this rebellion.
    But that’s just Garaam’ side.
    The others, are just the common ArchGod type.
    No strength above the usual.
    No offensive power.
    No trained army.
    Just ArchGods doing their duty, as it has always been.
    A small girl, who easily gets avoided in the reunion, starts sneaking behind everyone during the confusion.
    Kado: “Anyway..”
    Kado looks at the portal device in the middle of the table, the one that shows what’s happening out there.
    The portal shows the lair of the ArchGods, showing who has been defeated, and who hasn’t, yet.
    Kado: “Seams like there are only 5 more ArchGods left:
    Gowan, the ArchGod of Serenity.
    Osaria, the ArchGodess of Motion.
    Zubiat, the ArchGod of Time.
    Korra, the ArchGodess of Equilibrium.
    Toffee, the ArchGodess of Senses.”
    “Ah, so the only real threat left is that selfish brat Toffee, how sweet.” – says Vulpina, the ArchGodess of Entropy
    Vulpina is a tall women, she has short pink hair and always wears a red cloak.
    “Let’s not forget that Gowan can be a pain the ass sometimes too.” – says Ulitharid, the ArchGod of Light & Dark
    Ulitharid is both the ArchGod of Light & ArchGod of Dark, his is literally 2 Gods in one.
    One half of his body is black, pure dark, while the other half of him is light, pure bright.
    He has a halo over his head, half white and half black.
    He wears a half black and white kimono, opposing his skin colors.
    The other two ArchGods are both Genesis, the Twin ArchGods of Armageddon.
    They are the one responsible for bringing a new century to the Human Dimension, by destroying everything before it.
    One is a boy while the other is a girl.
    Both wear a black and grey kimono.
    Those 4 ArchGods are the ones holding Alpha down.
    And also, the ones who are following Garaam, along with Urango and Kado.
    The last one of them is just sitting on a corner, meditating.
    He looks a bit like a hermit, nothing much to say really.
    The small girl who was sneaking doesn’t even notice him, and accidentally falls on his legs, making him notice.
    The girl was afraid of his reaction that her plan would be blown, however, the ArchGod didn’t say a word, instead, he grabbed her and put her on the floor, and immediately closed his eyes after that, going back to meditating.
    The girl was confused, but kept on sneaking, she had no time to waste.
    Finally, upon reaching the door, she gets unfortunately noticed by Urango.
    Urango: “What do we have here?”
    Kado: “Oh was she trying to escape?”
    Urango: “I know she was.”
    The girl is shaking, she is afraid of them.
    While everyone’s attention was pointed to her, Alpha takes advantage of it.
    Alpha, the ArchGod of the Aspect, changes his upper body into a spiritual body, before the 4 ArchGods holding him even have time to react, Kon acts.
    Kon (screams): “<Beatus Hour>” (= Happy Hour)
    Kon summons lots and lots of food, covering a large amount of the room.
    Everyone’s vision is blinded by the amount of food.
    Kon pulls Alpha’s physical legs out of the table.
    Urango: “They are escaping”
    Kado: “I know!
    Do something quickly you fools!”
    Genesis, the ArchGod(s) of Armageddon: ”<ruina”> (=collapse)
    Genesis attack turns the food into tiny pieces, unfortunately, since he had no direct target, it also resulted on destroying the place.
    Kado (screaming): “You idiots I didn’t tell you to blow everything up!”
    Every ArchGod takes advantage of the situation and open a portal immediately to fled.
    Volpina poses her left hand’ palm on the ground.
    Volpina: “<vibrationis>” (=Vibration)
    From her palm comes a vibration wave, some of the ArchGods, those who weren’t fast enough to open a portal an escape, we’re hit by it.
    Volpina’s attack makes them attracted to her and start moving towards her against their will.
    Kado sighs.
    Kado: “Well that will have to do.”
    Alpha, Kon and 4 other ArchGods had successfully escaped the pocket dimension.
    Kado: “That makes 10 ArchGods still..
    Garaam will be mad.”
    Urango: “Won’t really matter.”
    Kado: “If you say so.
    Ulitharid, seal them this time.
    Ulitharid summons his staff.
    Ulitharid: “nigrum capulus” =(Black Coffin)
    Ulitharid creates a big black coffin, trapping the 10 ArchGods inside.
    Kado: “There is no use on trying to break it, this seal has enough power to even hold Garaam himself!” *laughs*
    [back to Juno]
    Juno: “Uh?”
    Juno, Or an Arbihime stare at the sky.
    Juno: “Are those..”
    Arbihime: “Portals, yes.”
    Or: “Many portals in fact.
    They must be coming from the reunion.”
    Juno: “Reunion?”
    Arbihime: “Wait, there was a Reunion?
    So that’s where Master Gowan might have been!”
    Juno: “ think one of those is Gowan?”
    Arbihime: “There is only one way to find out.
    However, we can’t change the trajectory right now, so you’re kinda stuck here until we reach our destination..”
    Juno: “It’s ok.
    We will support the ArchGodess of Equibrium, than we’ll go look for Gowan.
    He might be home by the time we’re done there.”
    Arbihime: “Yeah.”

    Toffee: “So are you gonna answer me or not?!”
    Bala: “Well threw a hard party in here and..”
    Toffee interrupts: “a hard party?”
    Bala: “Y-yes. You see, we invited some Godess and..”
    Toffee rises her hand facing Bala, he stops talking.
    Toffee: “I ain’t the ArchGodess of Emotions.
    Besides, your story sucks.”
    Bala is panicking inside.
    Toffee: “What’s a God of Strength doing here anyway?
    This is supposed to be Garaam’s place.”
    Bala: “Euh yes you see..”
    Toffee: “Shut up!
    You really are of no use.”
    Someone approaches the area.
    Toffee: “Who’s there?
    Perhaps you can give me more insight than this idiot right here.”
    A man appears.
    A rounded head, tall man, wearing white clothes and a black belt.
    “Oh hello, my name is Jinzo.
    I’m here to-..”
    Toffee rises her hand to him.
    Toffee: “I didn’t ask you that.”
    Jinzo closes his mouth.
    Toffee: “I wanna know where is Garaam.”
    Jinzo: “Well that makes two of us.”
    Bala is confused.
    He tries to be sneaky and run away.
    Neither Toffee neither Jinzo care about him, so he eventually gets to leave.
    However, a loud sound could be heard the moment he left.
    Bala’s body returns to where he had left.
    Bala was shoot by an energy blast.
    He was killed.
    Another person appears, this time, a tall women with blue hair and a pony tail, also wearing white clothes and a belt.
    “Name’s Micaela.
    But you don’t care, right?”
    Toffee: “Hell right.”
    Micaela snaps her fingers, a huge explosion occurs in the area.
    Once the dust went down, Toffee was no longer there.
    Micaela (Surprised): “Oh? Did I snap it too strong?”
    Jinzo: “Silly you.
    I don’t feel her energy anymore, and she certainly wouldn’t die to that snap.”
    Micaela: “So she ran way.
    So much for an ArchGodess.”
    Micaela and Jinzo flee away.
    Toffee show’s up once they had left.
    The explosion was meaningless to her, however, her target is Garaam, not two minions.
    She took advantage of it and buried herself under the crater caused by it.
    Toffee has one of the greatest energy control ability among the ArchGods.
    She starts following those minions without getting noticed.
    She thinks they will lead her right into Garaam’s whereabouts.
    Juno: “So this is the place?”
    Arbihime: “Yep.”
    They stood in front of a big white gate, connected to big white walls without a roof.
    The lair of Korra, the ArchGodess of Equibrium.
    “Come on in.” – says a low, attractive lady voice
    The gate opens.
    Arbihime: “Well you heard it.”
    They step inside the walls.

    End of Chapter 5.

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    Synopsis Chapter 6: This War of Mine – Part 2


    Garaam returns, breaking free from Gowan’ seal.

    Korra, the ArchGodess of Equilibrium gives some in-depth about who Garaam really is.

    She also shows some interest on Juno..

    Both Garaam and Juno go meet with Zubiat, the ArchGod of Time at the same time.

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