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    [Extra] - Chapter 1: A boy and his pencil


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    [Extra] - Chapter 1: A boy and his pencil Empty [Extra] - Chapter 1: A boy and his pencil

    Post by Marmelo on Sun Oct 07, 2018 9:54 pm

    Q: When does this chapter take part in the story?
    A: Season 3.

    Extra Chapter 1: A boy and his pencil

    Some have one, others don’t.
    For some, it means duty, a responsibility, a reason to live.
    For others it means a burden, a curse, a reason to be hated.
    That’s the case of Zack, a teen boy who lives on a big city.
    He was born with a <gift>, as the scientists called it.
    His parents however, called it a <curse>.
    He seamed an ordinary kid since the day he was born, he grew up just like every other ordinary kid in this world.
    However, once he was 6 years old, everything changed.
    On his 6th birthday, his parents gifted him a pencil and a board.
    The kid was delighted with his new gift, he drew everything he could, every single object he could find.
    His parents were of course happy for him and impressed, their kid actually had talent for drawing.
    The more he drew, the better he was.
    His parents made him start drawing in class, then in the streets.
    People passing by admired his drawings and claimed that the kid was a genius for such an early age.
    The kid of course, had lots of pleasure just by drawing, he didn’t care about the commentaries those people gave him or to his parents.
    He eventually started to earn lots of money for his buildings, a money made and managed by his parents who took benefit from their talented son.
    Live was just perfect for that family.
    Until one day, something happened.
    Something one could just not comprehend.
    A Human being could not accept.
    The kid was on his room, drawing as usual.
    He had drawn Atlantis, the water realm of Poseidon, except he added a giant cut on it, slicing it in half.
    An innocent painting as some would say.
    Except, that it actually happened.
    Atlantis was really sliced in half.
    No one knows why or how or who, it just kinda happened.
    The news started to worry those who knew of the kid’s drawing of Atlantis.
    What happened next didn’t help either.
    The kid didn’t stop there. No. His imagination was far greater, it was like a flower blooming in the spring.
    He drew a meteor destroying a volcano on some imaginary islands.
    He drew a huge ship named <Titanic> crashing into some icebergs.
    And eventually, it all happened.
    Rumors spread quickly, they said that the Kid was cursed, and his drawings turn out to be real.
    And in fact, those rumors were true.
    The parents of the kid got worried with him, he was too dangerous.
    They eventually got a call from some scientist whiling to study his <Gift> and eventually working on a way to take it out of him, which the parents agreed for no price other than to his child to be normal.
    The scientists held the kid locked on a dark room, empty with only a pencil a aboard on his hands.
    Their plan was to explore the kid’s potential.
    And they succeed.
    The kid, even though he couldn’t see in the dark, started to paint using his heart.
    His drawings of course, became real the exact moment he had just finished drawing.
    A progress, his powers were growing strong.
    The kid drew a big light in the middle of the room, a chair so he could seat, a door so he could leave the place.
    But of course, the scientists didn’t agree with that idea.
    Instead, they became hostile for him.
    They forced him to stay, to experiment more and more.
    Ten years had passed.
    There really wasn’t a way out for the kid.
    He eventually became furious with them and draw.
    He drew like he had never drawn before.
    He drew a tank with the scientists inside of it, he filled it with water as they were screaming in agony, and in order to shut them up, the kid drew a big shark inside of it.
    The screams stopped.
    The door could finally be used.
    The kid steps outside, without a parent to give him orders, without a scientist to experiment on him, just a kid and the world.
    Later the same day, on the kid’s old city, it seams like none recognizes him anymore.
    He finds a newspaper on the floor, it seems like the kid’s parents were burned by the people from the city.
    They say they were witches, probably because of their child who had powers.
    The kids throws the newspaper away.
    His stomach starts making hungry noises.
    He hadn’t eaten for days.
    A 16 years old girl comes close to him.
    “I could use some food too” – says the girl with a smile on her face
    The kid doesn’t answer, he doesn’t even make eye contact with her.
    He just walks away.
    “Could you perhaps draw some food for me, pretty please?” – says the girl with a sweet voice
    The kid stops.
    The girl knows who he is.
    But has opposite has the scientists, she isn’t actually forcing him to draw.
    <Pretty please> Those are words Zack had never heard before, but he knows their meaning.
    He turns around to the girl and says: “Just a moment.”
    He takes his board from his jacket and a pencil from his jacket’s pocket.
    He starts drawing some food.
    But not vegetables like he was used to draw forced by the scientist. No. He draw some burgers he had seen from a restaurant’s commercial earlier on the streets.
    The food appears floating right into their hands.
    That was amazing!” – says the girl while eating the burger.
    They seat on a bench eating together.
    “So, what’s your name?” – says the girl
    “I thought you know me?” – says the boy surprised
    “I do. Just not your name” – says the girl
    “My name is Zack.” – says the boy
    “Sweet. My name is Sophia.” – says the girl with a smile
    “Well, I hope we see each other again Zack.” – says Sophia with a big smile on her face as she is leaving, shaking her hand to Zack
    Zack says nothing.
    He finds a small piece of paper on her side of the bench, she had probably lost it without realizing it.
    Zack picks up the paper.
    Paper: “Podoro-Team, where your special powers are welcome!
    We are all just like you, Zack DuGrand.”

    To be continued.

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