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    [Episode 7] - The Comeback


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    [Episode 7] - The Comeback Empty [Episode 7] - The Comeback

    Post by Marmelo on Sat Oct 13, 2018 1:08 pm

    Chapter 7: The comeback

    Alpha: “Ouf. We actually got out no worries!”
    Kon (eating some food): “Yeah I to be honest I thought we were lost there!”
    Alpha: “Is everyone alright?”
    “Yes” said everyone.
    Alpha: “Good”
    Alpha looks at the sky, thinking: “What have we become…?”
    [Pocket dimension]
    Kado: “So this is all there is left uh?”
    Urango: “Yes. Gowan and Toffee are all there is left.
    Oh and those who escaped just now of course.” *laughs*
    Kado is mad.
    Ulitharid: “No need to worry about them.
    After all, we are about to win this war.”
    Urango: “He is right.”
    At that moment, Garaam shows up in the pocket dimension, along with Worigama, Micaela and Jinzo.
    Jinzo: “Uh? Aren’t there supposed to be more ArchGods than this?”
    Worigama: “There should…”
    Garaam: “Would you care to explain, ArchGod of Knowledge?”
    Kado: “You see…some of them got out…we couldn’t stop it.
    I’m sorry, Garaam.”
    Garaam: “I see…”
    Garaam’s staff starts shinning.
    Urango: “We’re about to win the war, aren’t we?”
    Garaam’s staff stops shinning.
    Garaam: “Yes. Of course we are!
    Or is there anything to be worried about?”
    Urango: “No such thing.”
    Kado: “Worigama did you take care of that affair?”
    Worigama (hesitating): “Yes…of course I did.”
    Kado: “Excellent.”
    Garaam: “What affair?”
    Urango: “Oh nothing to be worried about, it was just a mistake on the system, it is corrected now.
    Should we perhaps start?”
    Garaam: “I thought Toffee would actually show up.
    Such disappointment.
    Oh well…
    Vulpina, go take care of her.”
    Vulpina (annoyed): “What? Why does it have to be me? Grrrr…”
    Vulpina goes anyway, she opens a portal back to the ArchGod Dimension, leaving the Pocket Dimension.
    Kado: “And for Gowan?”
    Urango: “What about you go, Kado?”
    Kado: “Uh?!”
    Garaam: “What a brilliant idea.
    You’re job here is done anyways, right Kado?”
    Kado: “…Yes. You’re right.”
    Kado opens a portal and goes back to the ArchGod Dimension.
    Worigama: “What’s the next step, Master Garaam?”
    Garaam: “Isn’t it quite obvious?
    If those ArchGods freed themselves…than we’re just gonna take them back.
    The same way we did with the others.”
    Jinzo: “No need to explain furthermore Master Garaam.
    We are in our way.”
    As Jinzo, Micaela and Worigama turn their back and open a portal, Garaam says: “Don’t hold back this time.” As everyone one of them answers at the same time: “Yes Master.” And they go through the portals.
    [Juno in the desert]
    Juno has been walking in the desert all by himself.
    Still no signs of anything else than sand.
    Suddenly, Juno comes across a big valley in the middle of the desert, with a big bridge going from one side to the other.
    Juno crosses the bridge, which breaks when he reaches his half.
    Juno falls from it, but he isn’t scared, he has accepted that things aren’t the same anymore.
    What would a fall even do to him at this point? Break some bones? He can’t die since he is already dead!
    However, none of those things happen.
    When he is about to hit the ground, something grabs him and quickly pulls him to the other side of the bridge.
    Juno couldn’t see who or what saved him from that fall.
    “What are you doing here to begin with?” – says a female voice from far away into the desert
    Juno tries to track the voice down, running, following the voice.
    “You’’re not on your world, haven’t they told you that yet?” – continues the voice
    Juno continues running, the voices is becoming closer.
    “I should kill you on spot for just being here.” – continues the voice
    The closest the voice was, the faster Juno would run.
    *Sighs* “You aren’t listening, are you?
    Even better. You’re ignoring me. I like that.
    I really do.” – says the voice, closest to Juno than ever.
    Juno finally reaches it.
    He finds a tree, in the middle of the desert.
    Juno (surprised): “Are you a tree?”
    “Yes. I am the almighty Tree.
    I shall grant you 3 wishes.
    Go ahead, Human.

    The fuck do you think you are talking to?!” – says the voice shouting
    A woman comes from the top of the tree.
    “I am Toffee, you fool.” – says the woman
    Juno: “Oh…great. Just the ArchGodess I was looking for!”
    Toffee (surprised): “Uh?!”
    Juno: “The ArchGodess of Motion told me to seek you.”
    Toffee: “What?!”
    Juno: “You don’t know why?”
    “Do I look like someone who cares about anything?
    Get lost Human!” – says Toffee while turning her back on Juno and walking away
    Juno: “Wait!”
    Juno runs to her and holds her hand.
    Juno: “I just-…”
    Toffee punches Juno in the face with great strength, which Juno surprisingly dodges before it actually connects.
    Both are surprised.
    Toffee: “Are you…mocking me, Human?!”
    Juno (surprised): “Euh…nothing like that! I just want you to-…”
    Toffee tries to punch Juno again, the same result.
    He dodges every single punch Toffee throws to him.
    Toffee is getting mad every time one of her punches is failing.
    Toffee stops and breaths heavily while looking at Juno.
    Toffee (calmly): “What do you want?”
    Juno: “You see I…”
    Toffee finally lands a punch on Juno’s face, sending him against the tree, breaking it.
    Toffee (in raged): “This is for bothering me, Human!”
    Toffee turns her back and starts walking away.
    Juno however, seams like has got no scratch and gets up like nothing happened.
    Juno is quite confused, but he knows he can’t let her go away.
    Juno: “What’s your problem?!”
    Toffee stops.
    Toffee: “In this moment, you.
    I don’t know why you still in this Dimension.
    Toffee opens a portal.
    Toffee continues: “Take it and get out!”
    Juno: “I’m not going anywhere.”
    Toffee: “Are you idiot?
    Never mind, of course you are!
    You will die here along with the others.”
    Juno: “What others?”
    Toffee: “Us.”
    Juno: “Why are…”
    Toffee: “I can’t defeat him ok?
    Not when he has control over everything now.”
    Juno: “…
    Toffee: “Who else should I be talking about?!”
    Juno: “You were planning on fighting him?”
    Toffee: “You really are getting on my nerves now…”
    Toffee turns back to Juno.
    She puts her right hand on the ground.
    Her right hand starts glowing gold.
    Toffee: “Everything about this world is dead.
    He killed it.
    No only his Gods but others helped.
    How do you think this happened?
    By talking?
    Of course there was fighting and blood!”
    Juno: “Garaam alone did this?”
    Toffee: “Basically.
    Is that all you wanted to know?”
    Juno: “Not really.
    I wanted to know about those…Blessings?”
    Toffee: “What Blessings?”
    Juno looks at his rings.
    Juno: “The last ArchGods I’ve meet…They gave me something called a Blessing.
    Do you know what that means?”
    Toffee: “Why should I?!”
    Juno: “The last one told me you were the only ArchGod left…
    So I suppose you got something to do with it too.”
    Toffee (in raged): “Get lost!
    I know shit about those Blessings!
    That’s their doing not mine!”
    Juno: “Come on now! A lot of stuff have happened and I have no clue what’s happening anymore!”
    Toffee: “I’ve told you already!
    Garaam won. That’s all there is!
    No enter the damn portal and leave me alone!”
    Juno walks towards Toffee.
    Toffee: “Uh?!”
    Juno punches Toffee on her stomach.
    She doesn’t even move, it was meaningless.
    However, Toffee gets even more mad, but suddenly, tears start falling from Juno’s face.
    Juno: “I…just want a reason to be here…”
    Toffee: “What a f-…?”
    Juno: “I need a reason to exist…”
    Toffee stops and calms down.
    Toffee: “That’s precisely the problem.
    We won’t be existing more much more time.”
    Juno: “Can’t you really stop him?”
    Toffee: “He is the strongest among us.
    Not even our power combined could change that…”
    Juno (shouts): “There has to be something!”
    Toffee stares at Juno’s rings.
    Toffee: “Blessings uh…?”
    Toffee feels someone’s energy approaching.
    Toffee: “Let’s get out of here.”
    Juno: “Uh?”
    Toffee slaps the ground with her hands, the ground around her and Juno starts breaking and they disappear.
    Vulpina arrived at the location.
    Vulpina: “Uh? I could swear I sensed Toffee’s energy here…
    Oh well.”
    Vulpina stares at the broken tree.
    “<ludo mentis leporem>” (= fancy charm)
    The ground starts shacking, the tree gets remade as new.
    Tree: “Oh my ArchGodess!
    My love!
    Thank you so much for reviving me!
    How can I thank you?!”
    Vulpina: “Tell me, where did she go?”
    Tree: “She used a teleporting spell to run away.”
    Vulpina: “spell uh? Smart as always…”
    Tree: “She wasn’t alone though”
    Vulpina: “Is that it?
    She isn’t much of hanging with Gods…
    Perhaps Gowan? Since he is the only ArchGod left…”
    Tree: “He had no energy, she called him Human.”
    Vulpina is surprised.
    Vulpina: “Oh…is that so?
    (thinking): Worigama…so you failed…I guess it’s time for me to get some recognition from master Kado. *laughs*”
    Vulpina: “Thanks Tree.”
    Tree: “Oh it was my pleasure my Love!”
    Vulpina smiles.
    Juno: “Where are we?”
    Toffee: “Does it matter?
    Someone was sent to find us it seems.”
    Juno: “Garaam?”
    Toffee: “Don’t be fool.
    It had the energy of a God.”
    Juno: “I see…I guess…”
    Toffee: “Now that we talk about it…
    I don’t feel any energy coming from you.
    What’s the deal?”
    Juno: “How am I supposed to know?
    I don’t even know what energy you’re talking about!”
    Toffee: “Is that so?
    Toffee puts her right hand on Juno’s chest.
    Toffee: “Nop. Nothing.”
    Juno: “If you say so…”
    Toffee: “Maybe it is because my energy is far greater than yours, so yours kinda just gets ignored by it.
    I’ve never be near a Human to know.”
    Juno: “Well I’ve been around Humans for my whole life and still I haven’t felt any energy at all” *laughs*
    Toffee: “Yeah yeah.
    Jokes aside.
    What’s that shitty costume you’re wearing?
    Seems like half of the one we use.”
    Juno: “Oh yeah.
    Gowan gave me this cloak.
    Harkiles gave me this belt for Gowan but we didn’t find him.
    Korra gave me those rings.
    Zubiat gave me those 2 gloves.
    And Osaria gave me those shoes.”
    Toffee: “I see…
    So those are what you call a blessing?”
    Juno: “That’s how they called it.”
    “Well If it isn’t Toffee…
    You failed.” – says a man voice
    Alpha shows up, it seems like Toffee teleported them to the other ArchGods whereabouts.
    Toffee: “hmpf. You guys couldn’t handle it a little bit more could you?”
    Alpha: “Well now…it was everyone’s fault...”
    Alpha looks disappointed.
    Alpha: “Our lairs…this world…it is all destroyed.”
    Juno: “I’m sorry.”
    Alpha: “Uh? Are you that Human?
    Impossible. Worigama was sent to kill you.”
    Juno: “Kill me?”
    Alpha: “When you were at Harkiles’ lair, a God was sent to kill you…
    But if you’re here then it means that you avoided it.”
    Juno: “I saw none there when leaving with Or…
    Speaking of it, aren’t they with you?”
    Alpha: “Hum?”
    Juno: “Or and Arbihime.
    Korra said they went looking for you all.”
    Alpha: “No. I’m sorry.”
    Juno: “I see…”
    Toffee: “Well now that you’ve meet each other I’ll leave him to you, Alpha.”
    Alpha: “What?!
    You can’t s-….”
    Toffee ignores Alpha and teleports away.
    Alpha sighs.
    Alpha: “This child…”
    Juno: “…
    So…who are you?”
    Alpha: “I’m Alpha, the ArchGod of Aspects.
    And you Human?”
    Juno: “Juno.”
    Alpha stares at Juno’s clothes.
    Juno: “anything wrong?”
    Alpha: “Why are you wearing such unique pieces of clothes?”
    Juno: “They called it blessings…”
    Alpha laughs.
    Alpha: “I got it!”
    Juno: “what?!”
    Alpha: “I was wodering how you were even existing still after you’ve meet with Toffee.
    She isn’t really the kind type of being as you might already know ahah!
    But now it makes sense!”
    Juno: “Uh?!”
    Alpha: “Your items.”
    Juno: “My items?”
    Alpha: “They are ArchGod items.
    I didn’t recognize it at first glance because they are just various pieces put together.
    Those blessings you called…you can take it has a Gift.
    Something we ArchGods give to our Gods from time to time so they can help us with our duty.”
    Juno: “A Gift…?
    I mean…
    (thinking):  Maybe this is what Harkiles did create for Gowan after all…”
    Alpha (enthusiastic): “Now…let’s find out what does what, shall we?”
    Juno: “Euh…why should we?
    Besides this belt belongs to Gowan!
    It isn’t even mine…”
    Alpha: “Great, let’s start with him then!
    A belt made for the ArchGod of Serenity must have some weird power in there!”
    Juno is not happy with the idea but strips out his items anyway, except the belt.
    Juno: “Weird…I don’t feel anything…”
    Alpha: “Hmm…what do you think you would feel?”
    Juno: “Gowan gave me that cloak so I wouldn’t struggle in this Dimension…”
    Alpha: “Perhaps you got used to it by now.”
    An acceptable explanation for Juno.
    Alpha: “So...let’s give it a quick try!”
    Juno: “Uh?”
    Alpha glows gold and summons a spiritual creature.
    A blue tiny monkey like being.
    Alpha: “His name is Mak-ey!
    He will help us finding out about your items!”
    Juno: “I still don’t get it…”
    Mak-ey quickly punches Juno in his chest.
    Juno: “Autch!”
    Juno is in great pain, Mak-ey hit him hard.
    Alpha: “What?!
    What do you mean Autch?!
    Mak-ey is just my personal research helper!
    He deals as much damage as throwing a rock!”
    Juno (In pain): “Well rocks can hurt…”
    Alpha: “Hmm…so you still can’t feel anything?”
    Juno: “Besides pain…
    Not really.”
    Alpha: “Well let’s move on.
    The gloves now!”
    Juno takes of the belt and puts on the gloves.
    Alpha: “Now…”
    Mak-ey punches Juno again on the chest but this time nothing happens, he doesn’t even realize he had been punched.
    Juno: “Uh? It felt nothing…”
    Alpha smiles.
    Alpha: “Guess we found what the Gloves do to you!
    They make you resistant!”
    Juno looks at his gloves.
    Juno punches Mak-ey back.
    Mak-ey wasn’t expecting it and go thrown away against a mountain, destroying it on the impact.
    Mak-ey banished due to the amount of damage he took.
    Juno is surprised.
    Juno: “Uh….sorry?!”
    Alpha: “That was unexpected!
    It seams like you’ve got the same strength as an ArchGod!”
    Juno is amazed.
    A Human with the power of an ArchGod?
    Alpha: “Well…of course your powers only come from those items, but still.”
    Juno: “Is he dead?”
    Alpha: “No. He is alright.
    You did some good damage on him, but he is fine.”
    Alpha glows gold again and summons another creature.
    This time he summons a green serpent type creature.
    Alpha: “Let’s test your reflexes.
    This serpent moves at very high speed so be careful!”
    Juno: “aight.”
    But before Juno could even do anything, the serpent had already knocked Juno against a rock who was about 5km away from their location.
    Juno: “What?!”
    Juno was barely damaged but still surprised with how quick and strong that serpent is.
    Juno tries to pull himself of the rock but the serpent quickly involves around him, incapacitating him with his strength.
    Juno struggles.
    Juno: “Well I guess that’s my limit…eheh”
    Alpha teleports next to them.
    Alpha: “Yeah seams about right.
    After all, your opponent is a God ahah.”
    The serpent releases Juno.
    Alpha: “Now what should we try now…?”
    Juno: “I would like to try the Rings!”
    Alpha: “Very well.
    The serpent quickly picked up Juno’s items and returned on the blink of an eye.
    Juno: “Wow that’s really fast…!”
    Alpha: “Better idea.
    Why don’t you try the boots?” *smiles*
    Juno: “Sure.”
    Juno puts on the boots.
    Alpha: “What about a race against the serpent?”
    Juno: “What?!
    I don’t know if you’ve realized it yet but…
    He is far quicker than I am….”
    Alpha: “Just a friendly race, come on!”
    Juno sighs.
    Juno: “Fine…”
    Juno gets next to the serpent.
    Alpha: “The race is easy, you see that mountain over there?” (1000km away)
    Juno: “What mountain?!
    I only see more rocks.”
    Alpha laughs.
    Alpha: “Give it another try…
    try harder Juno!”
    Juno looks ahead with great focus.
    Juno: “I…I see it!!!
    It’s so far though…”
    Alpha: “Then be ready at 3.”
    Alpha counts down.
    Alpha: “1…
    Juno and the serpent start moving toward the mountain.
    For Juno’s surprised he is actually moving as quick as the serpent!
    Juno (shocked): “What?!
    They pass the mountain on a short time.
    The snake turns around in order to return to the beginning, concluding the race, however, it seams like Juno cannot stop running.
    Juno: “No good!
    I cannot stop!”
    Juno runs, without slowing down.
    Or and Arbihime arrive somewhere.
    Arbihime: “You sure this is the right place?”
    Or: “Yep. I remember it from Gowan’s memory.
    Well…it has changed a lot but this is indeed the Human Dimension.”
    Arbihime: “Tch…to think that we’ve come to this point…”
    Someone approaches them.
    “Arbihime, Or, so you came?” – says a familiar voice, Baramelo
    A bunch of portals open up, from them came the ArchGods who had escaped the pocket dimension, along with many Gods.
    Arbihime: “Is Gowan here too?”
    Baramelo: “No.
    I am afraid we couldn’t reach any of the other ArchGods who didn’t come to the reunion.”
    Or: “I see…”
    Arbihime: “So we came here for nothing…”
    Tatania: “What’s the plan Baramelo?
    Without Alpha here you’re the one in charge!”
    Baramelo: “I…euh…I don’t know…”
    Kon: “What do you mean you don’t know?!
    We can’t just stay here forever!”
    Arbihime: “Actually that’s not a bad idea.”
    Everyone stops and listen to Arbihime, confused.
    Arbihime: “You aren’t fighters anyway…and your powers don’t really fit this whole fight concept.
    Leave this to us.”
    Baramelo: “Arbihime…”
    Arbihime looks around him, seeing all the Gods and ArchGods gathered around.
    Arbihime: “We still haven’t lost.
    We have 2 ArchGods still on the field.
    And I’m also here to help.”
    Tatania: “Are you sure about that?
    We haven’t defeated any of Garaam’s minions neither ArchGods…”
    Arbihime (with a serious face): “Then we will changed that.”
    Arbihime opens a portal.
    Arbihime: “You stay here Or.
    You’re not a fighter either.”
    Or: “…
    Try to at least give them a change to comeback.”
    Arbihime (smiling): “We both know they wont.”
    Arbihime goes through the portal.
    Kon: “so…we’re staying here?”
    Or: “No.
    Arbihime had this idea…
    To ask for the Gods here for help.”
    [somewhere else in a temple, ArchGod Dimension]
    Gowan stares at a big statue of a male being.
    Gowan: “Hyperium…what should we do?
    Why don’t you intervein?!
    Why aren’t you here to help?!”
    Gowan punches the statue.
    Gowan (crying): “can’t you see that your own creation is getting destroyed?!”
    “It is pointless.
    It had never answer any of us.” – says an old voice at the temple’s entry
    Gowan looks behind, it is Kado, the ArchGod of Knowledge.
    Kado: “Hyperium left us many centuries ago.
    It ain’t coming, it ain’t helping.
    Garaam on the other hand…he is whiling to change things.”
    Gowan (aggressively): “Garaam is a fool!”
    Kado: “Well of course!
    Only a fool could do the change.
    I get why you dislike it, but it is for the good of everything.”
    Gowan: “How can you even say that.
    You, the ArchGod of Knowledge from all of them!”
    Kado: “I’m not here to judge.
    I’m here to share my Knowledge to you all.”
    Gowan shoots a green beam from his hands, hitting Kado and throwing away from the temple’s entry.
    Gowan: “Leave this place already!”
    Kado just flies on the top of the temple.
    Kado: “Humpf. Don’t get it do you?
    This thing you call Creation is nothing more than an ArchGod.”
    Kado rises his hands, levitating the whole temple along with Gowan.
    Gowan leaves the temple fast.
    Kado uses his Godlike powers to shrink the temple, destroying it.
    Gowan is infuriated.
    Gowan: “You…”
    Kado: <Vincula Dolores> (= chains of pain)
    Kado throws chains from his hands, grabbing Gowan, wrapping him.
    Gowan easily breaks them and gets set free.
    Kado: “Hmm…so this kind of spells don’t work on you uh?”
    Kado summons a spear and throws at Gowan.
    The spear pierces Gowan before he could even realize.
    Gowan grabs the spear who is traversing his chest but when he tried to pull it out, 6 other spears appear on his body, hurting him, neutralizing him.
    Kado: “Let’s see how you deal with this now.”
    Kado faces his right hand to Gowan.
    He shoots a green flash from is hand.
    The area around Gowan got a green aura.
    Time itself was stopped inside of it, but Gowan still could feel all the pain of those spears traversing his body.
    Kado quickly moves his hands up and then down.
    There was a rift in the sky, that rift hit Gowan with great speed, knowing him to the ground. There was a lot of dust around the area.
    Once the dust went off, there was a green cage around Gowan.
    Kado: “What’s wrong? Did it do it? Ahah”
    Gowan eyes start shinning Gold.
    He starts breaking that green aura.
    The green aura gets absorbed by him.
    He quickly grabs the spears one by one and destroys them.
    He then dashes forward to Kado, however, he seems to not be able to break the green cage surrounding him.
    He punches the cage multiple times but doesn’t even make a scratch.
    Kado: “Well that will do it.”
    Gowan (shouting): “Kado!!!”
    Kado smirks.
    Kado: “I’m not a fighter, contrarily of you.
    This is my way to fight you, I’m sorry but that’s how I work.”
    Kado turns his back to Gowan.
    Kado: “This war is almost at an end…”
    Kado opens a portal and goes through it.
    [pocket dimension]
    Kado: “It’s done.”
    Urango: “What? Already?” *laughs*
    Kado: “Who you think I am?!”
    Garaam: “Well done.
    Then we’re only missing Toffee now.”
    A portal opens.
    Canabes shows up.
    Canabes: “Master Kado, we’ve found the whereabouts of those who had escaped.
    And the Gods too.”
    Kado: “Excellent.
    Where are they?”
    Canabes: “In the Human Dimension.”
    Kado: “oh?”
    Urango: “Hmm…Even I couldn’t see that coming…”
    Garaam: “Let them.
    I’ll take care of it too once I’m done here.”
    Canabes: “Yes Master Garaam.”
    Urango: “So you plan on remaking literally everything?
    Garaam smirks.
    Kado: “Now we only have to wait for Vulpina.
    And we can finally end this.”
    Garaam: “There will be a lot of work to do after this.”
    Garaam opens a portal.
    Garaam: “I’ll be on my new lair, tell me once you’re done.”
    Garaam walks through the portal.
    Juno had finally stopped running.
    He had arrived at a familiar place.
    Juno: “Korra’s lair…”
    Juno is right in front of the gate of Korra’s lair.
    (thinking): “She told me no to come back…”
    Juno opens the gate and walks in.
    It seams like Garaam hasn’t been here, there is no evidence of it at least.
    Everything is pretty much the same, except that the interior was replaced with that weird world with the weird figurines.
    Juno (thinking): “I wonder if Korra is still here…”
    Juno walks upon the floating figurines.
    Juno sees a door on the other side of the room.
    He decides to go check, he jumps every single figurine on his way in order to pass through it.
    He finally reached the door.
    It’s locked.
    And it doesn’t look like it has any way to open it from this side.
    He looks behind.
    The whole room is empty now.
    There are no more figurines, no other doors.
    It seems like there is only Juno and the Door left.
    Juno hears a voice: “Juno come back!
    Are you alright?!”
    Juno: “Who…who’s talking?”
    Everything fades to black.
    He open his eyes.
    Alpha: “Ouf. You’re alright.”
    Juno is back at the beginning of the race.
    Alpha: “The serpent won, clearly.
    But that was a hell of a race!
    You were so fast, almost as fast as an ArchGod!”
    Juno stands up, confused.
    Juno: “How did I get back here?”
    Alpha: “The Serpent caught you and carried you here.
    You were speeding too much that you faded away.”
    Juno: “I see…”
    Alpha: “Well...we’re missing the rings, right?”
    Juno: “Yep.”
    Juno puts the rings around his arms.
    Alpha: “ you feel anything?”
    Juno: “No thing.”
    Alpha sighs.
    Alpha: “Might be just like the belt.
    Try think about it, harder.”
    Juno tries, but nothing happens.
    Alpha: “Well I guess that’s all there is…”
    Juno: “The cloak is missing too.”
    Alpha: “Oh yeah!”
    Juno puts on the cloak.
    Alpha: “Concentrate Juno.”
    Juno starts floating.
    Juno: “Woh…”
    Alpha: “Floating? Excellent!
    One less secret there!
    Now if only we knew what the belt and the rings can do…”
    Juno floats, just like he was flying.
    He gets over the mountain next to them.
    A portal opens behind Alpha.
    Alpha (surprised): “Uh?”
    Micaela: “Well if it ain’t you.
    Are the others here too?”
    Alpha: “Micaela?!”
    Juno notices her.
    Micaela looks around.
    Micaela: “Nop. Nowhere to be seen.
    I wonder what you’re doing here alone…
    Garaam didn’t give me clear orders about what to do with you…
    So let’s have some fun shall we?” *smirks*
    Alpha: “It’s not to late to turn to our side Micaela…”
    Micaela summons her flute.
    Micaela breaths in heavily but before she can start playing it..
    A finger touches her shoulders.
    Micaela (surprised): “Uh?”
    Juno: “Are you the same God from the ArchGodess of Motion?”
    Micaela: “Yep.
    Who are you?”
    Juno punches Micaela in the face, throwing her against the mountain.
    Micaela loses her flute.
    “This is for Osaria’s Gods.” – says Juno with a serious face

    End of Chapter 7.

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    Chapter 8: A Reason To Fight



    Juno decides to help the ArchGods with their fight.

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