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    [Episode 10] - The Encounter


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    [Episode 10] - The Encounter Empty [Episode 10] - The Encounter

    Post by Marmelo on Sat Nov 10, 2018 9:17 pm

    Chapter 10: The Encounter

    [Garaam’s Lair]
    “Who are you?” – says Garaam siting on his throne
    “My name is Juno…
    I’m here to ask you to stop it.” – replies Juno
    “Stop…what?” – asks Garaam
    “Everything.” – replies Juno
    Who are you again?” – asks Garaam
    “My name is Juno…” – says Juno, but he gets interrupted mid-sentence by Garaam who says:
    “I asked you, who you are?”
    I’m a Human.” – replies Juno
    Garaam laughs.
    “So you are that Human?!”- says Garaam
    Garaam stands up on his throne.
    “To be fair…
    I was starting to get tired of Worigama anyway.”- says Garaam with a smile on his face.
    “I don’t know who that is.
    But…” – Juno couldn’t finish his sentence.
    Garaam had summon a big pillar and threw it against Juno, knocking him off the opened door he had left, sending him flying out of Garaam’s castle.
    Juno finds himself on the ground, not too far of the castle.
    He tosses the pillar away and gets up.
    He sighs and walks up to the castle again.
    The gate was closed again but opened immediately as he walked next to it.
    He walks again through the huge corridor and finds the throne’s door again.
    He knocks once more.
    This time the door opens.
    Some minions (two to be more precise) opened it for him.
    Their face looked confused.
    Garaam was on his throne still, sitting on it.
    Juno walks up to him again.
    “You again?” – says Garaam quite surprised.
    “I’m not asking for me…
    This just isn’t right.” – says Juno
    “And what do you know about the right?” – asks Garaam
    Juno has no answer.
    “Hey who the heck are you?” – says one of the minions
    Juno looks around, the room was filled with minions now, Gods probably.
    Juno takes a big breath and says: “You’re killing this world and his people.”
    Everyone looks at Juno with a shocked face.
    “Who does he think he is?” – murmur the Gods around the room.
    “This world was already destroyed.
    I’m just cleaning it.” – says Garaam with a smile on his face.
    “I don’t understand how someone can be happy with torturing his kind and destroying his own land.” – replies Juno
    “Well you’re the intruder, here aren’t you?
    Humans are actually not that great either.
    But…” – Says Garaam as he walks down the stairs and stays right in front of Juno.
    He continues: “I am not a Human, I am a God.
    Your kind shall never understand…a purpose bigger than life or death.”
    Once his sentence finished, Garaam summons a portal on the room’s roof, whom Juno gets sucked in.
    Juno got teleported to that very first lake he found when he first fell onto this dimension.
    The green lake was now blue, just like any other lake on the Human Dimension.
    It was obvious that this magnificent Dimension had changed and became something other, something that was on the pit of death.
    No animals were around, neither Gods.
    They were all captured and locked into jails around the Dimension, under Garaam’s control.
    With the absence of their ArchGods, who had flee to the Human Dimension, fighting was a pointless delusion.
    It seems like the only one who wasn’t with Garaam in that Dimension now, was just Juno alone.
    Juno takes a deep breath, his face was as heavy as never.
    He starts running, running as fast as he can.
    He walked around this vast dimension at his maximum speed.
    The in jailed Gods, the death Gods and animals, the corpses, he had seen them all lying on the ground, hopeless.
    Every ArchGod’s lair destroyed.
    Nothing left on this Dimension.
    Would it even matter if Juno could stop Garaam somehow?
    But Juno had no doubt.
    For the first time since he came to this Dimension, Juno had a true purpose.
    Reverting death.
    Juno arrives to Garaam’s lair again, this time on foot.
    This time Juno was determinated.
    He run through the huge stairs, ran through the big gate, through the huge corridor, he enters the throne’s room at a high speed while breaking the door.
    Once he arrives inside, the gets immediately smashed by a big hammer.
    “This is what you get for destroying our door!” – says a voice
    And so Juno had failed, again.
    There was no talk, no fight, nothing.
    The moment he entered, he had already failed.
    He couldn’t even see anyone this time.
    If it wasn’t for his blessings, Juno would’ve died already.
    He doesn’t know what was going on, there was just black.
    Just him and his thoughts.
    Was he actually dead? Or in any type of limbo?
    Time passed, he could feel it.
    After much, much time.
    The dark finally starts to fade.
    Juno finds himself at the palace’ stairs again.
    The home start.
    Juno sits on the ground this time, he had lost the motivation to go and try again.
    He closes his eyes, with his fists on the ground.
    “Is this the end?
    Was he just going to wait there for the inevitable?
    Perhaps, he could even run away like the others did, get some more time.
    But time for what? Everything was gone already.
    Abandon those who stayed, like the ArchGods?”
    Those are all the thoughts that were on Juno’s head.
    Juno had promised Arbihime to fix everything.
    To bring Clarietta back.
    To stop Garaam.
    Juno opens his eyes and gets up.
    He walks up the stairs, the gate already opened.
    He walks past the corridor.
    The throne’s door seems to have been rebuilt.
    Inside the room there is Garaam sitting in his throne, and a bunch of Gods standing up around the room, waiting for orders.
    “So the time has come my minions.
    Everything is about to change.
    Now we--” – says Garaam, who’s interrupted mid-sentence by his door breaking.
    It was Juno who broke it with a kick.
    “Now what…?” – says Garaam, clearly mad.
    “Noooooo!! No no no no no!
    Unbeleavable! I had just fixed that damn door!” – says one of his minions, really upset.
    Juno walks through the room, everyone is staring at him with anger and shocked at the same time.
    “Haven’t you had enough, Human?!” – says Garaam
    “This is your only chance.
    Reverse everything!” – says Juno with an angry, demanding tone.
    “You…must be kidding me!
    A Human?! Giving me orders?!” – says Garaam, getting angrier
    “You have already won.
    Why not release everyone and do your thing?” – says Juno
    “What about you die for good this time instead?!” – says Garaam
    A God summons a big pillar and tries to smash Juno, whom dodges it without any efforts, shocking that God.
    “You really don’t get it do you?
    Stop causing unnecessary harm to everything!
    There is nothing left to rule!” – says Juno while walking next to the throne.
    Another God interrupts Juno, a big man stands right in front of him, blocking the path.
    Juno stares at him, his eyes are focused, his face serious.
    “You got quite the nerves, Human.” – says the big God
    “I’ll teach you how to talk in front of Master Garaam!” – says the big God while preparing to attack Juno
    Juno quickly gets behind the God and kicks him on the head with his left feet, knocking him down.
    He starts walking to the throne again.
    The Gods are quite shocked with his capability of leading with hose two Gods.
    Juno continues: “What’s the purpose of ruling everything, if there is nothing left to rule?”
    Juno stops right in front of Garaam who is sitting on his throne.
    Juno continues: “Throw it away.”
    Everyone is shocked.
    “I’m sure there are other solutions other than forcing everything to submit to you.
    You’re a God after all.” – says Juno
    Garaam stands up.
    “You see…that’s there you fucked up.” – says Garaam while pointing his indicator finger to Juno.
    A huge explosion succeeds.
    The whole castle blew up, there was only the ground left.
    Every Gods seems to have been hurt by the explosion, some more than others.
    There was no sign of Juno this time.
    “Now that the Human was cared of…let us continue with the plan.” – says Garaam
    A debris on the ground start moving, Juno shows up coming from underneath it, he had made a hole before the exposition had fully occurred.
    Thus, Juno had no injuries nor was damaged by it.
    “Woof. That one was close!” – says Juno
    But before he could get up, Garaam tries to hit him with his fists, but Juno dodges every single one of them.
    Everyone is shocked again, how could a Human be on pair with an ArchGod? Be it even Garaam himself?!
    Garaam just gets angrier with very punch he misses.
    Garaam is getting downgraded in front of his minions, even worst, he was loosing against a Human!
    Finally, he summons is staff and throws an energy attack at Juno.
    Juno catches the energy attack from Garaam with his two hands and after some struggle, he redirects the attack to the sky.
    Garaam has no time to acknowledge Juno’s unnatural actions, he is too enraged for that.
    All he cares now is to get rid of this annoying Human who shouldn’t even be there to begin with.
    After trying, time after time, to get rid of Juno, be it with using his physical attacks or energy attacks from his staff, everything seems pointless against Juno, who simply keeps dodging Garaam’s attacks.
    Finally, Garaam chances his tactic.
    He realizes that death was too good for the Human.
    “You know what?
    Be it!” – says Garaam, shouting, while moving his staff that starts glowing green.
    Human.” – says Garaam while the light coming out of his staff shines everywhere.
    Juno disappears on spot.
    Juno finds himself on an empty, white space.
    There is absolutely nothing there, no sounds, no objects, just nothingness.
    Back to Garaam.
    “Now that this little accident has been taken care of…
    Let us finish this once and for all.”
    The ground starts cracking, as a huge part of it starts floating.
    The remaining of the castle is used by Garaam as a moving platform.
    The platform starts moving, flying over the Dimension.
    Garaam uses his staff to summon back Clarietta.
    Clarietta is on her human form, lying on the platform’s ground.
    She slowly starts to get her senses back.
    “Welcome back, Lamb.” – says Garaam
    “The fundamental piece of my masterplan can finally act.” – continues Garaam
    “Whe—where am I?
    What’s going on?” – says Clarietta, confused
    She looks around and sees Garaam.
    “Garaam?!” – says Clarietta, shocked and surprised
    She tries to run away, but she can’t because she is still missing her other half.
    “Now now…
    Do not worry, I shall return you to your full once I really need you.
    Until then, just enjoy the view.” - Says Garaam
    “Where are we going?” – asks Clarietta
    “To the center of this Dimension.
    So I can remake this whole Dimension all at once!
    And once I’m finished here…
    I shall go to the Human Dimension and do the same.” – says Garaam with a big smile on his face, contemplating his victory.
    Back to Juno, time passes by and still nothing.
    Suddenly, he hears an echoed voice speaking to him:
    “So, the time for us to meet has finally come.”
    “Who is there? Who are you?” – asks Juno, looking around in all directions
    “I’ve been waiting for the day we would meet again.” – says the echoed voice
    A big gate appears in front of Juno.
    The gates slowly open.
    There is nothing other than emptiness inside the gate.
    A white figurine is there.
    “Who are you?” – asks Juno, shocked
    “I am you.” – answers the White figurine
    “What?!” – Says Juno, confused
    “Well…I shall be you.
    Once you enter this gate.” – says the White figurine
    I won’t.” – replies Juno
    “I’m afraid you have no other choice.
    This place is known as the void.
    You were sent here by Garaam, the ArchGod of Void.
    So it is now my duty to carry you to your fate.” – says the White figurine
    “My fate?” – asks Juno
    “To banish, of course.” – Says the White figurine, as Juno starts getting sucked into the gate by some white hands coming from it.
    Juno tried to run, but it seems like his blessings don’t’ work in the void.
    He can’t flee from those hands, no matter how much he tries.
    He finally gets in touch with the White figurine, between the opened gate.
    “Now, do not worry for once I consume you, everything will stop mattering.
    You will cease to exist and that’s it.
    The end.” – says the White figurine while Juno starts getting absorbed by him, bit by bit.

    End of Chapter 10.


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    [Episode 10] - The Encounter Empty Re: [Episode 10] - The Encounter

    Post by Marmelo on Sat Nov 10, 2018 9:24 pm

    Chapter 11: The Final Step


    The ArchGod Dimension lives his final moments…

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