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    [Episode 12/FINALE] - I am so, so sorry.


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    [Episode 12/FINALE] - I am so, so sorry. Empty [Episode 12/FINALE] - I am so, so sorry.

    Post by Marmelo on Sat Nov 17, 2018 10:27 pm

    Chapter 12: I am so, so sorry.

    And so, right in the moment of Garaam’s victory, Juno appears, interrupting him just at the right time.
    Reality starts cracking around Garaam’s jaw smithereens on the air.
    “Juno get out!” – Shouts Gowan
    Juno immediately retreats, backing off a long distance from Garaam.
    After a slight flash of light, Garaam reappears, fully healed.
    Garaam touches his jaw with an angry face, staring at Juno.
    “Just how persistent can you be…” – says Garaam
    “I…shall in just a b-…” says Gowan, who gets interrupted by Juno:
    “There is no need to interfere.”
    Gowan stops, looking at Juno’s eyes.
    Those were the eyes of someone strong, someone who knew what he was doing.
    “This is between him and me.” – says Juno as he slowly walks back to Garaam
    And so, without a second thought, Garaam rushes to fight Juno, despite him being almost out of energy from fighting Garaam, Fula, Alpha and Harkiles.
    The battle had finally begun.
    Even though Juno was facing an ArchGod, who had no remorse on killing him, the fact that Garaam is fatigued was making the fight more evenly matched.
    By both using just the normal ArchGod’s qualities, Juno had no problem on keeping up with Garaam’s moves. Be it strength, speed, endurance, Juno’s training with Toffee, even though it was stopped a long way from the end, the result of that training could be seen here.
    As Juno not only could dodge Garaam’s physical attacks, but also, he could counter attack Garaam with his fists.
    Although, the fight was clearly one sided.
    For Juno had just trained for a little while with an ArchGod, Garaam on the other hand, had been preparing himself for this very moment.
    Besides every effort from Juno to keep countering Garaam’s fists, he was clearly getting tired himself.
    It wasn’t a surprised to him that Toffee was just not taking him seriously during their training, but this time, Juno was facing the real power of an ArchGod.
    Eventually the moment had come.
    Juno’s fists, even though he still kept on with Garaam’ speed they were powerless.
    Garaam smiles has it happens, for he notices that Juno had reached his limit.
    “It seems like the playground is over after all…
    Human!” – says Garaam has he uses his great strength to throw Juno back
    From that moment on the fight had completely changed.
    Garaam was even more violent towards Juno.
    Luckily for him, he could still dodge some of Garaam’s attacks, but not all of them, as Garaam lands a kick on Juno, throwing him against a mountain, breaking it immediately to pieces with the impact.
    Juno gets slightly injured, a sign, that his endurance was also at his limit.
    As he slowly gets up, Garaam walks towards him.
    “You should never have returned here.” – says Garaam has he summons his staff
    He stops right in front of Juno, smiling.
    “I don’t care how you escaped my power.
    But coming back was definitely your last mistake.” – says Garaam while pointing his staff to Juno.
    A ball filled with void energy starts forming at the staff’s edge.
    “This time…
    I’ll not make a mistake myself.” – says Garaam as the energy ball grows
    “Juno…!” – shouts Gowan
    “Godo-Dama” – says Garaam
    But just as Garaam is about to throw his attack to Juno he gets hit by a energy attack from behind.
    Garaam turns back, for the one who had just hit him was Clarietta.
    “Oh…I almost forgot about you.” – says Garaam with a calm voice
    Now with her full body back, Clarietta’s powers had returned.
    “Another mistake…” – says Garaam, as his face becomes heavy and filled with anger
    He banishes and reappears right in front of Clarietta.
    Clarietta is shocked, but before she can do anything, he throws the Godo-Dama at her.
    But right when the ball is about to connect with her, Juno shows up on the way.
    He tries to hold the Godo-Dama with his own hands.
    “Ahaha this is amazing!
    Two birds with one stone!” – says Garaam while laughing
    Juno’s hands start to tare apart, the power is to much for him to handle.
    “Let it go!” – says Clarietta
    “…!” – Juno struggles
    “Just leave me and escape!
    You still have the power to flee this dimension!” – says Clarietta, begging Juno to leave her behind
    I can’t.
    I promised that I would free you all!” – says Juno, struggling still.
    Clarietta didn’t know what to say.
    “ahhhhhhhhhhh” – shouts Juno as the floating platform starts cracking
    Clarietta puts her right hand on Juno’s back.
    “Euh?” – Juno looks at Clarietta, confused.
    “Thank you.” – says Clarietta with a calm voice.
    Her hand starts shinning white.
    I shall give you…
    The power to free us.” – says Clarietta as Juno’s back starts shinning white.
    “What?!” – says Garaam, confused by the flash of light coming from Juno.
    From the flash, the Godo-Dama gets reflected to the sky, exploding, clearing it from his black tone, turning it back to his original green state.
    The light goes off.
    The floating platform is still there, almost fully destroyed.
    “Now now…” – says Garaam, as he sees Juno and Clarietta survived his attack.
    “What do you two think you’re doing...?!”
    Go somewhere else safe.” - says Juno with a serious face.
    Clarietta flies out of the floating platform, joining the fallen ArchGods on the ground.
    “Hell I shall allow it!” – says Garaam as he prepares another Godo-Dama to throw at them.
    Juno quickly appears right in front of him, grabbing his staff with his right hand.
    But before Garaam could react to it, Juno punches him with his left fist on his face dealing no damage.
    “You’re starting to get on my nerves Human.” – says Garaam, as he grabs Juno’s left hand and knocks him away.
    “Enough of those bullshit!” – shouts Garaam.
    He shoots the Godo-Dama to Juno, who for his surprise kicks it away.
    Juno quickly dashes to Garaam and tries to kick him on the face, which he success, however, he still deals no damage to him.
    Garaam falls a little back while grabbing his leg and throwing him away, for Juno responds by punching him back with his left fist, again, dealing no damage.
    And so, the fight takes place again, but this time, Juno is actually trying to damage Garaam.
    The situation had reverted, Juno was the one fighting offensively and violently now. Thus, leaving Garaam with no other choice to avoid his attacks and try to counter back, which he couldn’t thanks to Juno’ speed being higher than his right now.
    It was clear that even Garaam was getting far too tired to use even the smallest of energy required to use an ArchGod’s normal qualities.
    “What did you do up there?” – asks Gowan to Clarietta
    “I gave him my powers.” – replies Clarietta
    “Your…powers?!” – says Gowan, shocked.
    Clarietta smiles while looking at Juno’s fight with Garaam.
    “This Human came to save us.
    So, I saved him.” – continues Clarietta
    Juno…” – Gowan, thinking to himself while watching Juno.
    Juno lands another kick on Garaam, but this time, Garaam actually moves a bit back.
    “Getting tired already?” – says Juno while smiling.
    “Don’t think you can compete with me ArchGod!” – says Garaam as he unleashes an immense energy from his body, sending Juno back.
    “Damn it! He still has far much energy left for Juno to handle it!” – says Gowan
    “Not just that…Juno’s attacks don’t’ do nothing to him either!” – says Alpha
    “How much more time do you need to recover your energy?” – asks Clarietta
    “We’re still to far gone…that damn Garaam is really hard to be dealt with, even by us 4 at once.” – replies Fula, carrying Harkiles body on her shoulders.
    “It’s…everything on Juno…” – says Gowan
    “You heard that?
    You’re alone.
    You and me, one versus one!” – shouts Garaam to Juno.
    “I know.” – replies Juno
    “I wasn’t counting on them anyway.”
    “Uh?” – says Garaam confused
    Juno dashes forward against Garaam, who counters him, fist to fist.
    But something had changed.
    Their fists were equally strong.
    Juno’s were stronger.
    For Garaam, and everyone’ surprise, Juno knocks Garaam away with a second punch, throwing him further to the sky.
    Garaam tries to recover his posture, but before he can stop it, Juno quickly catches up with him and kicks him, throwing him even further.
    The winning side has changed, Juno was winning.
    For all Garaam could do was trying to get himself together again in order to react to Juno’s attacks, something that Juno could not let happen, so he kept the pressure going.
    As Garaam takes every single blow from Juno, he starts to get injured by him, his endurance too was starting to cease.
    “How…. how are you so strong?!” – shouts Garaam as he finally blocks on of Juno’s attacks.
    “I didn’t’ became stronger.
    You became weak.” – says Juno
    Garaam was destroyed, for the first time on his existent he had felt that he couldn’t come with the upper hand anymore.
    Plus, to make it worst, he was on the edge of being defeated by a Human.
    Garaam uses his staff to teleport him away, back to the floating platform.
    “So, you’re ready to stop this madness?” – asks Juno, ironically
    Garaam is clearly enraged.
    “Fine.” – says Garaam
    “You won.
    You want me to revert this shit dimension back to her normal state?
    Than…” – continues Garaam
    Again, Garaam frees a huge amount of energy from his body.
    “no…not that!
    You can’t do that!” – shouts Gowan, terrified.
    For this is what you call a Godly-strength.” – says Garaam as he becomes stronger and stronger to Juno’s eyes.
    “I can feel his energy rising…” – Juno (thinking to himself)
    Garaam stopped, smiling to Juno.
    “This shall be enough.
    Anymore further and I won’t have enough energy left to complete the Change.” – says Garaam
    Garaam quickly moves towards Juno, leaving a shockwave behind, completely turning the floating platform to pieces.
    The fight continued, for this time no one had the upper hand, Juno would land a few attacks on Garaam while dodging some, and vice-versa.
    The floating platform pieces falling down was their battle stage, they were both too tired to keep flying around like they used to, instead, they were using the falling pieces as a way to fight.
    Eventually, Garaam got the upper hand after juking Juno and throws him with a heavy punch against the ground.
    As Garaam gets to the ground, Juno grabs him from behind.
    Garaam tries to get himself free but Juno just won’t let him.
    He summons his staff, who Juno immediately kicks it away and immediately knocks Garaam against the ground, resulting on him having his head inside the ground.
    Juno runs quickly and grabs his staff.
    Garaam sets his head free from the ground. He is surprised by seeing Juno with his Staff on his hands.
    But after a brief moment, he smiles.
    “You know you need energy to use one of our artifacts, right?
    Human. How more pathetic can you get?” – says Garaam smirking
    But Juno ignores his words, he points the Staff to Garaam.
    “It is over.” – Says Juno with a serious face
    He expected something to happen, which turned out it didn’t.
    “Ahah! See? Pathetic!” – says Garaam, screaming of joy
    “Tch..” – says Juno with a pathetic face
    “Now now…” – says Garaam has he gets up.
    “Let me show you how it works.” – Garaam summons his staff from Juno’s hands back to his.
    “To think that a Human could ever even compete with my power…
    How pity…” – he continues
    That was the first moment that Garaam actually looked at Juno from back to up.
    He notices Juno is wearing some quite interesting items.
    “Oh..oh my.
    Is that it?
    Ohohohohoh!” – says Garaam with an enthusiastic voice
    “It can’t be!” – he continues
    He looks back to Alpha.
    “Is this really what I think it is?!
    You must be kidding me…” – he continues
    “What’s so funny?” – asks Juno, confused
    “So, this is how you could keep up with me...
    Well then...” – says Garaam as he unleashes a big amount of void energy from his staff and throws it at Juno, who cannot react in time to it.

    “I am sorry, Human.” – continues Garaam
    Juno gets on his knees, Garaam’s attack did not hurt him, but instead, it striped him from his items
    Every single one of them got destroyed, banished.
    His blessings were all gone.
    Juno was now…
    “Powerless.” – says Garaam, smiling, contemplating his near victory.
    “No! It can’t be!” – Alpha is shocked with what just happened
    “Juno…no!” – the same with Gowan
    Harkiles slowly opens his eyes.
    “We…we must do something…he is just a Human now…” – Says Harkiles, slowly, still recovering.
    Fula closes her eyes saying, “I’m afraid there is nothing left to be done…”.
    “I must admit though, you almost succeeded.
    But you see… like I said…
    This is the difference between you and me.
    Human.” – says Garaam, while pointing his Staff to Juno.
    His Staff starts shinning white.
    “Vacuum” (= Emptyness) – says Garaam as void energy comes from his Staff in the direction of Juno.
    Everything was over.
    There was nothing left, no hope left.
    Juno was powerless, a Human, and Garaam was still an ArchGod.
    However, when everything seemed lost, a huge amount of void energy, similar to Vacuum from Garaam, came from the sky, fully hitting Garaam.
    Both Garaam’s attack and the sky energy stopped at that moment.
    Garaam, being the ArchGod of Void, has natural resistance to Void techniques, however, he still clearly felt the energy of that one attack.
    For everyone surprise, Juno was still there, intact, on his knees, staring at Garaam with a serious face.
    Right in the middle of them, a huge rotating circle was there, floating, dividing Juno from Garaam.
    The circle started moving towards Juno, reducing in size, until he finally arrived close to Juno.
    Juno raised his left hand, he got his left arm through the floating circle, who adapted to his arm and started orbiting around it.
    “What did…just happen?!” – asks Garaam, confused.
    Everyone else is mouth open as Juno gets up, and another of those floating rotating circles comes from the sky, and like the other one, it adapts to his right arm.
    “What is that?!” – asks Alpha confused
    “I don’t’ know! I’ve never seen Juno doing that?!” – replies Gowan
    “Seems like we got our Hero right there.” – says Clarietta, confident
    “I…” – says Garaam, barely able to talk.
    I…can’t…” – he continues
    “It is over, Garaam.” – says Juno, interrupting Garaam.
    “Over…” – repeats Garaam
    As everything should be.” – continues Garaam
    The ground around him starts cracking.
    His energy was rising, again.
    But something was different this time.
    There was a strange feeling in the air.
    It can’t be!” – says Gowan as he gets on his knees, panicking.
    “Don’t tell me…that he still has enough energy for that!” – says Alpha mouth opened.
    “Impossible…” – says Clarietta, petrified.
    “What’s this?” – asks Juno to them.
    “You must get out of there!
    Right now!” – shouts Gowan.
    A huge flash of white light comes out of Garaam, flashing the whole Dimension.
    Juno got out just in time, he is now next to the other ArchGods.
    The light slowly fades away, and with a soft voice, Garaam says: “Godo-Modo”.
    “What…?” – Juno is confused.
    “This is…the strongest form of an ArchGod.
    In this state…Garaam is now…
    The void himself.” – says Gowan, trembling as Gowan’s true form appears from the light.
    Do not fear me.
    Come closer and we shall finally end this, once and for all.”- says Garaam with a godly voice.
    “Don’t g-…” – says Gowan but gets interrupted by Juno walking back to the battle field.
    Juno stops at a long distance away from Garaam, as he notices that there is no ground around him anymore.
    “I understand it all now.” – says Garaam
    “You can open portals.
    That is how you got here to begin with.” – he continues
    “You reflected my own attack against myself.
    Tell me your name again, Human?” – he continues
    “Juno.” – replies Juno
    “Consider yourself a lucky being, Juno, for you’re now in the presence of the power of a true God.” – says Garaam rising his hands to the sky.
    “Let this be our final battle.” – he continues
    Yes.” – says Juno
    Garaam starts slowly walking towards Juno.
    His energy is incredible, his void aura is around him, anything that touches it ceases immediately.
    As he moves, the ground ceases, there is no doubt that the moment Juno gets in touch with it he too shall cease.
    Juno sends his portals to Garaam, but they get immediately banished by his aura.
    “Your portals won’t help you now that you can’t touch me.” – says Garaam
    “There is nothing you can do now, Juno.
    The time to win is long over.” – he continues
    Juno summons more of those portals around his arm and fires them to various locations.
    “What’s the point of using it if you can’t do anything with it?” – asks Garaam
    For his surprise, from one of the portals comes a Godo-Dama, the very one Garaam had used a moment ago.
    But of course, it gets banished the moment it comes in contact with Garaam’s aura.
    “I see.
    So, you can not only use them as portal between a point to another, but you can also teleport techniques that you’ve seen.
    Interesting.” – says Gowan as Juno walks through one of his portals to maintain distance from him.
    “But.” – says Garaam
    “You’re plan has a great failure.
    For we, ArchGods, have limitless power in our Godo-Modo.
    For this is our True Form.
    So, you can stall all you want.
    It won’t make any difference.” – says Garaam as he starts moving faster and faster, trying to get Juno in touch with his aura.
    Luckily for Juno, Garaam can’t walk through any of his portals without banishing them, those allowing Juno to mindlessly opening up portals in order to escape him.
    Juno flees as Garaam follows him around the ArchGod Dimension, banishing everything on his path.
    His observation is correct, Garaam has unlimited power in that form.
    But Juno smiles despite everything.
    Eventually Garaam got bored of all this stall and just immerges right in front of Juno, who quickly flies to the sky and opens another portal that immediately teleports him back to where the other ArchGods were.
    “Do you have any plan to defeat him?” – asks Juno
    “I’m afraid there is no plan.
    It was never supposed for Garaam to enter Godo-Modo…” – says Gowan
    “Shit.” – says Juno, as Garaam reappears back to the battle field.
    “Are you done?
    I still have a whole reality to remake.” – says Garaam as he increases the range of his void aura.
    “How do you feel?” – asks Juno
    “What do you mean?” – asks Garaam
    “I’ve been wondering how do you feel…
    Knowing that a Human has surpassed you.” – says Juno, smiling.
    “Juno..” – says Gowan
    Juno slowly walks back to the battle field, as Garaam replies: “Hmpf. What’s a defeat on a battle when you’re about to win a war?”
    “So, you think you won?” – replies Juno
    “Thinking? Oh my dear…this is already over the moment I showed you my true form.” – replies Garaam as he dashes towards Juno.
    Juno smiles and opens a portal between them.
    Form that portal comes Harkiles flames.
    The flames cover the whole area around Garaam’s aura.
    “You think those flames can hold me?” – says Garaam as he steps on them, ceasing them.
    “Those flames are meaningless to me.” – he continues
    A bunch of portals appear, surrounding Garaam outside of his aura’s range.
    Each of those portals shoot vacuum from it.
    Despite the powerful attack, it is also meaningless to Garaam.
    In fact, everything is meaningless to Garaam, nothing can injure him, he seems unstoppable.
    Garaam sighs, as he banishes every single portal with a snap of his fingers.
    Juno is there, standing still, right on the edge of Garaam’a aura.
    “Are you perhaps, teasing me?” – asks Garaam with a soft voice
    “Pherhaps.” – replies Juno
    “I admire your efforts…
    But you just have to accept the fact that you are nothing to a God.
    Your interference with my plans changes nothing.
    The end result, is still the same.” – says Garaam
    Juno smiles and replies: “So how do you explain that I’m still here?
    You sure talk a lot about being a God…I can tell you’re happy for your status.
    But when it comes to what really matters, you’re nothing more than a tyrant.”
    Juno slaps his hands, summoning a big portal.
    “In the end, you’re just like a Human.” Says Juno as he places the portal around Garaam’s aura.
    “Big words for a…
    Whatever.” Says Garaam
    “What do you think you’re doing?” – he continues
    The portals start cracking as it approaches the aura.
    Juno summons plenty of other portals and does the same, over and over again creating a pile of portals covering Garaams aura.
    Are you perhaps, trying to teleport me away?” – asks Garaam
    “Not really.” – answers Juno
    Suddenly, one of Garaam’s arms fades away.
    “What?!” – says Garaam
    Juno smiles, for he had teleported Garaam’s left arm away.
    “I actually intend to do the opposite.” – says Juno as the portals start rotating even faster
    “You little…
    I shall show you the power of a God!” – shouts Garaam as the portals crack even more, until they completely break and cease.
    Garaam concentrates his void aura inside of his body.
    Garaam shouts:
    “I need something to fill this
    So I will beg for your
    And I will take to try and fill this empty
    But still I am still greeted with empty hands
    dejection!” (Poem by: Kellin, Jun 27, “Unsatisfied Desire)

    Begone Human!
    A huge white square appears just in front of Juno.
    Juno quickly starts running away, as many others huge white squares start appearing, trying to cache him inside of them.
    Juno runs, faster than never, but the squares too are becoming faster, each square is faster than the last.
    Juno notices, however, that Garaam seems to have the need to stay still in order to continue this spell.
    That’s it, now it’s his chance.
    Juno turns back while touching one of those squares with his foots.
    Using it as a solid platform, he uses it for boosting his speed, and so, he quickly dashes towards Garaam’s direction, with the squares getting closer and closer.
    But before he gets close to Garaam, he gets circled by the squares, with no other way to escape them, he flies up to the sky. The same result, as the squares are slowly reaching to him.
    Finally, reaching the very own sky of that Dimension, with no other way to go, Juno uses the sky’s limit to boost him, he quickly moves between all the forming squares towards Garaam.
    For the first time on his life, Garaam showed fear on his eyes.
    He was unarmed.
    He couldn’t move until the spell successfully hit Juno.
    The moment had arrived.
    Juno was about to reach Garaam, he was about to punch him with all his strength, to end this once and for all!
    Right before his fist connected with the defenseless Garaam, the squares caught up with Juno and so, he finally got trapped inside of one.
    A huge flash of light occurs, the squares stopped appearing, they fused into one single big one covering a vast amount of the ArchGod Dimension, forming a big cross that touched both the ground and the sky.
    Garaam stood immobile.
    After a brief moment, he finally showed a reaction.
    He started smiling, slowly.
    I won!
    I fucking won!” – Garaam screams of joy
    He had just one the war.
    He had defeated the Human.
    “May I, perhaps, know what’s so funny about it?” – says a familiar voice from far away.
    Garaam stopped laughing. He was shocked.
    He just couldn’t believe it.
    I think I missed the joke.”
    There was no mistake.
    Juno had survived his spell.
    Garaam looked upon the big cross, right to the top.
    Juno was there.
    Juno was smiling to the petrified ArchGod.
    “What’s wrong?
    Is that all you’ve got?
    Mister God?” – says Juno ironically, as the cross starts slowly cracking on the edge, from the top to the bottom.
    Juno appears as the crack reached the bottom, right in front of Garaam, who moves back, terrorized.
    Juno slowly walks towards him.
    “Am I…
    perhaps treating you?
    Garaam?” – says Juno, smirking
    Don’t be ridiculous!” – shouts Garaam as the aura reappears around him.
    Garaam quickly dashes towards Juno, who starts fleeing on the opposite direction.
    “You talk too big now but all you know is to flee!” – shouts Garaam
    I’ve been told that before.” – says Juno with a smile
    Juno starts opening portals again, but he doesn’t go inside of them.
    He keeps fleeing past them instead.
    Garaam is getting closer and closer.
    Eventually, Juno reached the edge of this big Dimension.
    There is nothing past there, just a black space.
    Juno jumps into it, Garaam follows the jump.
    For his surprise, Garaam goes through a big portal that Juno had opened when he fell into the black.
    A familiar place, for Juno at least.
    Did you just…?” – says Garaam, confused.
    “Welcome home.” – says Juno with a smile.
    It was indeed Garaam’s home.
    The void himself.
    The very place where he had sent Juno to cease.
    “Oh my…
    You really are pathetic!
    You do realize that this is literally my element?!” – says Garaam, euphoric
    Juno just keeps smiling.
    “Well it was fun.
    But just like everything…” – says Garaam as he rotates his staff
    “Begone, Human.” – he continues as he points his staff at Juno.
    But nothing happens.
    “Uh?” – says Garaam, confused.
    It seems like ArchGod’s alike powers do not work on here.
    Too bad right?” – says Juno
    “What do you mean?!
    I’m powerless?
    I-…” – Garaam stops talking for a moment, he lowers his arms, his staff falls to the ground, then he continues:
    “You…you tricked me.
    You actually tricked me into coming here.”
    “Yep.” – says Juno as a big black gate appears behind Garaam.
    “I…I’m sorry.
    So sorry.
    But you gave me no other option.” – Juno continues
    “Well well, I wasn’t expecting our first encounter to be like this.
    Oh well. It’s nice to finally meet you, Garaam.” – says a white figurine that shows between the gate’s doors, opening slowly.
    “I…was defeated by a Human…” – says Garaam
    Juno has a heavy face, his eyes are tired.
    “I am so, so sorry, Garaam.” – murmurs Juno as he leaves through his portal, leaving Garaam to be devourer by his inner self, the Void himself.
    Juno immerges from the portal, back to the battle field.
    The portal closes.
    “Where…where is Garaam?” – asks Gowan
    Juno was looking to the ground.
    “I…” – says Juno
    “What’s wrong, Juno?” – says Alpha
    “I’m sorry.” – says Juno looking back at the ArchGods.
    They did not understand the meaning of his apologize.
    “It is..” – Says Clarietta, but she stops talking as an incredibly strong, underwhelming amount of energy is released, spreading around the whole Dimension.

    [Human Dimension]
    “What…what the heck is this?!” – shouts Baramelo
    “This is…Garaam’s energy! It’s spreading all over this Dimension!” – shouts Rack
    “Imp…impossible! He is still in the ArchGod Dimension! How can it be spreading out here?!” – says Baramelo
    “Hmm do you think it is over?” – asks Kado
    Everyone is shocked when noticing his presence there.
    “I would say so.
    Yes, pretty much over.” – replies Urango to Kado
    “What are you two doing here?!” – shouts Rack
    “You came to see your victory, don’t you?!” – says Kon
    “Ohohohoh” – laughs Urango
    “Quiet kids.
    Let us just go home now.” – says Kado
    Everyone is confused by his words.
    “What? Didn’t you hear me? Move your asses back to the ArchGod Dimension already! There is a lot of work to be done there!” – shouts Kado to everyone

    [Back to the ArchGod Dimension]
    *Jails cracking*
    “What?...” – says someone
    “The jails..we’re free!” – says someone
    “What…what’s the meaning of this?! How is that even possible?!” – says a guard
    “I…I don’t know! I don’t understand?!” – says another one
    No no no no no! It can’t be! Garaam can’t...!” says another guard, in terror
    Around the whole ArchGod dimension, every single bit of Garaam’ spells, such as the jails containing some Gods trapped, had just banished.
    Every single ArchGod’s kingdom, who got transformed into prisons to their Gods, has now come back to their normal state, setting every single of the trapped Gods free.
    The whole ArchGod dimension was cheering with joy.
    Gowan picked Juno up with his big arms, almost smashing his body against his.
    “Juno! You damn Human you really did it! Ahah!” – says Gowan, as happy as never
    “Good job Juno! I knew you would do ti!” – says Alpha
    Juno is confused.
    “Look around you Juno, every single God is thankful to you.
    You saved us.” – says Clarietta
    Juno could hear the Gods, they were all shouting happily, thanking whoever saved them from their prison.
    “Those guys…
    Are they really that happy for the death of one of theirs?...” – Juno thought to himself

    Sometime after Juno’s fight against Garaam, Juno was summoned to the Pilars of Creation, a pocket dimension that could only be opened inside the heart of the ArchGod Dimension, the center of the Dimension.
    “Welcome, Juno.
    My name is Urango.
    I am the ArchGodess of Precognition.
    I’m sure you already know some of us.” – says Urango, sitting behind a squared table, alongside the other ArchGods.
    Juno was staying still on the center of the squared table, in the middle of the ArchGods.
    He looks around, she was right, he knew some of those faces.
    “We are all assembled here, to pray our thanks, to the being who saved us.” – she continues
    “I…am sorry for the way we had interacted with you.
    But it was necessary.” – she continues
    Juno understood what she meant by that.
    “So, you saw everything, right?” – says Juno
    “You knew how things would be.” – he continues
    “Oh oh oh.
    Not quite.
    My power, the power of Precognition, allows me to see into a being’s future, no matter if it is a God, an ArchGod, or a Human.
    Yet, something strange occurred to me.
    I…never could see you in any of my visions.
    Not for a single moment.” – says Urango
    “While I could see everyone else’s future, I simply couldn’t see a thing when it came to you getting involved.
    So, all I could do was to place the right pieces at the right places, for you to unveil your fate.
    And you did it. Congratulations, Juno.” – she continues
    “So…how come you knew I would get here on the first place?” – asks Juno
    “Well that was my doing!” – says Gulian
    “For we’ve meet before, in the Human Dimension, remember, Juno?” – he continues
    The ArchGod of Hope?” – says Juno
    “Yes, indeed!
    My name is Gulian, I am the ArchGod of Hope.” – Gulian answers
    “Gulian was the most important piece for this to happen.
    He went to your dimension, a place outside of Garaam’s glance, in order to use his power.” – says Urango
    “And there we are you’re the result of my power.
    The power of Hope, the power to make impossible possible!
    I went to your dimension looking for a sign of hope.
    I would never have guessed that it would happen thanks to me forgetting to close one of my portals…” – says Gulian, a little embarrassed
    Juno looks back to the other ArchGods.
    “We made sure that the first beings you would ever encounter were my most loyal servants, Arbihime and Clarietta.” – says Gowan
    “They would guide you towards your first encounter with an ArchGod, and he would guide you to your fate.” – says Urango
    “And so, I got the first Item from Harkiles.” – says Juno
    “Actually, you got it from me.” – says Gowan
    “The Cloak I gave you the first day, it wasn’t so you could move without the struggle…that struggle was just you adapting to your environment.
    The Cloack gave you the ability to be more aware and agile.”
    “Yes. And then, that belt I forged, was never meant to be used by Gowan.” – says Harkiles
    “That belt was the very reason why you could keep up with Garaam’s great energy.
    It gave you unlimited energy.
    Along with the ability to hide your energy from the others, even the ArchGods.
    Thus, making Worigama, or whoever was going to be sent after you, to not be able to interfere with your path.” - says Urango
    “So, it allowed me to move freely on this dimension…” – says Juno
    “Yes. Then you meet the other puzzle’s pieces.” - Says Urango
    “Korra giving me those rings that work like portals.
    Zubiat giving me those strong gloves.
    And Osaria giving me those fast shoes.” – says Juno
    “Those rings are your inner power, I just materialized them. They are useless alone.” – says Korra
    “The gloves I did not give them to you.
    It was your will that summoned them when you closed your eyes. I had nothing to do with it.” – says Zubiat
    Osaria just smiled.
    “We gave you our blessings, yes.
    But nothing would have never been possible if it wasn’t for your determination on helping us.” – says Urango
    Juno turns to Clarietta.
    “What you did…” – says Juno
    “You cleansed me…”
    “I just shared some of my power with you, nothing much.” – says Clarietta
    “Clarietta is one of my Gods, God of The Aspect.
    Healing and sharing it’s one of our things ahah!” – says Alpha
    “Let’s not forget Toffee training, that awaken your inner power.” – says Urango
    “Despite not coming to a conclusion…” – says Juno
    “That, it’s up to you.” – says Urango with a smile
    “You did everything for us.
    And your name shall be remembered by us, in this entire Dimension.” – says Urango
    “What happened to those who had jointed Garaam?” – says Juno
    “Well, as you might not know, Kado and including myself, we had jointed Garaam too.
    Our intentions were, of course, to manipulate everything in order for you to succeed.
    However, many of the others, were actually into his plan.
    Thus, we were forced to take action and lock them up on a special jail where their powers do not work.” – explains Urango
    “I see…” – says Juno
    “Well then…” – says Urango, but gets interrupted by Juno.
    “Am I still allowed to be here?” - asks Juno
    Everyone awaits an answer.
    Urango smiles.
    “I may not be able to see anything involving you, but that, my dear Juno, it’s a decision that only you shall take.
    We sure will need as much help as possible to rebuild this Dimension.” – says Urango
    “So…what do you say, Juno?” – asks Gowan

    [Time skip]
    The sky is green, plenty of lakes all around the dimension, volcanos too!
    Actually, every single trait from each on-duty ArchGod seems to be a part of the ArchGod Dimension now, rather than being limited to each Kingdom.
    There are now plenty of more Gods than ever, around the whole Dimension, and animals too!
    It seems like the ArchGod Dimension had finally recovered from Garaam’s interference.
    Juno is wearing a full ArchGod costume this time.
    He is sitting on the edge of a floating temple, contemplating the view he had from all around the ArchGod Dimension.
    “So, perhaps we should grant you the title of ArchGod of AllSeeing!
    Eheheh!” – laughs Gowan, who joins Juno.
    “Yeah right.
    Like that guy exists! Ahah!” – laughs Juno
    “Hey, you never know!
    Hyperium has some weird surprised sometimes hum?” – says Gowan as he knocks on Juno’s shoulders.
    He really is surprising.” – says Juno
    I’m going to the Human Dimension.
    It seems like your kind is starting another war.” – says Gowan as he gets up, scratching his back.
    “Sure.” – says Juno
    A portal opens, and they go through it.

    End of Chapter 12/Finale.
    End of Book I: Pillar of Creation

    To be Continued: Book II: Dystopia

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