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    Season 2 INFO Empty Season 2 INFO

    Post by Marmelo on Sun Nov 18, 2018 10:06 am

    Book of Reality - NEWS
    Season 1 Pillars of Creation will be rewritten, as for what you've read was just the scratch.
    What's the difference you shall ask?
    Well, this rewritten version will be the complete version, which means, it will be polished and well developed.
    There were plenty of things I've left out of those scratches.
    There will, of course, be many changes compared to those scratches, but I shall point them as the chapters unfold.
    As for the release date, I won’t be releasing each chapter individually for this final version, but rather, I shall release the whole Season 1 all at once, this way you can read it without having to wait for the rest of the story.
    Each season shall take the 12 chapters route.
    Season 2 chapters will be released before the Season 1 final version comes out, as there is no planned date for it yet.
    Season 2 first chapter shall be released early January 2019.

    Book of Reality season 2: Dystopia - NEWS

    The season 2, however, will be just like season 1, a scratch, and a final version once it's done.

    The first half of Season 2 is set on the ArchGod Dimension, as we get a lot of background about the ArchGods and their world.
    The second half of the Season is set on the Human Dimension, we get to see a more Humanized Juno.
    We shall see every single ArchGod, along with their title and their power in action.

    Both season 2 AND season 3 titles and synopsis are already written.
    In order to avoid too many spoilers, I shall show you the Season 2 chap's titles, but not the synopsis, for those are meant to be revealed before each individual chapter releases.

    Season 2 Chapters' titles:


    Chapter 1: A Whole New World
    Chapter 2: Controversy
    Chapter 3: A Change of Mind
    Chapter 4: A Dangerous World
    Chapter 5: Friendly Manners
    Chapter 6: The Beginning of The End
    Chapter 7: Welcome
    Chapter 8: Human
    Chapter 9: The God of The Sea
    Chapter 10: The Trap
    Chapter 11: The Realm of Hades
    Chapter 12: The Podoro-Team

    Season II: Dystopia
    With everything back to normal, peace had returned to the world of the Gods.
    A lot has happened in the past few centuries.
    We follow the ArchGod world' story this time, as we unveil events that will change everything forever.

    Chapter 1: A Whole New World

    The ArchGod Dimension has been remade and it’s better than ever!
    Juno interacts with the other Gods, remembering some events that have happened since his fight against Garaam.
    For the first time ever, the ArchGods have changed.

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