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    Season 2 Chapter 1: A Whole New World


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    Season 2 Chapter 1: A Whole New World Empty Season 2 Chapter 1: A Whole New World

    Post by Marmelo on Fri Jan 04, 2019 12:03 pm

    Season 2: Dystopia

    Chapter 1: A Whole New World

    A sudden portal opens in the air on the middle of a big village.
    People are impressed, they have never seen something like it.
    Their feeling of amazed quickly turned into fear as 2 mans walked upon the portal, stood flying on the air.
    An old looking man with long white hair, no neck, quite fat, and alongside him was a younger man, tall, quite more the ordinary type.
    The old looking man looks around, seaming confused, as he was looking for something that should clearly be easy to see.
    “Are you sure this is the right place?
    I do not see any war going around.” – says the younger man
    “It is impossible.
    I have never been wrong before!
    There must be something going on here! I can feel it!” – replies the old man
    Mistaking is Godly too after all.” – says the younger man mocking the older one
    “Ah ah! Found them!” – quickly says the old man while looking at the sky
    “Uh?” – says the younger man, looking up to the sky, excepting to see something other than the blue color
    “It is not the Humans who are at war it seems…
    It is your Gods.” – says the old man with a disappointed face
    “My…?” – replies the younger one
    The old man opens another portal, they both walking in.
    The humans who were watching the whole scene were confused and had no idea what was happening.
    The two man immerge on a land far from where they first appeared.
    The sky was grey, thunders were descending from his clouds, furiously.
    Hurricanes were all over the place, flames covering the land, ghostly beings flying in all directions, monsters fighting other monsters all over the place.
    The old man sighs.
    “Do they not have anything better to do?
    I mean...they are gods after all.” – says the younger one
    “I am afraid they do not.” – replies the old one
    The younger one is confused but the old one continues: “You might be able to understand it one day, Juno.”
    “Yeah, probably.” – replies Juno
    “Besides…” – says the old man while slowly rising his hands to the horrifying battlefield in front of them.
    “There is never an explanation for war.” – continues the old man
    Huge hands involved by a lightning aura descend from the skies, illuminating everything, clearing the sky from those clouds and turning his greyish color into a nameless one.
    Those who were fighting immediately got immobilized on spot, confused about what is happening.
    “Godo-Modo” – says the old man while he starts shinning gold
    “Serenity.” – continues the old man, as he completely changes his form
    He quickly materializes and reappears on the sky, connecting himself into those huge hands that had appeared, his body turned big too, he slowly descends the upper half of his body from the skies.
    “I do not know the reason of this war
    Neither do I care.
    This stops now.
    Gods.” – says the old man, with a voice that spreads all over the battlefield.
    Suddenly, the creatures start moving forwards and disappearing.
    As a huge amount of lightning fog spreads all over the battlefield, those called Gods start slowly moving forwards and disappearing too.
    While some are quickly pulled away by the fog, some try and resist to his immense power.
    One God in particular, is even able to slowly take some steps in the direction of the old man.
    His face was filled with anger, his long white hairs were literally sparkling, just like his whole body his clothes were thorn apart, he was whiling a sword on his bloody hands.
    When he realized that he could not take any more steps forward, he quickly sticks his sword on the ground, using it to hold himself from the fog.
    “This is our war!
    You have no right to interfere!
    Not while we are so close to an end!” – screams the God infuriated
    “Silence!” – interrupts the old man with an authority voice
    “I will not tolerate such thing!
    Now begone, everyone!” – continues the old man, as the fog gets even more potent
    Every God is finally dragged away, including the one who affronted the old man.
    The old man returns to his normal form, the sky becomes blue again.
    Juno stood there the whole time, watching.
    “Let us go home, there is nothing left to do here.” – says the old man
    “Sure, Gowan.” – says Juno while opening a portal
    The portal led them to the ArchGod Dimension, Juno's home to be more precised.
    While inside of Juno's home, Gowan sits on a carpet.
    That one really exhausted me.” – says Gowan
    “How come?
    You just used your Godo-Modo for a few moments…” – replies Juno
    “Not just that.
    That one God was trying to resist me using his energy, so I had to release even more of mine to hold him back.” – explains Gowan
    “I see…
    Who were they anyway?” – asks Juno
    “Well Gods of course.
    As I said, your Gods.” – replies Gowan
    “Yeah I know, but I mean what exactly are they for?” – asks Juno
    Gowan sighs.
    We were teleported to Greece, so those were what your kind shall call the Greek Gods.” – explains Gowan
    “Greek Gods?” – says Juno, confused
    Just like us, for your dimension to maintain equilibrium and not falling apart in the plan of Reality, there must be order and balance, and that can only be possible thanks to at least one God.
    That one rubbish God who stood against my direct order is called Zeus, the father of the Greek Gods.
    He was the first one to appear on your dimension, among some others from other places.
    Together they forged what we call the Human Dimension.
    You are the result of their creation.” – says Gowan
    “I see…
    So, there are a lot more Gods than just you?
    And in many places of the Human Dimension?” – says Juno
    “That is what I just said, yes.
    Zeus and the others created more of their kind, to maintain equilibrium in your Dimension.” – replies Gowan
    “If that is the case…then why the heck were they at war?!” – asks Juno, confused
    “War is a complicated thing.
    There is no good or bad side.
    They are always the result of some misunderstood situations, even small conflicts that do not matter.
    The war of the Greek ones, is between Zeus and his father.” – Says Gowan
    “But wasn’t Zeus the first?” – interrupts Juno
    “Yes, the first God of his kind.
    But his father isn’t one, he is named Titan.
    He is basically what Hyperium is to us.” – explains Gowan
    “I see…so he dislikes the way his father treats him and decides to go to war against him?
    Is that even possible?” – asks Juno
    “Most likely.
    You do not need any good reason to go to war, a simple disagreement can do the thing.
    Zeus and his kind have been fighting the Titans for many generations…
    I have intervened on their affairs sometimes, but they simply won’t stop.
    We even asked them for help against Garaam but they refused.
    It is a shame to thing about them as Gods.” – says Gowan
    “I think it is sad.” – says Juno
    “That too.” – agrees Gowan
    Gowan looks through the opened door.
    “But look what we were able to do?
    Thanks to you, this world is now at peace.
    And it just keeps improving!” – says Gowan while laughing
    “Yeah that is nice.
    Took us some centuries but it is finally here.” – replies Juno laughing
    “Well...I should be going now.
    I still have to pay a visit to Drowze.” – Says Gowan while getting up
    “The ArchGod of the Elements?
    Why for?” – asks Juno
    “Well, let’s just say that he owns me a drink! Ahah!” – says Gowan as he gets out to Juno’s home.
    Juno waves as he gets out.
    Juno goes to his bad and sleeps.
    He doesn’t need it though, but he feels like it’s good to stay attached to some of his Humans trails.
    Later, during the night, a loud sound wakes Juno up.
    Juno gets out of his bed and hurries to the door.
    Gowan is there, lying on the ground.
    What the heck?!” – says Juno
    “Oh…hey Juno.
    What brings you here?” – says Gowan
    “What do you mean? This is my home…” – answers Juno
    “Oh yeah…
    Guess I forgot.” – says Gowan as Juno helps him getting up
    “The heck have you been doing anyway?
    Your clothes are a mess!” – says Juno
    “I must have fall on the way there, it happens.” – says Gowan laughing
    “Yeah yeah
    Don’t tell me you went to the Human Dimension to get some drinks again.” – says Juno
    “Like I would!
    Besides, that only happened three times in the last week.
    I can hold myself!” – says Gowan, almost falling on the ground again
    “Yeah I can see that…” – says Juno
    “Euh?” – continues Juno as he found a big hole on Gowan’s back.
    “How did you make this hole?” – asks Juno
    Gowan walks for a bit then turns to Juno.
    “It really doesn’t matter.
    I was time I changed my clothes anyway.” – says Gowan smiling
    “Whatever.” – says Juno
    Gowan takes his clothes off.
    “Now…would you kindly get rid of those for me, Juno?” – asks Gowan as he shows a sphere to Juno
    “What’s this?” – asks Juno
    “A gift.” – answers Gowan
    “I do not want that.” – answers Juno
    A sudden silence.
    “It is late, you should go back home.” – says Juno, breaking the silence
    Gowan smiles.
    “You’re right.
    Fool me.
    Someone like you does not need any kind of artifact.” – says Gowan
    Juno does not answer.
    Gowan slowly starts walking to the door.
    But before he steps out of Juno’s home, he turns face to face to Juno and rises his right hand to Juno, wild opened.
    “Join me, Juno.” – say Gowan
    “You’re drunk, Gowan.
    Just go home.” – replies Juno, denning Gowan’s offer
    “Trust me, you do not want to be on the other side.” – continues Gowan
    “What side are you talking about?” – asks Juno
    “Do not talk like you had no idea of it.
    You were the first to do it.
    Juno.” – says Gowan
    Juno is confused.
    “What…?” – says Juno
    “You’re fight against Garaam…
    It opened our eyes.
    Since then, many of us have tried to understand it.
    The meaning of it.
    But it always seemed like there was nothing behind it, not a single clue.
    But now…it all is clear.
    We…I understand it all now.” – says Gowan
    “You aren’t making any sense Gowan!” – says Juno
    “You know…
    We have always wondered what had happened with the power of Void…” – says Gowan as he closes the door behind him.
    “It turns out…
    You have been hiding it from us all along.” – continues Gowan with a sinister tone.
    “I do not know what you’re talking about.
    I have no powers, much less Garaam’s.” – says Juno
    “Oh come one!
    And I thought we were friends, Juno.
    Such disappointment…” – says Gowan, waiting for a reaction from Juno
    “No? Well then…
    We all felt his energy spreading all over the Dimensions, we all saw the explosion of energy coming out of his body.” – continues Gowan
    Gowan stops talking for a moment, then starts laughing.
    “No wonder Hyperium made those ridiculous rules…
    Who would ever think, that…
    Killing an ArchGod would reward you with their very own power?” – says Gowan
    “There is no mistaken, you took Garaam’s power upon his dead.
    Didn’t you, Juno?” – says Gowan
    “Again, I have no idea what the heck you’re talking about!
    You’re just drunk!” – says Juno, but before he can continue talking…
    Gowan strikes a thunderbolt in Juno’s direction, who dodges at last second.
    Juno’s home was completely destroyed by Gowan’s attack.
    “That technique…was it thunder?!” – says Juno to himself
    “And then I thought we could be allies…
    Such a waste.” – says Gowan as he immerges from the home’s debris with the sphere opened in half, floating on his right hand.
    “What is the meaning of this, Gowan!” – shouts Juno, flying on the sky, above where once was his home
    “Drowze’s dead.” – says Gowan with a smile on his face
    Juno had no doubts about that happened.
    “Do not make me fight you, please Gowan!” – shouts Juno
    “My poor Human…I am afraid you give me no other choice!” – says Gowan as the sphere starts changing shape.

    End of chapter 1.

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