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    Season 2 Chapter 2: Controversy


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    Season 2 Chapter 2: Controversy Empty Season 2 Chapter 2: Controversy

    Post by Marmelo on Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:13 am

    Chapter 2: Controversy

    Gowan’s sphere shoots some green vines against Juno, who dodges them, however, they slowly start trapping him.
    “Why are you doing this?!” – shouts Juno as he gets restrained by the vines
    “You really don’t get it do you?
    I want the power you stole from Garaam.
    That’s all.” – answers Gowan
    “I already told you..
    I have no idea what power you’re talking about!” – says Juno as he rips the vines from around his body
    Gowan appears right behind Juno, his sphere changes shape again.
    “So be it.” – says Gowan as a blast of fire gets shoot from the sphere.
    Juno has no time to react other than crossings his arms and takes the fire.
    “This could all be avoided have you decided to join side with me, Juno.” – says Gowan as the fire starts burning Juno’s arms
    After a bit of a struggle, Juno quickly opens his arms, releasing his body from the flames.
    However, he is clearly damaged by them.
    His arms are grey, with smoke coming out of his skin.
    It seems like he can’t move them very well anymore.
    Look at you, suffering for no reason…” – says Gowan
    I shall take away that suffering of yours, along with your power.” – continues Gowan as he rises the sphere, who’s changing shape again, to the sky.
    A sudden thunderbolt strikes the sphere, flashing the whole area.
    A lot of thunders come out of the sphere.
    “This will put an end to all the pain you must be feeling right now.” – says Gowan as he gets ready to strike those thunderbolts to Juno.
    Juno starts slowly crying.
    “Yes, I know, it is almost over my dear.” – says Gowan
    I really don’t…” – says Juno as he looks at Gowan, showing is sad crying face.
    “I really don’t want to fight you, Gowan!” – shouts Juno as Gowan releases the thunderbolts against him.
    A huge strike of light destroys everything on his path.
    Luckily, Juno had avoided it.
    “Oof, you’re just delaying the inevitable, Juno.” – says Gowan
    The sphere changes shape again.
    Juno had hidden himself behind some mountains, not far away from their battlefield.
    As Gowan rises his right hand, along with the sphere on his hand, a breeze starts to rise all over the area.
    The ground starts shacking, getting destroyed by the huge amount of pressure the breeze is causing.
    Let us finish this.” – says Gowan
    Right when he finished his sentence, the breeze gets so wild that everything around him gets immediately destroyed and the debris, along with Juno, get pushed right In front of Gowan.
    An incredible force that nothing can resist.
    Gowan grabs Juno’s neck with his left hand.
    Juno feels like suffocating.
    His eyes slowly start closing.
    He stops resisting.
    Just like he had accepted his fate.
    “I am sorry it had to come to this.
    I really am…” – says Gowan, being the last thing Juno was able to perceive before he had been knocked out.
    I wonder how could you become like this…
    After all we’ve been through…I thought we…” – Juno’s thoughts while unconscious
    “You thought wrong.
    As always.
    You’re still too naïve, idiot.
    You’re not talking to someone like you, you’re in front of a God.
    To think that you, a Human, would ever call a divinity a friend…
    Well, it seems like the result suits you after all…
    Death by Serenity, ain’t that poetic, Juno?” – says a random voice on his head
    “He was never supposed to…” – continues Juno
    “Who cares.
    You’re about to die, for good.
    And of course, you couldn’t care less about it.
    You rather think about what went wrong then focusing on what’s happening right now.
    I always hated that about you, you know?
    The fact that you…are…a…stupid idiot Human.
    Yeah that fits you.” – says the voice
    “He is…” – says Juno
    “A God, nothing more than that.
    Just like any other being you’ve been interacting with for the past centuries since your death.
    A God. That’s it.
    Not a friend nor an enemy.
    Now the real question is…” – continues the voice
    Already?” – says the voice, who changed to be Gowan’s voice, as Juno slowly opens his eyes again.
    Gowan is about to release another of those fire blast he did earlier.
    But before the sphere can fully change his shape, a portal opens behind Gowan, sucking him inside of it with a high-pressure breeze, resulting on him realizing Juno.
    Juno regains his breath.
    “That will make him busy for a while…” – thinks Juno as he opens another portal and flees from the battlefield.
    Laster that night, Juno appears on a small silo next to a small green lake.
    Juno rushes to the door and knocks it.
    No one opens it.
    Juno decides to enter anyway, opening a portal from outside to get inside.
    In fact, there was no one there.
    Just some wood set on fire.
    It was raining hard outside.
    Suddenly a spark hit the silo.
    Juno felt a presence on the other side of the door.
    Someone was knocking at the door.
    “Probably Gowan…” – thought Juno
    Suddenly, the being walked through the door.
    It was Clarietta.
    “Oh? What brings you here Juno?” – says Clarietta, surprised.
    And so Juno tells her what had happened.
    “Are you sure you didn’t just have a bad dream?” – says Clarietta, not believing Juno’ story
    But Juno shows his burned arms to her, shocking her.
    “So…it is in fact true…” – whispers Clarietta
    “What the heck does he really want with this so called power I supposedly have?” – asks Juno
    “What he wants I do not know.
    But the fact that he believes you have the power of Garaam, and the fact that he owns not only his own power but the power of the ArchGod of Elements now…” – says Clarietta as she stares at Juno with a shocking face
    “Forget it.” – interrupts Juno
    “It’s not like you were going to tell me anyway.” – continues Juno
    “I am sorry…
    I’m not allowed to break the rules…” – says Clarietta
    “Who cares about them.
    Apparently, I had already broke them.” – says Juno
    “You are not forced to follow them.” – says Clarietta
    “That’s not how Gowan said it.” – replies Juno
    “Hyperium made those rules in order to control us, breaking them makes us a threat and perturbs creation’s balance.
    Gowan seems like already did it by killing an ArchGod…” – says Clarietta
    “Just like I did with Garaam.” – says Juno
    “You’re different.
    You’re…” – says Clarietta, who gets interrupted by Juno
    “A Human, I know.
    I don’t need everyone to repeat it every single time.” – says Juno
    “I am sorry…” – says Clarietta lowering her head
    Someone else arrives to the silo.
    “Honey I’m home!
    Uh? Juno?” – says Arbihime, surprised as he walks through the door
    Juno’ surprised too.
    “Woops, guess we forgot to tell you uh?” – says Clarietta, embarrassed
    Juno smiles.
    “Congrats.” – says Juno, has he leaves the silo
    “Uh is everything alright?” – asks Arbihime, but Juno gives no answer
    “You should stay here Juno…at least until…” – says Clarietta
    “This would be the first place he would come to check on me.
    I would recommend you stay alert too.” – says Juno as he opens a portal and walks through it.
    “Oh? Juno? What a pleasure you came pay me a visit! But why all of a sudden?” – says Harkiles
    “And…where is Gowan? You two are inseparable!” – he continues
    “That’s the problem.” – says Juno
    “Uh?” – Harkiles is surprised
    “He…killed an ArchGod.” – says Juno
    I never thought they would do it.” – says Harkiles
    “So you knew that too?” – says Juno
    “It was a rumor yes.
    Since you defeated Garaam.” – says Harkiles
    “So you too…” – says Juno
    Don’t think everyone is like that, please.
    I am fine with being the ArchGod of Ember.” – says Harkiles
    “Why did you even consider this as an option?
    To kill other Gods...?!” – asks Juno
    “I do not know.
    I am afraid we aren’t of a use anymore though, that was one of our main discussions when we talked about you and that subject.
    But I could never imagine that Gowan, of all of us, would be the one to do it…” – says Harkiles
    Of course.” – says Juno
    You know how we act.
    You’ve been leaving among us for centuries now.” – says Harkiles
    “You know that our affairs…
    Aren’t necessarily the best.” – he continues as he moves towards his forge
    “You came here for a reason, right?
    Other than warning me of course.” – says Harkiles
    “I’m looking for a way to stop him.” – says Juno
    “To stop…
    Don’t be naïve.
    You know that’s not gonna happen.” – says Harkiles as he picks up a weapon from the forge.
    “But if what you want is a weapon, I can give you one.” – he continues
    “I don’t want to kill him.” – rejects Juno
    “Weapons are just tools.
    The owner is the one who chooses to kill.” – says Harkiles
    “I can’t believe you’re considering it either…” – says Juno
    “I’m sorry, but for Gowan to do such thing…
    Something has to be really wrong.” – says Harkiles
    “This is the blade of cataclysm.
    It completely destroys anything it touches.” – says Harkiles as he points the blade to Juno
    A moment of a silence.
    “Yeah I don’t think it’s your style either.” – says Harkiles as he lowers the blade.
    “I am afraid I cannot forge the weapon you’re looking for.” – says Harkiles
    It is your job.” – says Juno
    “Well, yes.
    But the weapon you want…
    Only you can forge it.” – says Harkiles
    “…” – says Juno
    “From your inner world, you shall summon your weapon as you wish.
    It will be forged with your power, with your energy, with your own soul.
    Therefor, only you can create such a weapon.
    I’m sorry.” – says Harkiles
    “Do not.” – says Juno as he turns his back to Harkiles and walks away.
    “One more thing.
    Tell Gowan that I’m sorry too.” – says Harkiles as Juno walks through one of his portals.
    Juno seems to arrive a big grass camp, but before he can get any step outside of his portal, a breeze drags him out of it.
    “Finally found you.” – says Gowan
    But before Juno reaches to Gowan, he opens a portal, setting himself free from the breeze.
    “I hope you have made your head Juno.
    It is still time to consider my side.” – says Gowan with a smile on his face while the sphere on his hand starts heavily rotating between different shapes.
    “I am actually starting to get the hand of it.” – continues Gowan
    “I do not want to fight you, Gowan.” – says Juno
    “I see you still have that silly thought of yours.
    Too bad.” – says Gowan as the sphere stops at one of the shapes.
    Gowan shoots a rainbow-colored energy ray from the sphere.
    Juno opens a portal between him and the ray.
    “So you’re actually willing to fight after all.” – says Gowan smiling
    “You don’t give me a choice, I guess.” – says Juno as another portal appears on the sky
    The rainbow-colored energy ray comes from that portal, directed to Gowan, who makes the sphere change shape again and counters the attack with a pink ray this time.
    The two attacks disappear, leaving a fog on contact.
    “Isn’t it amazing Juno?
    What I can do when I mix the elements?” – says Gowan as the sphere changes shape again.
    “It wasn’t easy…
    But I had no other choice.” – says Gowan as he some vines come from the ground, trying to get Juno trapped again.
    But this time Juno avoids them and crushes them with his strength, however, thunderbolts start coming from the sky, trying to hit Juno.
    “Fortunately, things get a lot easier once you break Hyperium’s rules.” – says Gowan as he puts on some gloves.
    He throws all kind of elemental attacks against Juno.
    From water to fire, from air to earth, Gowan’s keeps changing the sphere shapes and throwing attacks against Juno, who dodges and tries to counter every single of them using his portals.
    “Are you perhaps trying to do the same thing you did against Garaam?
    Well sorry for disappointing you, but I am not like Garaam.” – says Gowan as he sucks all 4 elements into the sphere, making it shine white.
    “This is what happens to those who afront an ArchGod, Juno.” - says Gowan as the sphere rotates uncontrollably.
    But right before something happens, Juno opens a portal between Gowan’s hand and the sphere, cutting his hand and teleporting the sphere to Juno’s hands.
    Gowan was not expecting such move from Juno as he had never used his portals for such offensive moves.
    Juno crushes the sphere, destroying it into little pieces.
    “No…NO!” – shouts Gowan as his right arm is bleeding, knowing he had lost his only link to the power of the ArchGod of Elements.
    “How dare you!
    I won’t tolerate this anymore, JUNO!” – shouts Gowan, in raged, as he releases a huge amount of energy from his body.
    Have I ever told you, the definition of my power?” – says Gowan as he calms down
    “The Power of Serenity, the power to be at peace, to make peace, the power that makes our hearts stop for a brief moment, a power that NOTHING and NONE shall ever break!” – says Gowan as his eyes start glowing gold.
    “My name is Gowan, The ArchGod of Serenity!
    Godo-Modo!” – shouts Gowan as a huge flash of light illuminates the whole area surrounding him.
    From the sky, Gowan’s Godly form descends, imitating a radiant flash of light around him.
    “I shall show you, the power of Serenity!” – says Gowan as he gets slowly closer to Juno
    *somewhere else*
    “What?! Isn’t this Gowan’s energy?
    Why did he go Godo-Modo?!” – asks someone
    An ArchGod transforming into his very own power, Godo-Modo, is something that any being is able to feel no matter how far he is from him.
    The others are starting to question what is the purpose for such thing to be happening.
    *back to Juno and Gowan*
    “coercere” (=restrain) – says Gowan as he prepares himself to punch Juno with his huge fist.
    Juno barely dodges it, for Gowan’ speed has gradually increased.
    The ground gets smashed, but it seems like the floating debris stay still on the air.
    “You can’t keep avoiding my power forever, Juno.” – says Gowan as he repeats his attack with both his fists multiple times
    Each time Juno dodges his attacks using his portals.
    But Gowan is getting faster and faster.
    “Sonus enim malitiæ collectus” (= Sound of Calamity) – shouts Gowan as barriers start descending from the sky, trapping Juno on what seems like a big box.
    Gowan punches the big box with Juno inside, turning it smaller punch after punch.
    Juno tries to open a portal, but it doesn’t work.
    “Shit” – thought Juno
    Finally, the whole box got destroyed, along with Juno inside.
    After a brief moment, Juno finds himself inside the pillars of creation, on a row, along with every single other ArchGod.
    “What…?” – thinks Juno, confused
    Sitting on the one big throne where Urango once sat, is Gowan.
    Juno observes as one by one, the ArchGods go next to Gowan, kneeling to him.
    “It is an honor to be a part of you.” – says one ArchGod as he connects his hand with Gowan’s.
    “My power is no longer needed, I am useless now.” – continues the ArchGod
    “Thank you.” – says Gowan, as the ArchGod in face of him banishes, smiling.
    “I shall make good use of it.” – he continues
    “Next.” – says Gowan
    And so, it continued, God after God, they all bowed to Gowan.
    Finally, it was Juno’s turn.
    “Juno?!” – says Gowan, surprised.
    “I see.
    You came to witness it, didn’t you?” – continues Gowan
    Gowan sighs.
    “Look…It isn’t my wish either.
    But look around you.
    They’ve realized that they have no longer a utility anymore.
    So, they choose me to carry on our ultimate goal…” – says Gowan
    “Everyone here…they trust in you?!” – asks Juno
    “I will not force you to do the same.
    But as a matter effect, with how much reality has evolved the past centuries, most of us have been restless when it comes to our power and duty.
    Truth be spoken, reality no longer relies on us to move forward.
    Thus, we came to a realization that, entrusting our powers in one of us, shall accomplish our duty alongside keeping up with reality needs.” – says Gowan
    “So it is basically Gaaram’s plan…
    But without changing everything, you plan on keeping it and evolving?” – asks Juno
    “You understood.” – says Gowan
    “I do not wish for you to…” – continues Gowan
    Juno interrupts his speech by putting his left hand on Gowan’s chest.
    “Juno…are you sure about it…?!” – says Gowan as Juno’s eyes start shinning yellow.
    “I am.” – says Juno as he lowers his head.
    “Thank you…
    My friend.” – says Gowan, accepting Juno’s contribution, just like the other ArchGods did.
    Suddenly, a sword pierces through Gowan’s chest, surprising him.
    ‘What?!” – says Gowan surprised
    The whole place, reality itself, starts cracking.
    Juno looks up to Gowan, with tears on his face.
    “Sorry.” – says Juno as he rips the sword from Gowan’s chest.
    The final bit of reality cracks, it seems like this whole thing was but an illusion world created by Gowan’s power.
    Gowan’s infuriated.
    They are both back to the real world.
    “Come one now, just appear again and let us end this already.” – shouts Gowan
    “If you know that wouldn’t get me, then why even try?” – says Juno appearing right behind Gowan, surprising him.
    As Gowan is turning back, Juno slashes him in half with his sword.
    Gowan, falls on the ground, his body split in two parts.
    Juno has a sad face.
    “As expected from you.” – says Gowan’s upper part, laying on the ground
    Gowan takes a heavy breath, then exhales heavily, pushing everything around him away, but Juno doesn’t move a bit.
    Gowan suddenly gets up, his body intact, involved by a golden aura.
    Gowan smiles.
    “After all…you actually do want to…” – says Gowan as he gets interrupted by a blade piercing his chest from behind.
    “I do not.
    But you insist on it.” – says Juno from behind Gowan.
    Gowan immediately turns around and tries to grab Juno with his big hand, but Juno quickly dodges and pierces Gowan’s chest again.
    After another try, this time Gowan’s succeeds.
    “Got you.” – says Gowan as he prepares to punch Juno with his other fist.
    But Juno slices Gowan’s hand and gets set free.
    Than he quickly cuts off Gowan’s other hand and teleports right next to Gowan and pierces his stomach with his blade.
    “celare” (=conceal) – says Gowan smiling
    Juno immediately takes some space from Gowan.
    A huge green aura surrounds the battlefield, everything trembles.
    “Now we are settled.
    Neither you neither I shall leave this place until one of us is down.” – says Gowan as his injuries get almost instantly healed.
    “Why does it have to be like this?” – asks Juno
    “Why shouldn’t it?” – answers Gowan
    “That is a lame answer.” – says Juno
    “Isn’t that what you were waiting for?
    Just stop for a moment and think about it.
    Think about everything I’ve showed you those past centuries.
    What is our purpose after all?
    Exist?!” – says Gowan
    “I still don’t get it…” – says Juno
    “Of course you don’t, you are a …” – says Gowan, but he gets interrupted as Juno strikes against him with his blade.
    Gowan smiles.
    “A Human.” – continues Gowan
    “Look around you, what is our purpose?
    The fact that I killed the ArchGod of Elements, and yet, we still have them going around, makes it clear that reality no longer requires such things to exist.” – says Gowan
    “Those things…you’re talking about you?” – asks Juno
    Why should there be many, while little could do the same?” – says Gowan
    “That’s being foolished!” – says Juno
    “Is it?!
    I possess both the power of Serenity and the power over all Elements!
    Are you telling me that the death of the ArchGod of Elements brought something to reality?!” – shouts Gowan
    But that doesn’t mean you’re useless!” – answers Juno as he pushes Gowan back.
    “Of course it does!
    What’s the necessity to exist if you have no purpose?
    Our very existence is to ensure our duty gets done!” – says Gowan as he lands a heavy punch on Juno, punching him against the unbreakable limbs of the green aura.
    Gowan smashes Juno with his fists against the green aura.
    “After all…I’m starting to think that Garaam wasn’t that much of a fool…” – says Gowan
    Juno breaks free by cutting Gowan’s hand on half.
    An immense energy comes out of his body, pushing Gowan further back.
    You won.
    You want my power?” – says Juno as he holds is sword stronger
    “Then take it all!” – shouts Juno as an immense amount of energy is released from his sword, striking Gowan who tries to suppress it with his bare hands.
    However, Gowan is clearly struggling at containing it.
    “Interiorem pacem” (= inner peace) – shouts Gowan as he releases more and more energy, trying to hold himself against Juno’s attack.
    Finally, Gowan succeeds at breaking Juno’s attack.
    At that moment, Juno appears right in the middle of his big fists.
    “Eucatastrophe” (=Happy Ending) – shouts Juno as he releases a fully powered attack from his blade in just one swing directly at Gowan.
    This time Gowan cannot contain it, he takes the full hit wild-opened.
    A huge explosion of energy occurs, completely breaking the green aura around the battlefield.
    The whole area had exploded, there were debris everywhere and no sign of Gowan.
    “I…I…” – Juno hears a low, severely damaged voice whispering underneath some debris.
    He runs in the direction of the voice and takes the debris away.
    I…I didn’t want to…!” – says Juno as he starts crying while picking up Gowan’s severely damaged body.
    “I…” – says Gowan, struggling.
    “I’m sorry!” – shouts Juno in raged.
    I should’ve killed you when I had the chance.” – says Gowan with his last breath.
    Juno froze, he couldn’t believe Gowan’s last words.
    A huge explosion occurs, Gowan’s energy spreads all over the ArchGod Dimension, the same way Garaam’s energy did when Juno had defeated him.
    “Another shall come soon.” – says the voice from when Juno got knocked down earlier
    Juno gets up while clearing his tears and starts walking away.

    End of Chapter 2.

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    Season 2 Chapter 2: Controversy Empty Re: Season 2 Chapter 2: Controversy

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    Season 2 chapter 3: A Change of Mind


    And so, the utopia comes to an end.

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