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    [Episode 2] - Into the Wolf


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    [Episode 2] - Into the Wolf Empty [Episode 2] - Into the Wolf

    Post by Marmelo on Sun Sep 23, 2018 8:56 am

    This chap's title was changed from "A New World" to "Into the Wolf", it suits it better.
    The writing style also changed a bit as you might notice.


    Chapter 2: Into the Wolf

    synopsis: Juno gets new clothes!

    Juno learns more about the dimensions and where he is.
    Meanwhile Arbihime and Clarietta go on a dangerous rescue mission on another temple but something goes wrong..


    Juno wakes up in a room inside the temple, the room is empty, having only a bed and a big window.

    From that windows comes light from the sky, it is already morning.

    Juno (thinking): “So this wasn’t a dream after all..”

    Some old clothes are on the floor, Juno ignores them.

    Juno leaves the room, walking past a huge corridor with many doors and windows, arriving to the center of temple, where he finds Gowan’s altar, empty.

    Suddenly, Juno hears a sound.

    *Gowan moans*

    Gowan (as walking from another corridor to the altar): “Oh? You’re already awaken?” – asks Gowan, surprised by seeing Juno

    Juno: “Ah, I don’t sleep much.”

    *Gowan moans*

    Gowan: “I see.

    So, how was your night?”

    Juno: “Night was good but I keep having some difficulty in breathing here..”

    Gowan: “Oh that’s because we don’t have much air on this dimension, you’ll get used to it.”

    Gowan stares at Juno.

    Gowan: “Was there anything wrong with the clothes I gave to you?”

    Juno: “Euh..don’t really..”

    Gowan: “Here..”

    Gowan snaps is fingers.

    Juno’s clothes changed to those on the floor.

    Juno is surprised.

    Gowan: “Those clothes allow you to adapt to our world.

    Never remove them while you are here.”

    Juno: “Shouldn’t I go back to my Dimension..?”

    Gowan: “You’re right, however, given the situation, we cannot open a portal without given away your presence.”

    Gowan sits on his altar.

    Gowan: “ you by any chance know where Arbihime went?” – asks Gowan, looking intrigued

    Juno: “No idea, I haven’t seen anyone yet.”


    Far away from Gowan’s temple, going north, there is a big green ocean surrounded by big rocks.

    Arbihime is swimming on it.

    *A small noise could be here at distance*

    Arbihime: “Who’s there? Show up already! My hears can hear even the tiniest sound!” - says Arbihime raging

    It’s Clarietta.

    Arbihime: “Uh? You’re the one who’ve been following me? What do you want?” – says Arbihime surprised

    Clarietta: “Of course I am! Why are you here to begin with? What the heck are you thinking?!” – says Clarietta mad

    Arbihime: “Isn’t it obvious? I’m rescuing my friends!” – says Arbihime while crossing his 2 posterior arms

    Clarietta: “Then why didn’t you call me to help you out? Those are my friends too!”

    Arbihime: “Grrrr… Because it’s too dangerous! I don’t want you to get into any problems!”

    Clarietta: “…”

    *Arbihime sighs*

    Arbihime: “Well since you’re already here, you might as well just make yourself useful and give me a hand.”

    *Arbihime and Clarietta lift a big rock*

    *A secret passage is undercovered*

    Arbihime: “This way.”

    Arbihime runs inside the passage, Clarietta follows him.

    The walls are all made of rocks, there is a lot of humidity in there.

    The passage is short, they arrive to a big rounded hall, with many cages.

    *Noises coming from those cages*

    Arbihime runs into the one cage in the middle.

    Arbihime: “Don’t worry friend, I’m here.”

    There is a group of 5 people inside that cage.

    *A physically damaged man stands up*

    Physically damage man: “Arbihime? Is that really you?”

    Aribhime: “Yes Sotta, it’s me! I came to rescue you all!”

    *Everyone starts talking at the same time*

    Clarietta: “Everyone please stay calm, we need to get out of it asap!”

    *Arbihime uses scratch! *

    *It’s not effective! *

    Clarietta: “Of course it doesn’t work you idiot, otherwise they wouldn’t all be here still!”

    Arbihime: “Dam it!

    There has to a be a key somewhere then..”

    Random people from the crowd: “There is no key, it’s his spell..”

    Sotta: “We gotta break the spell!”

    Arbihime: “And how the heck am I suppose to-?”

    Arbihime runs past the next door.

    Clarietta: “Arbihime? Where you going?!”

    Sotta: “Arbihime! That’s where they are!”

    Arbihime : “Exactly!”

    (thinking): “things I do for my people..”

    Arbihime arrives to the middle of the location.

    It seams like they were being held hostage on a castle-like building.

    In front of Arbihime, lies a big altar, but none standing on it, just 3 people standing around.

    The tallest of them, a black haired men-like being, wearing some white and grey clothing.

    He has big arms and even bigger hands.

    The second one, a normal size good-looking old man, wearing colorful clothes and a necktie.

    He has a big red bear and a funny smile.

    The last one, is a normal-sized man.

    With spiky yellow-colored sparky-hair.


    Gowan: “So, would you like some tea?” – Asks Gowan, laughing

    Juno refuses.

    Gowan: “Well..I can see that you’re more of the curious type of guy..

    I promised you something yesterday, right?”

    *Glu glu glu* - Gowan drinks some tea

    Juno: “Where am I? And what are you? Wh-..” – Juno gets interrupted.

    Gowan: “Well well..let’s not force it shall we?

    I can read minds, remember.”

    Juno: “…”

    Gowan: “You’re in a place named The ArchGod Dimension.

    Only ArchGods and their Gods are allowed to be here.

    *Juno looks attentive*

    For I am the ArchGod of Serenity.. – Gowan continues

    Every ArchGod has a title, and with a title, a power.”

    Juno whispers: “So you’re what we call a God..”

    Gowan interrupts: “No.”

    *the tea cup banishes*

    Gowan continues: “I’m an ancient type of God, I’ve been here since the very beginning, among others.

    Those who you call God, are the result of the death of one of us.”

    Juno looks surprised.

    Juno: “The death of one of yours..?!”

    *Gowan sighs*

    Gowan: “Yes..with great power comes great responsibilities..and with them..greed.”

    Juno interrupts: “Greed..?”

    Gowan: “Some of us wish for more.

    Our power is our duty, but some of us have been using it to harm others, forcing them to work for them, survival of the fittest..”

    [on the castle-like building]

    Arbihime screams: “Hey cock-suckers!

    I, the almighty Arbihime challenge you all for a fight! Now come on and get me!”

    Everyone notices Arbihime.

    […]”Hmpf, is that little 4 armed rat again.

    Your turn, Bala.”

    Bala: “Aight.”

    Bala runs towards Arbihime.

    Arbihime: “I’ll show you the 4 armed rat!”

    Arbihime rises is posterior left arm.

    Arbihime shouts: “Bubble Beam Stun attack!”

    Arbihime fires a bunch of bubbles from his left hand to the air, covering the whole room.

    Bala has lost Arbihime.

    Arbihime attacks Bala from behind. [kick him]

    Bala takes the kick.

    Arbihime goes hidden again.

    Bala “You little..!”

    Before Bala can finish his tense, Arbihime strikes again, this time in front of him.

    Bala “I got you!”

    Bala punches Arbihime.

    It turns out it was just a bunch of bubbles together resembling Arbihime, taking Bala by surprise.

    Arbihime shows up again for another attack, behind Bala.

    Seams like Bala notices too late and wont be able to dodge it.

    Arbihime shouts: “Take this!”

    When Arbihime is about to punch Bala he gets stricken by a thunderbolt.

    Arbihime falls into the floor.

    Bala: “Pf, I don’t remember asking for help.”

    […]: “You were taking too long, besides Master should replace you with a Cat..”

    […]: “What a great idea Jojo-chan!”

    Bala approaches Arbihime.

    Arbihime tries to stand up, and barely arrives.

    Arbihime: “You..-”

    Bala rises his right hand point to Arbihime.

    Bala: “This one will just die.”

    A green light of energy starts forming a ball in front of Bala’s right hand.

    Bala shouting: “Be gone! Rat!”

    Arbihime opens his mouth.

    His mouth gets huge and huge, Arbihime starts sucking the air in the building.

    Bala confused: “What?!”

    Bala’s attack gets eaten by Arbihime.

    Arbihime instantly recovers his energy and heals.

    Bala: “What-a..?”

    Arbihime smiling: “Hehe, I told ya..

    You’re facing (shouting) the almighty Arbihime!!”

    Bala raging: “Enough of this!”

    As Bala is about trying to smash Arbihime with his big fists, Arbihime creates a small bubble with his 4 hands and toss her on the ground, creating a big blue flash, blinding everyone for a brief moment.

    Bala (blinded): “More tricks! But you won’t escape me again!”

    Arbihime starts running back to where the cages are located.

    Bala starts charging a big fire ball with his 2 hands.

    Bala: “You can run, you can hide, but my attack will burn everything in his path!

    (shouting) Burn to ashes, rat!”

    Bala fires the Big Fire Ball.

    The Big Fire Ball goes through the corridor, completely decimating everything it passes by.

    Bala’s attack is faster than Arbihime!

    Arbihime felling the heat: “Shit! Come on we’re almost there!”

    Sotta to Clarietta: “Doesn’t it smells like burning to you too?

    Clarietta: “In fact..”

    Clarietta notices Arbihime entering the room, with his skin burning.

    Clarietta: “What-a..?!”

    Arbihime shouting: “Fast to the ground!”

    Everyone gets to the ground, the fire enters the room and starts burning everything.

    Arbihime turns around to the Big Fire Ball.

    Arbihime eyes start shinning silver.

    Arbihime shouting: “Waterfall Prision!”

    Arbihime splits a huge amount of water resembling a waterfall.

    Arbihime’s attack starts extinguishing the fire .

    Thanks to Bala’s attack immense heat and Arbihime’s refreshed water, the upper part of the cages were cut.

    Random guy in the crowd: “We’re free!”

    The crowd starts running to the secret corridor from where Arbihime and Clarietta came.

    Sotta: “Thank you Arbihime, we’re all so grateful!”

    Arbihime trying to catch up his breath: “You’re wel-welcome. Now flee!”

    The crow flees away.

    [back to Gowan and Juno]

    Juno: “What’s the point on having more power? Doesn’t it give you more responsibility anyway?”

    Gowan: “Yes, indeed.

    However, I must admit that our duty is a little bit more of a fictional one...

    Each ArchGod power has a unique meaning, and such, a unique purpose.

    Together we’re reality itself, and without us, someone to guide, learn, create and even destroy, reality becomes unstable and is at a risk.

    That’s how important our job is.”

    Juno: “So something like Hope, actually exists thanks to one of you..”

    Gowan: “Like the power of Hope, indeed.” *laughs*

    Anyway… some of us want a change.

    We made a deal of sharing a territory each one of us, this, is mine.”

    Juno looks off the window.

    Juno: “This world sure is beautiful”

    Gowan: “It used to be even more..

    But war has changed the environment.”

    Juno: “War hun..?”

    Juno: “Anyway if you’re an ArchGod and only those are supposed to live here, what are Arbihime and Clarietta?!”

    Gowan: “They are Gods.

    However, they weren’t born from our death.

    They were made by us.

    They work for us.

    Each ArchGod has their own kind of Gods, they help them with their duty.

    Juno: “Yeah Arbihime sure looks like a peacefull kind of God..” *laughs*

    Gowan smirks.

    Gowan: “No one is perfect, not even us.”

    Gowan starts walking to the exit of his temple.

    Gowan: “Come with me, Juno.”

    Gowan and Juno walk, a long distance from the temple.

    Gowan: “See those mountains over here?

    Juno: “Yeah”

    Gowan: “Very well..”

    Gowan slaps a mountain, every single mountain starts collapsing.

    Juno: “Holy why have you do this?”

    Gowan smirks.

    Gowan: “*Wa*”

    The mountains wreckage started glowing gold, they start shaping, a being emerges from it.

    Juno is surprised.

    Gowan: “This Juno, is the power of a God.

    The power to create, the power to destroy.”

    Juno: “It’s…it’s…it’s a cloak.”

    Gowan (looking embarrassed): “Well yeah, but it’s a Godly cloak!

    I made it so you could wear it! Come on put it on already!”

    Juno puts the cloak on.

    Juno: “Oh?!”

    Gowan: “See, you must be feeling a lot less of a struggle now!

    This cloak will give you heat when you’re cold, refresh you when you’re hot, and make you lifter than ever! Eheh” *laughs*

    Juno: “woh thank you so much Gowan! Uh?!”

    Something starts coming out of Juno’s cloak.

    […] “Well hello there!” – says a voice

    A small serpent-like being comes out of it.

    Gowan: “This is the real deal now.

    That cloak is only borrowed, Juno, in fact it belongs to that serpent.

    But as you can see it does not suit it at all!” *laughs*

    Juno looks confused.

    The serpent gets to the ground, starts shinning golden.

    Her size grows from 7 cm up to 2 m.

    Juno (surprised, shouting): “Woooooo so hugeeeeee!!!”

    […] “My name is Or, pleased to meet ya.”

    Gowan (looking serious): “Now listen…I’m sending you on a mission, Juno.”

    Juno looks interested.

    Gowan: “You see that volcano right there?” – says while pointing at it

    “It is very, very far away from here.

    There you will find the ArchGod of Ember, Harkiles.

    You go pay him a visit along with Or, and tell him that.. […]”

    [Back to Clarietta and Arbihime in the castle]

    Clarietta (anger): “Holy! Arbihime that was such a stupid plan! What were you thinking?!”

    Arbihime smiling: “Hehe..”

    A voice echoing.

    Bala: “Hey, what did just happen?”

    Bala and the others show up in the room.

    Jojo being ironic: “Oh seams like you freed the prisoners ohoh.”

    Bala: “What? It was him! Not me! Hey!”

    […]: Would you two just stop already? Master will be unpleasant with what just happened.

    Unless… of course, we give him something better.” *smirks*

    Clarietta looking stunned: “Worigama..”

    Worigama: “Look what we got here..

    A rat and a traitor.

    Master Garaam will be so happy to see you again.” *smirks*

    Worigama summons a thunder-like sword.

    Worigama: “ kind and just come with us.

    This retarded blew away this room but it’s alright, we got plenty more here!”

    Worigama points his sword to Clarietta.

    Arbihime stands in front of Clarietta, staying between her and Worigama’ sword.

    Arbihime smirking: “Eh, if you want something from Clarietta..then you will have to pass by me first!”

    Arbihime turns his arms into water-like arms and attacks Worigama.

    Worigama touches Arbihime with his thunder sword, shocking him and hurting him.

    Worigama: “You fool, thunder beats water!”

    Arbihime is in great pain.

    Jojo says to Clarietta: “Well then, excuse me but we’re gonna take care of you now M’lady.”

    Clarietta (thinking): “Gosh, you always get into trouble don’t you Arbihime?”

    Clarietta starts glowing silver.

    Jojo: “Oh, so you decide to fight us? Very well.”

    Jojo summons an umbrella-like sword.

    Bala interrupts: “Hey! Who am I gonna fight in that case?!”

    Clarietta: “Cosmic touch.”

    Clarietta glows even more, she quickly dashes into Bala.

    Bala fades away leaving no trace.

    Jojo: “What in..?!”

    Bala got teleported somewhere else.

    Bala surprised and confused: “What?! Where am I?!”

    [back to the fight]

    Clarietta: “Let’s get out of here Arbihime!”

    Clarietta dashes into Arbihime, however, she stops middle way.

    […]”Hold on.”

    Everyone stopped.

    A tall human-like being appeared.

    He is wearing an opened silver kimono with a big symbol in the middle of his back, which stands for <Void> .

    He has grey hair, some muscles, a sinister maniac smile, and a green-glowing scepter.

    Everyone is shocked.

    Worigama: “Welcome home, Master.”

    Jojo: “Master Garaam! What a magnificent pleasure to have you back so soon!”

    Garaam walks slowly into the broken room.

    Garaam: “So this is the one who betrayed me, right?”

    Worigama: “Ye..Yes.”

    Garaam: “Good for you I don’t need you anymore.” *smirks*

    Clarietta looks confused.

    Clarietta power starts slowly disappearing.

    Clarietta (shocked): “What?!”

    Garaam: “What’s wrong little one?

    After all, my job is to clear thrash. Forever.”

    Clarietta runs out of energy, she goes back to her normal human-like women form.

    Garaam: “But…

    I do have some remorse for those who betray me.

    You my dear lamb, will be the perfect example for those who shall oppose me!” *smirks*

    As Garaam is talking, Clarietta’ skin starts to banish bit by bit.

    Arbihime (in pain, lying on the floor): “Cla..rietta..

    Hold on Clarietta…I will...!”

    Arbihime’s body starts heating up, boiling, there are bubbles all over his body.

    Arbihime slowly gets up.

    End of Chapter 2.

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