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    Character's desc: Episode 0: The epilogue


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    Character's desc: Episode 0: The epilogue

    Post by Marmelo on Mon Sep 17, 2018 7:24 pm

    Story bio: We follow the journey of Juno, a Human who defies the gods and seeks to free the world from them.

    Character’s desc

    Juno (the protagonist)
    Bio: Juno is a Human who accidently fell into the domain of the Gods, after experiencing how they govern those above them, he is forced to take action against their ways and defy the gods.

    Race: Human
    Birthday: Unknown
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Height: 1,70cm
    Weight: 69kg
    Hair color: Black/Grey
    Hobby: Appreciating Nature, expanding his knowledge, creation.
    Relatives: Father (dead)
    Mother (dead)

    Fighting status:
    Weapon type: Sword OR fists
    Power: Unknown
    Fighting Quality: Speed and Strength
    Favorite attack: He-getsu
    Second attack: Kai-to!
    Most used attack: He-getsu
    Strongest attack: Full Powered He-getsu!

    Ep 1: Epilogue (Character’s desc)

    Darias (The ArchGod of Beauty):

    Bio: Darias is the ArchGod of Beauty, he always seeks for beautiful people, the ugly ones he hates, although, his true form is a even bigger and ugly form.

    Race: ArchGod
    Title: ArchGod of Beauty
    Birthday: Unknown
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Height: 1,90cm
    Weight: 90kg
    Hair color: Blond
    Hobby: Likes beauty people
    Relatives: others ArchGods

    Fighting status:
    Weapon type: Hammer (big, black)
    Power: Beauty
    Fighting Quality: Strength, Resistance

    Bio: Takira is the self-called “Desert Princess”, she has power over sand and dust, she in control of every single bit of desert in the world.

    Race: Goddess
    Birthday: Unknown
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Female
    Height: 1,50cm
    Weight: 43kg
    Hair color: Brown
    Hobby: Governing, she likes to scream at everyone and make her servants do all kind of stupid things.
    Relatives: Unknown

    Fighting status:
    Weapon type: Sand
    Power: Controls the sand and dust in the world
    Fighting Quality: none

    Ice Troll(s):
    Bio: Creatures of Ice who seek to overthrow Odin and the aesir.

    Race: Ice troll
    Birthday: Unknown
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male creature
    Height: 4,20cm
    Weight: 300kg
    Skin color: made of ice

    Fighting status:
    Weapon type: A big bat made of ice
    Fighting quality: none

    Bio: Odin is the father of easir, he’s solo purpose is to rule over everything using his vast knowledge and wisdom that he acquires for every fight, almost every encounter between him and someone else ends up on a bloody fight.
    He always gets what he wants, no matter the consequences, he is a murderer with no pain.

    Race: God
    Birthday: Unknown
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Height: 1,75m
    Weight: 70kg
    Hair color: white
    Hobby: knowledge
    Relatives: Thor (son)
    Aesir (his race)

    Fighting status:
    Weapon type: a Gaunlet covering his left arm, an articifial eye (right)
    Power: Odin’s Gaunlet gives him great strength who rivals’ Hercules himself, Odin’s eye allows him to seek some seconds into the future and control it at his will
    Fighting Quality: Wisdom and strategy

    Bio: Thor the God of Thunder, he alone was the one who singly-handled the whole pantheon of Giants, using his Hammer Mjölnir.
    He is very impatient and a total beast when it comes to fighting.

    Race: God
    Birthday: Unknown
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Height: 1,90cm
    Weight: 100kg
    Hair color: Brown/black
    Hobby: He usually just goes on rampage against the Ice Trolls, for no reason.
    Relatives: Odin (father)
    Easir (his race)

    Fighting status:
    Weapon type: Mjölnir (Hammer)
    Fighting Quality: Lightning Speed and great Strength

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