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    [Episode 3] - The Reunion Empty [Episode 3] - The Reunion

    Post by Marmelo on Sun Sep 23, 2018 6:15 pm

    Chapter 3: The Reunion


    Juno: “So do you know the way?”

    Or: “Of course I do, I just gotta follow the patch to that big volcano.”

    Juno is ridding Or, as they’re walking trough the mountains, in the direction of the big Volcano.

    Juno: “How many ArchGods are there?”

    Or: “What? You do realize that I’ve just been alive for over 4 minutes right? Hell I know..”

    Juno: “Oh didn’t exist before that right?”

    Or: “Yep.”

    Or: “So you’re a god?”

    Juno: “Human.

    Dead Human..”

    Or: “What’s dead?”

    Juno: “When your life ends..”

    Or (confused): “What do you mean my life ends?”

    Juno: “Uh? You’re alive right?”

    Or: “No one here is alive, neither dead as you say.”

    Juno looks confused.

    Juno: “What do you mean by that?”

    Or: “ArchGods are eternal.

    They cannot die.

    Juno (confused): “But Gowan said that that’s how Gods are born in my Dimension..”

    Or: “Well yeah.

    The only way to kill and ArchGod is by being an ArchGod.

    That’s why this Dimension is on a mess, some are trying to.”

    Juno: “You know that, yet, you don’t know how many ArchGods are there..”

    Or: “ArchGod’s creations do keep some of the memories they have.”

    Juno: “Still…”

    Or: “Feel that?”

    Juno: “What?”

    Someone is approaching them.

    Or: “Forget it, of course you can’t feel energy.

    We’re being followed.”

    Juno looks around  but he sees nothing but rocks.

    Juno: “You sure about that?”

    Or: “Yep.

    I can feel both energy and the ground moving too.”

    Or buries a hole and hopes in with Juno.

    Or: “We’re use the ground as our advantage.

    I do not know who is it, but surely Gowan wouldn’t want us to mess with others during a mission.”

    Juno: “What if it is someone friendly?”

    Or: “Come on, how naïve can you be?

    We’re on a war right now.

    Besides, you’re also an intruder here.

    The less people know about you, the better.”

    Juno: “Yeah you’re right.”

    [back to Arbihime and the others]

    A great amount of energy is coming from Arbihime’s body.

    Jojo (wondering): “Uh? What is that energy?”

    Arbihime’s energy starts breaking the walls around them.

    Jojo (in panic): “No no no no no no this is not good!

    Our castle! Our kingdom! Noooo make it stop!”

    Worigama: “Humpf. Who care about this anyway.

    And so what he is increasing his energy?

    It wont change a damn thing.”

    Arbihime: “Don’t worry  Clarietta, I’ll take responsibility for this now..”

    Garaam is smirking.

    Worigama (Surprised): “No way..”

    Jojo (in panic): “Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

    Arbihime (screaming): “Godo-Modo!”

    A huge flash comes out of Arbihime’s body.

    The castle is in ruins.

    Everyone else besides Clarietta are flying, stand still.

    Clarietta is fine, besides being half banished.

    Jojo (mouth open): “Our castle..! Our glorious castle!!!”

    Worigama (looking furious): How dare you..

    To enter Godo-Modo in the presence of Master Garaam?!

    You little rat!”

    In the middle of the ruins, Aribhime is standing up.

    <“Godo-Modo” is the strongest stage a Godlike being can ever achieve, the result of great and hard work that take centuries to master.

    His limits are broken while in this state, as it is the strongest form of a God.

    Only the ArchGods and their Gods who have trained under hard circumstances can ever achieve Godo-Modo.>

    His skin color changed from Blue to fully Silver.

    His body is emitting a strong silver aura.

    His whole body is shapeless and looks like a waterflow instead of a body.

    Arbihime’s eyes are glowing silver too.

    His also grew in size and his laying on his 2 foots like a human rather than an animal.

    Garaam (sarcastically): “Bravo bravo *clap* *clap*

    So this is you’re true form hum?


    Arbihime dashes quickly in Garaam’s direction.

    However, Jojo gets in his way.

    Jojo (furious): “You will pay for our castle you silly rat!”

    Jojo rises his umbrella facing Arbihime.

    Jojo: “<Thunder God wrath>”

    A ghost-dragon face comes from Jojo’s Umbrella striking a immense thunderbolt form his mouth in Arbihime’s direction.

    Arbihime open his mouth, some sparks start getting out of it.

    Worigama (thinking): “That’s..

    (shouting)Jojo dodge the attack!”

    Jojo is confused by Worigama’s talk but continues the attack.

    Arbihime shots from his mouth Worigama’s <Thunderbolt Ball>”

    Jojo (surprised): “WHAT?!”

    Their attacks collapse, creating a big explosion.

    There is smoke between Arbihime and Jojo.

    Jojo: “So you can copy attacks?!”

    Arbihime appears in front of Jojo.

    Jojo tries to slash him with is Umbrella but Arbihime catches it with his two right arms.

    Jojo: “Let it go rat!”

    Arbihime opens his mouth again.

    Jojo acts fast and starts rotating his Umbrella at a high speed.

    Arbihime’s two right arms start getting destroyed.

    Arbihime looks to the Umbrella and starts getting sucked by the Umbrella’s high speed.

    Jojo: “That will do it!”

    Arbihime completely disappears leaving lots of water on Jojo’s Umbrella.

    With a simple swing, Jojo releases all that water to the ground.

    Jojo (with his eyes closed): “That’s what you get for destroying our precious castle.”

    Garaam: “Cocky ain’t you?”

    Jojo (opening his eyes): “Uh?”

    A big Ball of Water hits Jojo.

    Jojo got trapped inside that big Ball of Water.

    Jojo (drowning): “What is this?!”

    Arbihime is on the ground, fully heal.

    Worigama: “Jojo..”

    Jojo is slowly drowning.

    Jojo (drowning/shouting): “Hel-help me Master Garaam!”

    Garaam smirks.

    Garaam: “Worigama”

    Worigama: “Yes mater.”

    Worigama’s blade starts getting involved by an immense amount of thunders.

    Worigama’s slashes Arbihime’s Ball of Water that held Jojo prisoner.

    Jojo (hardly breathing): “W..why? Master..”

    Worigama’s slash broke the Ball in half, along with Jojo.

    Garaam: “Worigama, I’ll leave him to you.

    As for Clarietta..”

    Garaam stares at Arbihime, smirking.

    Garaam: “I’ll take her with me to our new lair.”

    Arbihime starts increasing his energy again, emitting a high amount of pression on the air.

    Arbihime rises his 4 arms to Garaam.

    A big amount of energy is gathering on his palms.

    Arbihime: “<Godo-dama>”

    The energy formed a big ball of pure God energy.

    Arbihime fires the attack to Garaam.

    As the attack was getting next to Garaam..

    Garaam’s scepter’ symbols start glowing and rotating.

    Garaam swings his scepter in the direction of the attack.

    Arbihime’s Godo-dama banishes.

    Garaam (Smirking): Oh and rat..

    Tell Gowan, that I’ll come for him.”

    Garaam picks up Clarietta and flees away flying.

    Worigama (*sigh*): “Well you hear Master Garaam..

    I cannot kill you, yet.”

    Worigama dashes quickly in Arbihime’s direction, swigging his blade at the same time.

    Worigama: “After’s still Thunder versus Water.”

    Worigama strikes Arbihime with his blade.

    Arbihime takes the attack with his right arms, getting injured but still resisting.

    Arbihime: “Good thing my Master didn’t give me any orders”

    Worigama (confused): “What? So you just came here for..?”

    Arbihime’s head becomes ice solid.

    Arbihime hits Worigama with his head.

    Worigama gets injured and gets knocked away.

    Worigama: “You you can make yourself solid after all?”

    Worigama starts powering up.

    His whole body starts imitating sparkles.

    His blade sparkles start moving even faster and aggressively.

    Worigama (serious): “<Sonantis tonitrui>. (= thunderstorm)

    The whole are made of ruins start getting covered by a big cloud made of thunders.

    Sparks and thunders start hitting everything inside that cloud, breaking rocks and making big holes.

    Arbihime is getting hard hit by Worigama’s attack.

    Worigama: “This won’t take too long, I’ll just knock you down.”

    Arbihime furiously screams.

    Arbihime’s body starts changing.

    His body went from a shapeless water-like body, to a solid pure-iced body.

    Worigama (surprised): “Uh?”

    Arbihime: “You can’t defeat me with thunder you morron.”

    Worigama looks shocked.

    His attacks are no longer having an effect on Arbihime.

    Arbihime quickly strikes Worigama with his right arms.

    Worigama gets badly injured, when he tries to attack Arbihime..

    One of Arbihime’s left arms pierces through Worigama’s chest.

    A lot of sparks come out of Worigama’s chest.

    Worigama’s split lots of blood from his mouth.

    Worigama goes to the floor, kneeling.

    Worigama (badly injured,, barely breathing): “ could so strong..being just a God?”

    Arbihime goes right next to him, standing still.

    Aribhime (looking serious): “I am Arbihime, the God of Pura Cataracta (= pure waterfall).

    Arbihime picks up Worigama by the head, getting him to the same level as Arbihime’s head.

    Arbihime continues: “The only God ever made by Master Gowan..

    Because I’m the only one he needs.”

    Arbihime throws Worigama.

    Arbihime charges his energy with his left arms.

    His arms start glowing even more.

    Arbihime: “After you, I’ll go for Garaam.”

    Arbihime punshes Worigama with his whole energy, blowing everything on his way and around him.

    Arbihime’s punch created a huge crater on the ruins in front of him.

    Arbihime ran out of energy and returned to his normal form.

    Arbihime (thinking): “I’m sorry..Clarietta.”

    Arbihime goes back to water and swims away.

    [back to Juno and Or]

    “This should be enough” – says Or

    Or starts immerging from the ground along with Juno.

    Juno: “*splits* *splits* I think I’ve eat some earth there”

    Or (laughing): “That’s what you get for talking every time.”

    The floor in front of Or and Juno gets sliced.

    They stopped.

    “So what do we have here?” – says a voice getting closed

    “Who are you?”

    Or: “We don’t have time for this.

    We got nothing to do with ya.”

    “Is that so?” – says the voice

    It’s a tall man, long black hair, a moustache, wearing a cape and porting a sword behind him.

    Juno: “Are you an ArchGod?”

    Or (shouting)): “Juno?!”

    “An ArchGod?” – says the tall man

    “My name is Canabes

    I’m just a God.”

    Juno: “Nice to meet you, my name is Juno.”

    Or: “Are we really…? *sigh*

    My name is Or.”

    Canabes: “So what are you two doing here?”

    Juno: “We’re going to meet with the ArchGod of Ember.”

    Or: “Hmpf. Yeah tell him everything about the mission would you?”

    Canabes: “Mission?”

    Or: “It’s nothing.”

    Canabes: “Perhaps I could help you two..”

    Or: “Nah we’re fine. You’ve done enough following us and destroying our path.”

    Juno: “Come on he wants to help us.”

    Or: “You can’t be serious now..”

    While Juno and Or keep arguing, Canabes looks attentively to Juno’s cloak.

    Canabes (surprised): “That’s..that’s an ArchGod Cloak?”

    Juno: “Oh yeah, it was Go-..”

    Or kicks Juno with his tail, interrupting his talk.

    Or: “Yeah, you see my friend Juno here, he killed an ArchGod and took his cloak, now if you mind us, we’re gotta meet ArchGod Vulcan”.

    Or picks up Juno and starts moving towards the volcano which lies 5km ahead.

    While passing by Canabes..

    Canabes: “ think I’m that naïve?”

    Canabes pulls his sword out and gets in their way.

    Or: “What do you want? Didn’t you hear what I just said?”

    Canabes: <terrae motus torrentia> (= Torrential earthquake)

    Canabes pierces the ground with his sword.

    The ground starts collapsing and breaking.

    Or (shouting): “What are you doing?!”

    Juno: “Uh..”

    Canabes smirks.

    Canabes: “ shall prove me that you’re telling the truth!”

    Or and Juno look confused.

    The ground starts breaking even more, to the point of reaching the Volcano.

    The volcano starts breaking too.

    Or looks shocked.

    The volcano breaks.

    Or (shouting): “What the heck have you done you fool!”

    Canabes (smirking): “You said that your friend killed an ArchGod..

    So kill another one.”

    From the fire and flames that start coming out of the volcano, covering the ground, someone comes out of it.

    A Big man with a serious face, no hair, holding gloves and a fire-made cape on his back, with the symbol “Ember” written on the back.

    […] (shouting)”What do you think you’re doing?!”

    Or (in fear): “shit..we’re screwed!”

    Juno: “But we did nothing!”

    […] (furious): Will you answer me you two?!”

    Or: “You see, you’re excellence, it was that..WHERE IS HE?!”

    Canabes had flee away.

    […] (furious) “I’m listening..”

    Or (thinking): “Shit..we’re so dead..”

    Juno steps away.

    Or: “uh?”

    Juno: “My name is Juno and this is Or.

    You must be Harkiles, the ArchGod of Ember.

    Gowan sent us here to talk to you.”

    Or (thinking): “That idiot..!”

    Harkiles (thinking): “Gowan? The ArchGod of be calling me..

    You guys know that there are other ways to get to talk to me other than destroying one of my volcanos right?” *laughs*

    Juno: “Yeah we’re sorry about that” put his hand on his head while laughing awkwardly.

    Harkiles: “It’s alright.

    Sometimes we need to revive.

    Get turned to ashes and be reborn into something new. *smirks*

    Juno looks confused.

    Harkiles stares to the mess caused by Canabes, breaths heavily and exhale.

    Harkiles exhales a really high quantity of air from his mouth, cleansing the flames and repairing the chaos.

    Some animals and villages that were around that volcano are turned to ashes.

    Harkiles: “It’s alright, my Gods are immune to my flames and the animals will just get reborn.

    Juno: “Good.”

    Or: “The mission Juno..”

    Juno: “Oh yeah, Harkiles we..”

    Harkiles summons a cup of tea.

    Juno (thinking) “Seriously..?”

    Harkiles: “So what about a cup of tea while we talk?” *laughs*

    Juno: “I don’t eat tea..”

    Or: “I do.”

    They walk inside of Harkiles’ territory.

    There are 8 big volcanos all around it, marking his limits.

    Inside his territory, there are many villages, with lots of Gods living there along with animals.

    Right in the middle of them, a bigger village is there.

    There resides Harkiles’ house, where Juno, Ra  and Vulcan go to talk and drink some tea.

    [night time, somewhere else]

    On a big room, inside nothing but white.

    There are about 24 people there.

    *Crowd noises*

    “Fine fine, let’s just start it then.” – said a voice

    Everyone stopped talking.

    “There isn’t much to talk anyway, we all know what’s happening.” – says someone else

    “Yeah, many of us had suffer long enough because of him.” – says another one with a strong voice

    *sigh* “That’s exactly the point.

    Many of us have lost Gods to him.

    He sends his Gods to capture ours leaving us with no other option other than doing our duty ourselves and alone.” – said the first voice

    “So what’s the plan?” – said someone

    “Yeah we can’t keep just ignoring him.” – said another one

    “Garaam..” – says the voice

    “We should seal him.” – quickly says another one

    “What?!” the crowd starts talking all at once

    “We can’t ever get along can we?” – said a furious voice

    “Shut up! No ArchGod shall do the same as he does!” – said the first voice

    “Silence.” – says a women voice

    Everyone shuts.

    “You got an idea? Toffee?”

    Toffee clears her throat.

    Toffee: “It’s actually easy..

    If Garaam doesn’t stop taking our Gods, than we just have to kill him.”

    Someone stands up quickly and says:

    “You really don’t get the point child?

    We shall not take in consideration killing one of us, despite his actions!”

    Toffee: “Blablabla.

    Should seal him then? Nop, that’s also against our <laws> right?

    So the other only option is to let him act freely, great thinking there Alpha.

    Alpha sits again, saying nothing.

    “ you really think you would be able to defeat Garaam…?” – says another person

    Toffee: “Heck, If none else has anything to say, than I’ll take that as the solution.”

    No one said a thing.

    Toffee: “Well then.”

    Toffee opens a portal and leaves.

    Another voice: “Are we really doing this?”

    Alpha: “Let her do whatever she wants.

    Might make Garaam change his ideals..”

    “So shall I go home now? I got a lot of works to put onto.” – says a small guy

    “Kado? What shall the ArchGod of Knowledge even do? Spread knowledge among us?” *laughs* - says someone else

    Kado: “Well yeah..laugh all you want, but..

    Garaam is right.”

    Everyone stops laughing.

    “Now what was that..?” – says the same guy who talked earlier

    Kado: “You heard me Rack. Don’t make me repeat myself.”

    Rack: “Hmpf, you really wanna mess with me? In front of 40 other ArchGods?”

    Kado smirks.

    Alpha: “Well now, let’s all keep it low.

    None is fighting anyone.”

    “Actually..” – says another voice

    6 ArchGods stand up.

    “If any of you open a portal to leave, we will act.”

    Alpha (surprised and confused): “What’s this?”

    “Exactly what it is.” - Says Kado

    Alpha: “you’re.. all with Garaam?!”

    “Bingo.” – says Kado.

    Alpha: “What do you want?”

    Kado: “We’re just stalling.”

    Alpha (confused): “Stalling? For what?!”

    “So Master Garaam can finish his job on your kingdoms” - says Worigama, arriving from a portal, with his clothes destroyed, a big hole on his chest and his blade broken in half.

    End of chapter 3.

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