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    [Episode 6] - This War of Mine - Part 2


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    [Episode 6] - This War of Mine - Part 2 Empty [Episode 6] - This War of Mine - Part 2

    Post by Marmelo on Sat Oct 06, 2018 4:02 pm

    We've reached the first half of season 1!!!!

    Chapter 6: This War of Mine – Part 2

    Inside those big gates, Korra’s lair is quite empty.
    There isn’t much inside it, just a huge empty space, no rooms, no objects, just emptiness.
    As Juno, Or and Arbihime walk through the the gates, a presence can be feeling but the location of it is impossible to know, it just seams like it’s everywhere.
    Juno: “Eh what kind of place is this?”
    Arbihime: “Korra’s lair of course.
    It has always been this empty since I remember..”
    They can here the sound of water drops, even though there isn’t water around, and pretty much nothing there.
    Juno: “Is there water in here?”
    Arbihime: “Yes… and no.
    Don’t think too much about it.
    No one has ever deciphered her.”
    Juno is confused.
    A sudden door appears before them.
    Juno (surprised): “What the heck?”
    The door slowly opens.
    There is a figure on the other side.
    It is too dark and the figure uses some weird clothes.
    Arbihime: “Long time no see, Korra.”
    However, it is certain that the figure is Korra, the ArchGodess of Equilibrium.
    The background behind her who was dark, completely changes as she walks back.
    It’s like another world was inside that door.
    They enter the door, who immediately closes afterwards.
    Juno: “Wow”
    Or: “Indeed wow.
    This is just a demonstration of Korra’s power.”
    Arbihime: “Hmpf. Like many others.”
    They walk towards Korra who is sitting on some rocks on a green field, observing them.
    Juno: “I don’t see anyone here besides us…
    I think we should just go ahead to the next ArchGod.”
    Arbihime: “You idiot.
    I told you we were going to help the closest ArchGod from Gowan’s temple, not that he had others with him!”
    Juno: “Yeah but there are others who might need our help.”
    Arbihime: “Your help. Remember we’re just taking you here and there.
    We got none to help.”
    Juno: “Another reason to...”
    Korra stands up.
    Even with the light from this world of her Juno can’t really see much of her.
    Only a bit of her face can be seen through her white clothes. Her arms and legs are hiding inside of them.
    Or: “ seams like Garaam hasn’t coming here yet..”
    Arbihime: “Korra, you probably already know what’s happening outside of your lair.
    We might not know much, but we know by a fact that Garaam is finally acting...
    This Human here had the idea to help out those who are injured.
    I know I shouldn’t, but.”
    Korra quickly passes around all of them, picking up Juno while a door opens behind him and she enters it along with him.
    Arbihime (confused): “What did she..?”
    Or (surprised and confused): “Did she just ran away with Juno?!”
    Arbihime (confused): “Well..I guess she is fine with it then..”
    The place inside the door is also dark, Juno can’t see a thing.
    Juno (shouting): “Oie! What was that?!
    Where am I?!”
    The dark starts changing, the place takes on some colors and finally a new world is revealed.
    There are many geometric forms and some others who don’t exist, and one can’t even imagine, floating around or being used by the ground, flying pillars using unreal shaping along with cubes, circles and triangles and other figures that just don’t feel right to exist, imagine, or even just to think about them.
    In the center figurines, there is a symbol written on them, however, it has no meaning for Juno.
    Juno has a headache by just looking at this unreal world.
    [Back to the destroyed Waterfall, The ArchGod of Inspiration’s lair]
    Gowan has left, there is none near the location when Worigama arrives.
    Worigama (thinking): “Hmm I was sure this was the place…”
    He feels the presence of 2 beings approaching.
    He knows he was right, this is the right place.
    Those beings are Jinzo and Micaela.
    They approach Worigama.
    Jinzo: “Oh it’s Worigama..”
    Micaela (laughing): “He is alive? Damn you silly thunder god!
    Well can’t say much about your clothes though…”
    Worigama: “Where’s Master?”
    Jinzo: “Should be coming about…now.”
    A high amount of energy can be sensed around.
    There is a branch in the air, from it, Garaam emerges from it.
    Garaam is out of breath.
    But he quickly catches up.
    Everyone is staring at him.
    Garaam: “What?!
    Are you waiting for something?!”
    Worigama: “Your orders, Master…”
    Garaam: “Right…
    That piece of garbage Gowan really slowed down my plan…
    Oh well, we actually have all the time of the world.” *smirks*
    Their next step was clear, their next stop was the lair of Zubiat, the ArchGod of Time.
    [Back to Juno inside the world in the door]
    Korra finally shows up, right in front of Juno, yet he still can’t see much of her.
    “I am Korra, the ArchGodess of Equilibrium.” – Says Korra
    Juno is about to reply her, but she continues:
    “What’s your name, Human?”
    Juno: “My name is Juno.”
    Korra: “I see.
    So you’re the Human who’ve been walking our Dimension for a while…
    *stares at him*
    I see.”
    Juno: “Won’t Or and Arbihime join us?”
    Korra: “No.
    No they won’t.
    They have things to do.
    Other things.
    Places to be.
    We are here, however.”
    Juno: “Ok..but why are we here though?
    I’ve gave myself the mission to help the injured Gods, I should be going..”
    Korra: “What do you think you can even do for a God, Human named Juno?”
    Juno (thinking): “Human named Juno…”
    Korra: “You’re entering in a whole new world that has nothing to do with you Human.
    Acting you shall not.”
    As she speaks, Korra is walking around Juno just like an animal circling his prey.
    “What do you think you can even do to benefit any of us, Human named Juno.”
    Juno: “I used to help a nurse when I was alive..I can try to..”
    Korra interrupts Juno.
    Korra: “Can? Try?
    No no no no.
    We don’t use those words.
    You either DO or DON’T.”
    Juno is confused.
    He is tired of this non-sense conversation and the way Korra is speaking.
    Korra: “I feel a lot of disequilibrium coming form you, Human named Juno.
    It’s actually destroying me, trust me.
    For I am Korra,-“
    Juno repeats along with Korra: “The ArchGodess of Equibrium
    (just Juno): I know.”
    Korra stops walking, stares at Juno.
    Korra: “Yes…
    I find it quite interesting though.”
    Korra starts walking again.
    Juno: “Look, I don’t want to sound mean but...”
    Korra: “Mean?
    Silly of you I must say.
    I feel you’re on a rush.
    It’s ok.
    I get it.
    You want to help.
    But you can’t.
    Because you try and believe you can.”
    Juno: “I don’t..understand anything..”
    Korra: “I know.
    That’s what I’m saying.”
    Korra jumps into the center of the figures and starts floating all around them.
    Korra: “You lack equilibrium.
    My power.
    The power to be comprehend everything and everyone.”
    Juno is confused.
    Korra: “Confusion is only normal.
    Many beings get confused with things they don’t believe can exist.
    But you aren’t on your Dimension.
    You’re in the ArchGod Dimension.
    We create existence.”
    Juno: “Can we just go back to..”
    Korra quickly returns face to face to Juno, sitting in front of him.
    Juno stops talking and observes as Korra gets up.
    She opens her arms, her clothes open slowly, her face his revealed.
    She looks like a half eagle half women creature, with long arms and legs, around her body.
    Her hands are just human hands.
    Korra: “Human named Juno.
    You intrigue me.
    I find your disequilibrium outrageous…
    Yet, something in you just makes sense.
    I can see it.
    You’re a Human, named Juno.”
    Juno: “What are you really trying to say?”
    Korra: “Your Gods are gone.
    They left the moment you past this door.”
    Juno: “You pushed me in…”
    Korra: “They went to their normal lives.
    As normal as they can be during a war it is.
    And you’re here, with me, for now.
    You will leave this place.
    Soon you will.”
    Juno: “Finally…”
    Korra rises her hands facing Juno’s chest.
    Juno: “Uh?
    What’s wrong?”
    Korra: “Human named Juno..”
    Korra’s hands start glowing gold, her eyes too.
    A symbol appears on Juno’s chest.
    Korra: “You have the blessing of the ArchGodess of Equilibrium.”
    The glow went off, along with he symbol.
    Juno is confused, he doesn’t know what had happen.
    Korra: “Nice cloak by the way.
    Ooooo and that belt!
    It really makes a style combo with those rings of yours!”
    Juno: “Euh... yeah thanks…I guess…
    Wait rings?!”
    Juno looks at the rings he has around each of his arms.
    He had never had those rings before.
    Korra: “I see.
    Anyway, you said you wanted to meet with other ArchGods to help them right?”
    Juno (quite confused): “Yes…”
    Korra: “Than what are you waiting for?
    Go go.”
    The door opens.
    Juno gets out of it and returns to the gate entrance.
    He looks around to the destroyed world awaiting outside.
    Korra is behind him.
    Korra: “What’s wrong?
    Did you perhaps forget how to walk, Human named Juno?”
    Juno: “They really aren’t here anymore…”
    Juno turns back.
    Juno: “I don’t know any direction...”
    Korra stares at Juno for a few seconds, no one says nothing.
    Korra: “I see.
    Allow me to help in that case.”
    A new door appears between them.
    Korra: “What are you waiting for?
    Forgot how-to walk-through doors too, Human named Juno?”
    Juno is pissed at her for talking in a weird way and always repeating herself.
    He enters the door, who immediately closes afterwards.
    It was like a portal, who transported Juno in front of a clock tower building with only one entrance.
    There was no mistaken, it was Zubiat, the ArchGod of Time lair.
    A cloak noise can be heard once Juno approaches the entrance.
    Meanwhile, Garaam and his minions arrive at the entrance too, however, it seams like they cannot see Juno, neither can he see them.
    They enter the building at the same time.
    “Time…is it time, Garaam?” – says a partially old man voice
    Garaam (smirking): “Yes.
    It is time.”
    Garaam minions stand right behind him, they don’t say a word.
    The old man is sitting on a throne behind a big clock, it is Zubiat, the ArchGod of Time.
    He is a fat old guy covered by a green and grey cloak, he has a big sickle on his right hand.
    Once inside the building, Juno hears a disturbing noise.
    A baby crying.
    But how was it possible?
    Juno (thinking): “A baby? Here?
    I though they only created adult beings like Gowan did with Or…”
    Juno walks the hallway of the building, reaching a throne with a big cloak behind it.
    A baby is lying on the throne, crying.
    Juno approaches that baby, but he doesn’t know what to do.
    Its only experiences were always with old people, never the youngsters.
    Juno thinks he should take the baby out and carry he with him.
    But something about the baby just doesn’t feel right.
    Around the baby’s neck there is that symbol Juno had seen in the figurines of Korra’s lair.
    Zubiat: “Farewell, who shall I fight then?”
    Jinzo: “It is my pleasure.”
    Worigama: “Wait, you cannot do..”
    “It’s fine.” – says Garaam interrupting Worigama
    Jinzo starts slowly walking towards Zubiat while taking his sword out at the same time.
    Jinzo: “It is a honor to fight the ArchGod of Time.
    I would like to…”
    But before Jinzo can finish his sentence, Zubiat appears before him on a fighting stance with his sickle.
    Zubiat slices him with his weapon, however, it does not deal any damage, not even a cut, instead it passes right through him.
    As it is passing, the sound of a clock can be heard, along with the number 30 appearing from the clock around Jinzo.
    Jinzo banishes at that time, like he got teleported away.
    Garaam is confident.
    Jinzo: “Oh hello, my name is Jinzo.
    I’m here to-..”
    Jinzo stops.
    Jinzo: “Wait a minue…I’ve already done this…”
    Jinzo finds himself in Garaam’s old place, the destroyed kingdom, as implied by Jojo.
    Jinzo: “Did I..get back in time?!”
    Juno sits on the floor next to the throne.
    He really is lost.
    He looks at the floor behind him, as he has completely no idea of what is happening anymore.
    “Do you know where my mom is?” – says a kid’s voice
    Juno looks up, there is now a kid sitting on the throne where once was a baby.
    Juno (confused): “Euh..I’m afraid I don’t…”
    The kid looks around.
    Kid: “It’s ok…I’m used to it.
    Mother doesn’t really exist you know.”
    Juno says nothing.
    Juno: “What’s your name kid?”
    Kid: “I’m Zubiat, and you?”
    Juno is surprised.
    Juno: “My name is Juno.
    So…you’re the ArchGod of Time?!”
    Kid is confused.
    Kid: “ArchGod?
    What’s that?”
    Juno doesn’t answer.
    Worigama: “He is gone?”
    Micaela: “Good I never liked him anyway.”
    Garaam: “He isn’t gone, he just went back in time, right Zubiat?”
    Zubiat stays calms and he interacts with them.
    Zubiat: “Who shall be next?”
    Garaam: “Micaela.”
    Micaela: “Sure.”
    Micaela moves a bit forward.
    Garaam smirks.
    Garaam (Thinking): “He is actually using his energy…that’s good.”
    Micaela snaps her fingers.
    But before an explosion occurs, just like she did with Bala, a clock sound can be heard.
    A transparent clock appears covering the whole area.
    Micaela: “uh?
    Maybe I did it wrong…”
    Micaela snaps her fingers again, but nothing happens besides a clock sound.
    She tries again, and again, and again, same result, a clock sound.
    Micaela (confused): “eeeeeh?!
    Master Garaam, I think my fingers are broken!”
    Garaam: “Don’t’ be fool.
    He is freezing your explosions before they detonate.”
    Micaela: “What?!
    Even I don’t know when those things explode!”
    Zubiat: “I’m afraid that’s all there is.
    Who’s next?”
    Micaela: “Wait now…
    You think I can only blow things up?”
    Micaela quickly dashes in Zubiat’s direction, preparing to hit him with her right hand, however, right before she lands the hit, a clock sounds can be heard.
    She stopped in time, she couldn’t move neither speak, she was however conscient about her surroundings.
    Zubiat: “I asked who’s next?”
    However, Micaela’s eyes are slowing turning to Zubiat’s direction.
    Zubiat (surprised): “Uh?”
    Micaela starts to slowly move, first her eyes, then her head, even though she is struggling to do it, it seems that Zubiat’s power can be countered after all.
    Zubiat: “Hmm so you’re breaking my power through your will?
    You’re actually a Goddess of Motion.
    That explains it.”
    Micaela puts a smile on her face, as she finally breaks out of Zubiat’s power.
    She continues with her attack, however, again as she is about to hit him he phases out as a clock sounds can be heard.
    She repeats the same move, and so does he.
    However, it’s quite clear that Zubiat is getting tired.
    Garaam (thinking): “Perfect.
    Continue making him use his energy Micaela.”
    In one of the attacks, Micaela fakes it than changes her direction, which happens to be the exact place where Zubiat reappears, finally hitting him with her punch.
    Micaela: “Got ya!”
    Zubiat immediately tries to slice her, just like he did with Jinzo, however, he can never hit her.
    She is too quick for his moves and he is far too tired to keep up with her.
    As Micaela is about to do what it seams like a final blow, Zubiat slices the air between them, opening a rift.
    Micaela has no time to stop her attack and enters the rift.
    Zubiat immediately closes it afterwards.
    Micaela finds herself outside the building.
    Zubiat is tired, he can barely breath.
    Garaam: “Is that all you’ve got now, Zubiat?”
    Micaela re-enters the building.
    Garaam continues: “You can’t even send her back in time, neither far away from this place anymore…
    Also, Godo-Modo is totally out of question for you now.”
    Zubiat puts a smile on his face.
    He spins his sickle and hits the ground.
    A huge amount of energy comes from his sickle, the sound of many clocks could be heard.
    However, nothing happens.
    Zubiat is confused.
    There is a grey barrier around the building.
    Garaam: “Was that your last attempt at sending us all back to the past?
    Well…you failed.”
    Jinzo appears again.
    Jinzo: “Good think I showed up to counter that attack hum?”
    Jinzo is the God of Void, his powers allow him to manipulate the dimension itself.
    The barrier goes down, it was Jinzo’s ability.
    Garaam: “I wonder they don’t you just surrender and lets us move with the plan.
    I thought the ArchGod of Time would understand it better than anyone else.”
    Zubiat: “I’m just stalling.”
    Garaam: “Stalling? For what?”
    Kid: “I’m bored.”
    Juno: “I know…I am bored too…”
    Kid: “Do something!”
    Juno: “What am I supposed to do?”
    Kid: “turn around!”
    Juno turns around.
    “Now, don’t turn your back on me like that kid.” – says an older voice
    Juno turns back and doesn’t see the kid anymore, instead, there is an adult man.
    Juno (confused): “What a-…”
    Adult: “What brings you here, Human?”
    Juno: “I just entered a door…”
    Adult: “I know.
    But why?”
    Juno: “Well..because…”
    Adult: “Because it was opened.
    Juno doesn’t answer.
    Adult: “Close your eyes this time.
    Think about your life.
    Well…about when you were alive.”
    Juno closes his eyes and starts remembering.
    “Time flies by in this dimension.
    You’ve been out of your world for 712 years, counting.” – says an old voice
    Juno (shocked): “How…how’s that possible?!”
    Old voice: “Well...first…you took 200 years to fall from that portal to this dimension, since you do not own any kind of energy, like us.
    Then you’ve been spending the next 512 years exploring this dimension, until now.”
    Juno: “Is this real…?”
    Old voice: “Tell me, Human.
    Do you want to see your family?”
    Juno doesn’t answer, he still can’t believe what the voice has just said.
    Old voice: “Do you want perhaps to revisit the past?
    To change things.
    Go back to your home.
    Do you want, by any chance, live your life, as you used to?
    Do you, want, to…
    rewrite this story?”
    Juno says nothing for a bit, then: “No.”
    Old voice: “Are you sure about it?
    Humans tend to make mistakes.
    They have the need to be wrong to be right afterwards.
    To find the great solution.
    Are you sure about your answer, Human?”
    Juno: “To be fair…
    I’ve never really lived a life among the living.
    I always was a death kind of guy.”
    Old voice: “Very well.
    Open your eyes and tell me your name.”
    Juno slowly opens his eyes.
    Juno: “My name is Juno.”
    In front of Juno, sitting on the throne, there is an old man, there is no mistaken, it is Zubiat, the ArchGod of Time.
    Zubiat: “Juno, I see.
    You came here to help, wasn’t it?”
    Juno: “Yes.
    I’m going to help where I can.”
    Zubiat: “As you can see, I’m the only one here.
    My duty is far too important to be held by others.
    A simple mistake could result in reality itself falling a part.
    I’m sorry for the inconvenient.”
    Juno: “It’s alright.
    I still got time, I guess.”
    Zubiat: “We have all the time of the world, Juno.”
    Zubiat gets up and goes right in front of Juno.
    Zubiat: “My time has come to go.
    This war is no longer mine.
    May we meet again, Juno.”
    Juno doesn’t really understand what Zubiat just said.
    Juno: “We will…”
    Zubiat puts his right hand on Juno’s chest.
    Zubiat’s hands start glowing gold, and the same weird symbol Juno had seen before appears on Juno’s chest again.
    Zubiat: “Juno, you have the blessing of the ArchGod of Time.”
    A clock sounds can be heard.
    Garaam: “Doesn’t matter.
    Stalling when we have a 100% chance of winning changes nothing.”
    Zubiat: “Well…
    It seams like It is finally time.”
    Zubiat gets on his knees, looks up to the clock and smiles.
    Garaam: “Hmpf.”
    Many clock sounds could be heard.
    A bunch of explosions occur, it seams like everything Zubiat has done was undone.
    The whole building gets destroyed, as Garaam, Worigama, Micaela and Jinzo flee away.
    Micaela: “So what’s the next active ArchGod?”
    Jinzo: “Is it Toffee perhaps?” *laughs*
    Worigama: “You guys had that mission.
    We’re moving to the next one.
    Korra, the ArchGodess of Equilibrium.”
    “What’s wrong?
    Did you perhaps forget how to walk, Human named Juno?” – says Korra
    Juno finds himself in the entrance of her gate, about to leave again.
    He is confused but doesn’t bother with it.
    He turns around to her and says:
    “Take me to the next ArchGod.”
    Korra: “Very well.”
    Korra opens the door that takes them to the very first room with the weird figurines.
    Juno asks what’s special about it.
    As Korra reply: “They are our symbol.”
    Then she proceeds to talk about another subject.
    “You have no idea what’s Garaam’s plan, do you, Human named Juno?
    Garaam wasn’t always like this.
    Every single one of us together are what it’s called creation.
    You see, even though we all have the power to create, Garaam is the only one with the power to actually delete such creation.
    And that’s part of the problem.
    Time past by and as we were creating things, Garaam’s role was becoming more obsolete.
    With so little to do about everything in this reality, he started asking why he is different, why his power doesn’t fit in all this.
    That power that created us, that’s what Garaam seeks.
    We, ArchGods, were created by Hyperium, that being blessed us with the power to create, and of course, our own titles which are our powers.
    That’s how we came to live, that’s our role in creation.
    He is confident that he can obtain it and change everything.
    Mold reality itself into his own image of it.
    Of course, we, or rather some of us do no agree with his point of view so we don’t join him.
    But as you can see, that’s what leads us to war.
    This war solo purpose is to change things.
    Whatever it is the result, things won’t be the same anymore.
    Another door shows up between them.
    Korra: “Go on now.”
    Juno has a lot of questions, but he knows it wouldn’t help asking her.
    Juno starts walking through the door.
    Korra: “Oh and Juno…
    Don’t come back here once your done.”
    Juno says nothing and keeps walking.
    As he is walking, he finds out that now he has 2 gloves, one in each of his hands.
    He doesn’t bother though, he doesn’t really care about what’s going on anymore.
    “Who’s there?” – says a female voice
    Juno: “I’m sorry for appearing like this.
    My name is Juno.
    I’m here to help.”
    “Help? Looks around you.
    My Gods have already helped too much!”
    It seems like this ArchGodess lair is some sort of ruins.
    The ArchGodess is as tall as Juno, she wears a brown kimono and has a hump.
    “Come forward Juno, I can’t really sense you from there.”
    Juno gets next to her.
    He can’t stop looking at her eyes, who don’t move.
    “You’re a Human aren’t you? – says the women
    I can tell by your energy.
    I mean, lack of it.”
    Juno: “Yeah…
    So what ArchGodess are you?”
    “I’m Osaria, the ArchGodess of Motion.” – says the women
    Juno: “So you’re alone here?”
    Osaria: “No!
    Well…now yes.”
    Juno: “What do you mean?”
    Osaria: “One of my Gods…Micaela.
    She turned against us and killed every single of my Gods.
    It was horrible.”
    Juno: “Wow…I’m sorry.”
    Osaria: “Don’t be.
    I’ll take care of her later.
    For now, we have to focus on the war!”
    Juno: “I’m not really into this war thing…I’m just gonna pay assistance to the fallen Gods.”
    Osaria: “Oh?
    Just that?
    I mean…you’re a Human yes.
    You’re pretty useless anyway.”
    Juno: “Thanks…”
    Osaria: “I’m sorry.
    But you just can’t do nothing here.
    Our wounds aren’t like yours.
    Neither is our skin, nor our soul.
    You can’t help at all!”
    Juno (raging): “Damn it!
    Couldn’t any of you told me that since the beginning?!
    Why am I even going through all of this?!”
    Osaria: “Dunno.
    You can’t fight, neither heal.
    I’ll recommend you to just save yourself some days and go back to your Dimension.
    Garaam will act there too once he is done here.”
    Juno: “Wait..what?”
    Osaria: “I’m not the one with those answers.
    That’s Korra’s job.”
    Juno (thinking): “Korra…She told me to never return there…”
    Osaria: “She told you to not return there using the door, though.”
    Juno: “What?”
    Osaria: “We can read your thoughts, any ArchGod can!”
    Juno: “Oh yeah…I thought that was just Gowan…”
    Osaria laughs.
    Osaria: “I’m sorry for wasting your time.”
    Juno: “It’s alright.
    We got all the time of the world.
    What do you do anyway?”
    Osaria: “I’m the one responsible for everything that moves.
    You see, without me, time itself wouldn’t even work!”
    Juno: “I see…”
    Osaria: “Perhaps you need a demonstration?”
    Juno: “No..don’t bother. I’ll be going now anyway…”
    Osaria: “Oh come on.”
    Juno (thinking): “What choice do I have...”
    Osaria: “Exactly.”
    Osaria stands up.
    Osaria: “See that mountain over there?”
    Juno: “Yep.”
    Osaria: “Observe.”
    Osaria makes a move with her hand, making the mountain moving along with it.
    Osaria: “This is something I can do using my power.
    Pretty neat uh?”
    Juno: “Yeah quite impressive.”
    Osaria: “It sure is.
    Even more impressive when you realize that I’m blind!”
    Juno: “What?!”
    Osaria continues: “Oh and that I’m deaf and paralyzed!” *laughs*
    Juno: “You’re joking now aren’t you…?”
    Osaria: “For real.
    I’m all that.
    But my power allows me to understand everything.
    I can see you.
    I can hear you.
    I can see that mountain too.
    My power works with anything, just like I said before.
    I can hear the vibrations you emit while talking and making noise and sounds, and I get to understand it.
    The same goes for my eyes.
    That’s the reason why I told you to come closer when you entered, so I would be able to sense you and actually see you using my power.”
    Juno: “Wow…so you really are dependent of it…”
    Osaria: “You can say it…
    Yet I am more in this world than you would ever be.”
    Juno: “Yeah I understand it.”
    Juno: “Well fi there is nothing I can do for you then I’ll go back.”
    Osaria: “Back?
    And where exactly is back?”
    Juno has no answer.
    He can’t help in this war, so there is no use for him.
    Osaria: “You’re lacking a purpose, don’t you?
    You’re a Human and you want to help us.
    But you can’t.
    That won’t change.
    Yet, something inside of you keeps arguing, saying that you HAVE to help us.
    I feel it screaming inside of you.”
    Juno looks to the floor, upset.
    Osaria: “now now…
    There is always a way.”
    Osaria puts her right hand on Juno’s chest.
    “What exactly is this blessing?” asks Juno while Osaria’s hand starts glowing Gold and the weird symbol reappears.
    Osaria: “Just a little purpose for you.
    That way you can at least survive.”
    Juno is confused.
    Osaria: “Juno, I like you.
    And so, I’ll give you this.
    The blessing of the ArchGodess of Motion.”
    The glows disappear along with the symbol.
    Osaria: “Now…what do you feel like doing with those shoes of yours?”
    Juno looks down, it seams like he has got some new shoes.
    Osaria: “Before you get into something else, keep in mind that at this stage of the war, besides those who are missing, there are only 2 ArchGods left besides those working with Garaam.
    Gowan, the ArchGod of Serenity and Toffee, the ArchGodess of Senses.
    I myself have been defeat already.
    And so did Korra…
    And since you already know Gowan, I would advice to go meet with Toffee.
    However, I must warn you…
    She is an interesting being, just like you.” *laughs*
    Juno: “Fine.”
    (thinking): “It’s not like I got much else to do here…”
    “How can I find her?”
    Osaria: “She will find you.”
    Juno: “Uh?”
    Osaria: “Just go already.
    Time doesn’t stop.”
    Juno doesn’t understand but gets out anyway.
    He walks past the ruins, he finds himself in a desert.
    There is no sign of life, neither any type of building, nothing but sand.

    End of Chapter 6.

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    Chapter 7: The comeback



    Juno learns more about the ArchGod's blessings he had got.

    Meanwhile Garaam advances further with his plan.

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